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Posted: 04/10/14, 11:52:38 by 
Calling all budding managers (in Europe)! Have you got what it takes? Nintendo Pocket Football Club puts you in charge. Train up your newly adopted squad, buy in some star talent on the transfer market and lead your team to glory! GLORY! GLORY! You'll be right there with them for every kick of the ball. No, I mean it, EV-ER-Y KICK! There is no option to skip (or even fast forward) the matches. A bold move that might just pay off... (more)
Posted: 04/04/14, 16:59:27 by 
First off: this game is really funny! A lot of thought was put into the dialogue. I want to purchase all the games just to see where the story goes with Rusty and his wife... (more)
Posted: 03/27/14, 06:14:45 by 
Currently renting this from GameFly. I haven't spent a ton of time with it yet, but it seems like the perfect game to train one's Tetris skills with. So many different modes working different parts of your Tetris brain... I'm tempted to buy it and spend an hour or two with it every day for the next few months just so I can become some sort of Tetris master. Because, you know, it's Tetris... (more)
Posted: 03/27/14, 00:38:22 by 
Waah. Waah. Waah... (more)
Posted: 03/23/14, 16:20:47 by 
Welcome to the thread! I don't expect this one to be amazingly popular but having downloaded it recently and given it a go because I'm a fan of the game, I wanted to express that it's really good. Lots of levels of difficulty, great graphics, nice music, and several Chess challenges for everyone. It supports local and online multiplayer - although online multiplayer is not 'live'. Please click here for more details on this feature and the game!.. (more)
Posted: 03/21/14, 02:22:43 by 
It's out! Time to get in touch with your inner Schoolgirl Spider-Man... (more)
Posted: 03/18/14, 03:04:45 by 
Ever since they announced this game just a little while ago, I was quite intrigued. It caught my attention in the same way the amazing Pokemon Pinball games did way back in the day. The original Pokemon Trozei for the DS never was even on my radar. I'm sad about that but I can't wait to drop a couple of bucks on this thing! $7.99 is the cost and it releases March 20th. It's already out in Europe! I highly encourage people to check out the main website here... (more)
Posted: 03/12/14, 18:34:59 by 
So the game comes out in a few days right? What's with the lack of excitement? Are people just being cautious after Yoshi's Island DS? Has it just been largely forgotten?.. (more)
Posted: 02/21/14, 18:42:06 by 
Just picked this up at the store, going to probably get started tonight. Anyone else getting this today?.. (more)
Posted: 02/15/14, 06:37:10 by 
This game is pretty fun, the submarine concept works better from the first person perspective, compared to the side scrolling 3DS launch game. Online is methodical and rewarding, and you'd be surprised how hectic submarine battles can get. Chatting via morse code is one of those cool quirky things in Nintendo games. I'm pretty sure I'll plunk down the 10 bones for the full version, but I'm quite enjoying the F2P version so far... (more)
Posted: 02/09/14, 16:48:04 by 
So, uh, let's discuss this game!!! How's it going so far?.. (more)
Posted: 02/02/14, 02:05:03 by 
Paling in comparison to other turn-based games of the 16-bit era like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series, Breath of Fire seemed to duck below the waterline and go unseen by many a player. Was there another reason that you didn't get to play this game, or was it one that you enjoyed a great deal? If so, who was your favorite character?.. (more)
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