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Posted: 11/28/15, <m>19:37:27 by 
Welcome to the world of Yo-Kai Watch!.. (more)
Posted: 11/19/15, <m>15:14:16 by 
Stella Glow, the latest SRPG from Imageepoch, is now available on Nintendo 3DS! Join Alto as he embarks on an epic adventure to save his world from the Witch of Destruction. Teaming up with other witches and utilizing their "power of song" only Alto can "tune" his companions and defeat evil once and for all!.. (more)
Posted: 11/17/15, <m>17:42:40 by 
No summary, please click the topic to view... (more)
Posted: 11/19/15, <m>19:01:24 by 
It's an Animal Crossing board game with amiibos!.. (more)
Posted: 11/17/15, <m>01:34:30 by 
As of right now, this is the only music game we're getting on Nintendo (between the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises), and after dropping last month fans from around the globe are united under the banner of playing to a live crowd. Or something. Are you playing it, or am I really the only one on the entire site?.. (more)
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