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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Platform: Nintendo 64 Ratings: 130  Added: 10/28/08, <m>10:36:11 by 
Chrono Trigger
Platform: SNES Ratings: 61  Added: 10/27/08, <m>22:45:47 by 
Super Metroid
Platform: SNES Ratings: 99  Added: 10/27/08, <m>22:45:47 by 
Metroid Prime
Platform: Gamecube Ratings: 114  Added: 10/27/08, <m>22:45:47 by 
Super Mario Galaxy
Platform: Wii Ratings: 152  Added: 11/08/08, <m>19:21:14 by 
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Platform: SNES Ratings: 107  Added: 10/27/08, <m>22:45:47 by 
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Platform: Wii Ratings: 109  Added: 01/01/10, <m>00:09:51 by 
Final Fantasy III (aka VI)
Platform: SNES Ratings: 52  Added: 11/08/08, <m>20:55:41 by 
Super Mario Bros. 3
Platform: NES Ratings: 107  Added: 11/08/08, <m>20:07:27 by 
Super Mario World
Platform: SNES Ratings: 111  Added: 11/08/08, <m>20:54:46 by 
Our top 10