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Posted: 04/25/15, 05:45:12 by 
The second entry in Sega's classic science fiction RPG series... (more)
Posted: 04/21/15, 11:34:21 by 
The Paper Mario franchise returns on Wii with a departure from its usual RPG mechanics and a turn to platforming and a mish mash of other genres... (more)
Posted: 04/16/15, 17:17:54 by 
DK64. One of the more divisive games in Nintendo's(/Rare's) catalog. But was it always so? Or has it just become the cool thing to hate? How will historians ultimately look back on Lanky, Funky, and the rest?.. (more)
Posted: 04/10/15, 18:54:26 by 
Check out this marriage of the two classic dungeon-crawling series, Atlus' Etrian Odyssey and Spike Chunsoft's Mystery Dungeon. With the gorgeous artwork and class and leveling system of the Etrian Odyssey series combined with the random generating dungeons and loot-grind of the Mystery Dungeon series, do you have what it takes to challenge this rogue-like adventure?.. (more)
Posted: 04/08/15, 23:57:11 by 
Another F2P Pokemon 3DS game, this time with more action and less puzzle! Download it from the eShop now... (more)
Posted: 04/08/15, 14:00:17 by 
The first entry in Capcom's once proud RPG franchise (more)
Posted: 04/07/15, 14:22:38 by 
Everybody's favorite defense counsel is back in this second chapter of the Ace Attorney trilogy!.. (more)
Posted: 04/06/15, 06:53:04 by 
The map looks like Ogre Battle, and thats cool. Runs kinda like Ogre Battle, too, with the meat of the game coming in the preparation. Is anyone else playing this? Download it, it's FREE!.. (more)
Posted: 04/06/15, 03:33:25 by 
I just bought and beat this game today at our family Easter party. I played alongside my cousin and the feeling of camaraderie was palpable. We learned how to play, discovered nuances like invincibility frames, struggled, and overcame hardships together. We're not the best at arcadey shooters like this, but with some practice we were able to get through it. The last level took quite a while, thanks in large part to that pair of robots at the start of the level. It's so impressive how strong the sense of partnership was when were both combating a challenge that was equally difficult for both of us. On the last level we made a breakthrough on the last level and got further than ever, only for my cousin to die just before the final boss. There was a genuine feeling of disappointment in having to continue on to the final boss without him when we'd been through every other challenge together. In the end, though, victory was sweet. It's impressive how far a stiff, yet fair challenge goes towards creating a sense of cooperation between players, with almost no context or motivation in terms of plot... (more)
Posted: 03/24/15, 02:18:49 by 
Has anyone picked this game up? Or are you thinking about it?.. (more)
Posted: 03/13/15, 16:04:25 by 
Just restarted this from my Club Nintendo purchase. What a freaking difficult game. I'm trying to go through without a guide just based on what I remember from before, but man it's tough... (more)
Posted: 03/10/15, 17:59:01 by 
Anyone else check this game out? I used to skateboard for YEARS, yet somehow I missed the Tony Hawk / Skate / etc. craze and haven't really put much time into a skateboarding game in a long time. I decided to check this one out on a whim... (more)
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