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Posted: 11/17/15, <m>17:42:40 by 
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Posted: 11/05/15, <m>10:40:17 by 
Hatsune Miku and her fellow Vocaloids have sang their way to stardom, but I've largely overlooked the phenomenon up until now. It's a unique music sensation involving singing voice synthesizers known as "Vocaloids" that provide the vocals to a variety of catchy songs. This software is personified by Hatsune Miku and other characters that make up the cast of Sega's Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX. Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with these songs and fictional singers. I was, and still am to a certain degree. Just know that this is a quirky rhythm game with an upbeat personality and a wide variety of music that is fun to play along to. It's clearly a love letter to fans of Vocaloids, but those who have a taste for rhythm games will feel right at home with Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX... (more)
Posted: 10/30/15, <m>18:24:50 by 
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Posted: 10/30/15, <m>02:26:13 by 
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Posted: 10/14/15, <m>06:12:42 by 
A little over a year ago I was at Best Buy and two guys were playing a demo of a game in which a ship is flying over some terrain and it would jump every once in a while to avoid obstacles. I know. Not much of a description. They didn't know the name of the game and I had to leave so I couldn't stick around to find out... (more)
Posted: 08/03/15, <m>06:20:59 by 
Disney's The Little Mermaid movie came out in 1989 and it started a new era of modern Disney Princess/Prince movies. The movie was great and, of course, merchandise had to be made to go along with the movie. Disney already had a relationship with Capcom when it came to making games based on Disney properties (Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Duck Tales, and Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers) so, naturally, they turned to Capcom to make the game based on this movie. The result is a solid, but very short game. Pretty good for its era but a bit lacking today... (more)
Posted: 05/14/15, <m>11:22:07 by 
The world of fiction is a vast sea from which heroes are born, tested, and celebrated. Stories have been passed down from generation to generation, becoming recognizable worldwide for their iconic characters who perform inspiring and fantastical feats. Classic literature, a hallmark of classroom reading and bedtime stories, is one such source of fiction. The often extraordinary, explosive, and exciting world of comic books is another. Code Name S.T.E.A.M., a new turn-based strategy game from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, dares to combine the time-tested pages torn from the novels of old with the heavily-stylized, action-packed pages ripped from comics. What we get is a world of fiction unlike any other, but even in Code Name S.T.E.A.M.'s brilliant fictional world, fun gameplay, strong level design, and high quality production values are strictly nonfiction... (more)
Posted: 03/21/15, <m>19:02:58 by 
A couple weeks ago, I played through and reviewed the original Donkey Kong Land for Game Boy & 3DS VC. While the game was notable for featuring a brand new quest for our favorite Kongs, I had issues getting over the clunky stage design, slippery physics, muddled visuals and off-screen obstacles... (more)
Posted: 03/11/15, <m>22:20:54 by 
A common criticism of the Game Boy era is that its library is essentially stripped-down, colorless versions of the NES and SNES's set of games. I've always found this to be an unfair complaint since there're many Game Boy games that are particularly well-designed, memorable, and occasionally even better than their big brothers on the consoles. Donkey Kong '94, Link's Awakening, Mega Man V and Oracles are notable in their own venerable series, not to mention great original IPs like Mole Mania, Pokemon, Mario's Picross, and Kirby's Dream Land... (more)
Posted: 03/09/15, <m>02:56:31 by 
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Posted: 01/07/15, <m>20:02:33 by 
Teslagrad - a 2D puzzle platformer developed by Rain Games caught my attention a few months ago and with some Christmas Nintendo eShop money to spend, I took the plunge and bought it... (more)
Posted: 11/20/14, <m>20:09:33 by 
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