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Posted: 03/13/18, 00:57:18 by 
As someone who has been way down on the Mario Tennis franchise for probably a decade (of Chance Shots), Mario Tennis Aces looks freaking amazing. They've finally rehauled those tired, unintuitive mechanics. Into something that even less resembles tennis, granted, but it seems incredibly fun. Like a tennis fighting game! Blocks, Specials, a meter, Supers, Taunts, and a c-c-combo breaker! It has genuinely become one of my most anticipated games. I love the Block mechanic, since it actually prioritizes timing, whereas previous Mario Tennis games disdained it... (more)
Posted: 02/28/18, 07:12:20 by 
wii shop channel description said:Join forces with the Invaders for the first time in an all-new SPACE INVADERS experience! Itís time for revenge!.. (more)
Posted: 02/27/18, 22:03:26 by 
So I've played through Dandara, and quite enjoyed it. It's a challenging, somewhat non-linear 2D action game that bears a passing resemblance to Metroid, but is actually more inspired by Dark Souls... (more)
Posted: 02/15/18, 01:03:19 by 
Well Owl be darned. This game is finally out on a Nintendo platform and it's really good. You could almost say it's a hoot... (more)
Posted: 02/14/18, 20:34:13 by 
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is a remake of a DS title that originally released back in 2010. With a bunch of new additions such as voice acting, new music, easier timeline navigation and even a new third timeline, there should be a lot of content to enjoy even for those who have played the original. Has anyone else picked this up yet? Are you a newcomer or are you revisiting this JRPG classic? Let's talk about it!.. (more)
Posted: 02/03/18, 20:04:10 by 
This highly praised side-scrolling adventure game just came out on the Switch, anyone check it out?.. (more)
Posted: 01/30/18, 20:19:13 by 
So this just came out for Switch and is a pretty fantastic title so far that I haven't really seen anyone talk about here so why not have a thread to bring it to people's attention a bit more? I'm sure that some may pass up on it for now due to being just a Super Meat Boy clone and while it does play similarly, it definitely has a lot more going for it with an involved story, fun characters, creepy and hard hitting themes that I just did not expect. And that soundtrack is so, so good. But back to its gameplay, it's a bit more open in design while still remaining fairly linear but rather than have small set pieces, it's a bigger level with challenge rooms chained together while keeping the exploration aspect for those that want to hunt down for secrets/optional challenges. It never really feels like the game is unfairly hard though and its controls are tight and precise, making overcoming its difficulty a rewarding and fun experience. So check it out if you haven't done so already! And if you have, talk about it here!.. (more)
Posted: 01/29/18, 23:18:55 by 
RFN is doing this as part of it's Wiiware retroactive series. This is an interesting, albeit challenging motion controlled puzzle game that's well worth looking into... (more)
Posted: 01/05/18, 06:27:22 by 
Discuss!.. (more)
Posted: 12/15/17, 21:50:09 by 
A few days after Santa gives you some presents... It'll be time to take some yourself on Nintendo Switch. SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition is the definitive version of the game coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on December 28th, 2017... (more)
Posted: 12/04/17, 23:04:24 by 
So I picked this up because Minecraft on a hybrid console is really appealing and man, I am addicted again. I have to say the world generation in this is way better than it was in the Pocket Edition I played before this. I also found a small ice spikes Biome in the world I'm playing in with a little flat clearing in the middle for me to build myself a fortress in... (more)
Posted: 11/30/17, 15:00:33 by 
The sequel to the highly praised Xenoblade Chronicles... (more)
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