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Posted: 01/07/15, 20:02:33 by 
Teslagrad - a 2D puzzle platformer developed by Rain Games caught my attention a few months ago and with some Christmas Nintendo eShop money to spend, I took the plunge and bought it... (more)
Posted: 11/20/14, 20:09:33 by 
Why did I wait so many months to play and review Pikmin 3? Ironically it’s because I got tired of waiting for it to come out... (more)
Posted: 10/10/14, 06:28:05 by 
I have been a very vocal critic of Nintendo's late 2011 release of The Legend if Zelda: Skyward Sword but there are people who seem to somehow be able to enjoy the game. Now Skyward Sword is a fairly divisive game among the Zelda franchise so if you are considering purchasing this game I would suggest finding a more positive review of the game as a counterpoint of sorts because there is a chance you may enjoy the game. I did not but before I go into that I suppose I should go ahead and talk about what the game does well... (more)
Posted: 09/07/14, 01:51:51 by 
Ham and Pineapple. Cheese and Vegemite. Just a couple of examples of humanity's penchant for mixing two tastes into a combined flavour explosion. Sometimes the result is a delicious savoury treat, a classic for the ages. And sometimes, the experiment produces an unholy chimaera, an unfortunate hellbeast that should have been put down at birth for the sake of all Mankind... But that's what happens when you put fruit on a pizza... (more)
Posted: 05/29/14, 03:47:02 by 
Earlier this year, Goodbye Galaxy Games released a small package for a small price on the eShop. It's bite-sized and allows you to consume the game bit by bit. That game was Tappingo. This 3DS digital download describes exactly what it's all about in their own name. Allow me to explain... (more)
Posted: 02/26/14, 14:25:48 by 
Growing up in a glass bowl with chameleons, lizards and tadpoles it hardly enters your mind that there's something better than this. A lettuce leaf or a carrot. Maybe a seed from the parrot. Believe me when I tell you the word "gourmet" just don't exist. But pizza power, a flying saucer food delight. Pizza power, that's what makes us feel alright... (more)
Posted: 01/21/14, 03:07:14 by 
Growing up, I never fit in. I was that eccentric kid who sat on the ground playing with the grass in his own little world. I never really had friends and I never really bothered with the rest of the world. One world I did bother with however was the world of Pokémon. It was the Christmas of some year and I got my very first game console that I could call ‘mine’. I was excited beyond belief and to date it is one of the best presents I have ever received. It still works too! The console in question of course was a Game Boy, but not a normal one. I got a special Pikachu edition Game Boy Color that had a strange bronze tint to it and it made it all the more special to me. And along with that, I ventured into the world of Pokémon with Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Crystal. And wow was it an adventure I never expected... (more)
Posted: 01/19/14, 12:19:51 by 
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The Nintendo Entertainment System filled up our childhoods, and an overplayed gesture by game companies was to put popular movies or TV shows into 8-bit form, luring us in like a Siren’s Song. Occasionally we were given licensed gems, but more often we were plagued by nightmares stamped with a wicked seal of approval. Depending who you ask, Batman: The Video Game can fit snuggly into either of those columns... (more)
Posted: 01/17/14, 18:35:09 by 
Johnny: This....is....Jeopardy!.. (more)
Posted: 01/13/14, 01:17:19 by 
Dear Mayor, (more)
Posted: 01/07/14, 08:44:59 by 
The Legend of Zelda (NES), the first game in the Zelda franchise, was a breath of fresh air for the videogame industry. It was played from a top down perspective and provided the player with a long quest (or two) and lots of explorations and secrets. The second game, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES), was played mostly from a 2D side scrolling perspective. Though, it’s a great game on it’s own, it is considered by many to be the black sheep of the family when compared to the rest of the franchise. When The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES) was released in 1991, it was regarded as a return to form for the franchise and is considered by many to be be one of the best games ever made... (more)
Posted: 01/01/14, 00:23:41 by 
Mario is back in a game that celebrates all (well, most) things Mario, using familiar and fresh elements to create a superb platforming experience. (A mostly spoiler free, MONSTER sized review) (more)
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