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Posted: 18:30:26 by 
Game is out today! Looks like it's a strong sequel to the surprise hit that was the original. Looking forward to impressions... (more)
Posted: 01/20/15, 17:16:52 by 
I've recently started playing this game with Karen, and if you're looking for a co-op platformer, this is a good one... (more)
Posted: 01/17/15, 08:26:04 by 
The next in Japan's uber popular monster hunting franchise comes to the west on Nintendo 3DS on February 13, 2015... (more)
Posted: 01/11/15, 21:22:44 by 
2D platformer from Nifflas, feeling like a mix of N+ and dare-I-say Metroid with the familiar "zen" atmospherics of Nightsky... (more)
Posted: 01/07/15, 01:33:41 by 
Replaying this game right now—last time I played it was a year ago—and every time I come back to it I'm blown away by how good it is. It’s almost better every time I play it... (more)
Posted: 01/02/15, 21:08:25 by 
This is finally on the 3DS VC. I've always loved this game and had to pick it up again. It helps that my cart of this game is glitched and I cannot progress... (more)
Posted: 12/30/14, 22:57:29 by 
I've been meaning to grab this up eventually, I have it on Steam as a gift but decided to hold off and play it on the Wii U when it was announced for that platform. It's basically a moody sci-fi 2D puzzle platformer game based around the idea of creating clones of yourself and switching positions with them. I'm about an hour into it so far and it is actually pretty freaking awesome. Puzzles have been great, atmosphere is amazing. Can't really say if it will maintain the greatness all the way through but so far I am impressed... (more)
Posted: 12/26/14, 05:58:11 by 
Has anybody checked this out?.. (more)
Posted: 12/23/14, 23:50:35 by 
Posted: 12/11/14, 03:39:56 by 
I've decided to keep a journal of sorts to keep track of my various misadventures. The first post in this thread will contain a set of links to the various parts... (more)
Posted: 12/04/14, 03:10:20 by 
Looks like this game is coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. Which means more people will be able to play this fantastic game. Mr. Mustache maybe?.. (more)
Posted: 12/01/14, 19:41:27 by 
Time for adventure!.. (more)
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