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Posted: 08/29/16, 17:15:57 by 
See the press release below. This isn't as bad as the thread title sounds for all you RK fans... (more)
Posted: 08/26/16, 18:04:53 by 
Ask any Dragon Quest fan--one of the most appealing aspects of the series is its consistency. Elements like the setting, general town-to-town story progression, the art and the music are all major aspects of the series that have become familiar throughout its lifetime. Of course, with that comes the challenge of making every game different enough to not fall too deeply into the formula; adding that perfect gameplay wrinkle that keeps things interesting without deviating from what made the series great in the first place. Heck, ask anyone who's been burnt by later Final Fantasy games; too much change can contribute to a series losing its identity... (more)
Posted: 08/25/16, 17:46:35 by 
August 25, 2016 - Mario, Street Fighter, and more drop today on the eShops. See all of this week's updates on your favorite eShop at noon eastern today... (more)
Posted: 08/18/16, 16:48:30 by 
August 18, 2016 – Metroid, Style Savvy, and a lot more drop this week. Be sure to check out all of this week's new games and sales at noon eastern today on your favorite eShop... (more)
Posted: 08/13/16, 04:53:55 by 
RPG fans have no qualms about going back to their 16-bit favorites—your Final Fantasy Sixes, your Chrono Triggers—but NES RPGs are the Dangerfield of the genre: they get no respect. Often criticized for being tedious, grind-heavy slogs, the dungeon-crawlers of the 80s have an admittedly high barrier of entry to them... (more)
Posted: 08/11/16, 16:35:47 by 
August 11, 2016 - Tadpole Treble (by our very own TriforceBun), Mega Man X, Wave Race 64, and more hit Nintendo's systems today. See all of this week's new games and deals at noon eastern on your favorite digital storefront... (more)
Posted: 08/06/16, 00:18:35 by 
While the original Dragon Quest--repurposed as "Dragon Warrior"--found some mild success in the US thanks to a dynamic Nintendo Power promotion, its NES sequels didn't really catch on here. Which is disappointing, because I think the series as a whole can hold its own against any other RPG franchise. That said, Dragon Warrior II is perhaps not the best example of the series' strengths... (more)
Posted: 08/04/16, 16:19:21 by 
August 4, 2016 – Pokémon, Style Savvy, and more drop on this week's Nintendo Download! See all of this week's updates at noon eastern on your favorite eShop... (more)
Posted: 07/28/16, 16:11:53 by 
July 28, 2016 - It must be Kirby's birthday, because the pink puff is featured in this week's Nintendo Download! See all of this week's updates at noon eastern today on your favorite digital storefront... (more)
Posted: 07/27/16, 19:21:27 by 
Sounds like it is the next mainline Layton game?.. (more)
Posted: 07/25/16, 05:01:14 by 
Welcome to another episode of The Negative World Podcast! This time Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) go it alone without a guest and for that, the show is a little shorter than normal. Well, the format is a little different too.
Posted: 07/21/16, 16:20:00 by 
July 21, 2016 – Pokémon Ranger, Buddy & Me, Star Fox Zero demos, and more drop this week. Check out all of the updates today at noon eastern on your favorite eShop... (more)

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