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Posted: 06/16/16, 16:29:34 by 
June 16, 2016 – Happy E3 week, everyone! Celebrate with a slew of downloadable content, including Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Super Paper Mario (Wii U VC), Mega Man 7 (3DS VC), Terraria, and much more! Check out all of this week's updates today at noon eastern on your favorite digital storefront... (more)
Posted: 06/18/16, 21:27:11 by 
Anyone else pick this sucker up? I love the series and Shirley also does and it's rare that she is into a game so I figured might as well grab it up right away. Sure enough she heard me playing and was like IS THAT RHYTHM HEAVEN?! and wanted to play... (more)
Posted: 06/16/16, 03:02:43 by 
I've seen a lot of people really down on this game since it got announced. I don't blame them, I was too! Really wasn't a fun of Sticker Star, so seeing them continue that style of gameplay was pretty disappointing... (more)
Posted: 06/19/16, 01:35:21 by 
Welcome, to the Negative World discussion page for the Game of the Year for 2016. Yes I know that it may seem early to make such judgements but just look at these wonderful screenshots below and tell me this isn't the best game to come out this year... (more)
Posted: 06/16/16, 06:03:33 by 
Huzzah! It's E3 week once again on good ol' Planet Earth! All the key gaming companies are showing off their latest and greatest and we're here to discuss it! On this very special E3-edition of the show Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) are joined by Chris (Chrisbg99) and Lou (TheOldManFromZelda)!
Posted: 06/15/16, 02:41:43 by 
Pokémon returns on the 3DS for what seems to be the last hurrah for the system. New legendaries, new starters, new region, new modes...it's a whole new world, with a brand-new attitude! But you still gotta catch 'em all. Be the best that you can be!.. (more)
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