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Posted: 06/19/17, 04:55:47 by 
This year was quite a positive one for the ol' Nintendo. Gaming fans young and old… Nintendo or otherwise… found things to love. At the center of all that was the main man himself… Super Mario! Surprisingly though, it's releasing earlier than expected! We also received news on where Metroid has been at, so those folks won big! Yet… we still don't know what's going on with Retro… a mystery remains. We hope they're okay! The 3DS didn't have too much to show for itself though Metroid: Samus Returns certainly was a big deal. That Rabbids/Mario cross-over was some legit noise! This was E3 2017... (more)
Posted: 06/06/17, 00:25:10 by 
First of all, thank you to InfinityWave for having developed and refined the very game I’m presenting to you today. I don't believe we did one of these last E3 and I don't know that IW was planning to do another… with only a week till E3… I put one together myself (with some Ploot assist). So, let’s-a-go!.. (more)
Posted: 05/03/17, 04:44:42 by 
Kris explains why all your childhood dreams are about to be crushed. Into dust. It's bad... (more)
Posted: 05/01/17, 23:25:39 by 
We're all used to having console and Steam backlogs. I try not to think about mine too much, although I have been trying to finish more games lately during the console transition to Switch. But what about the other side of the coin?.. (more)
Posted: 04/22/17, 19:05:49 by 
That was my favorite show when I was a teenager. I'm really enjoying the relaunch, so far. I'm about halfway through... (more)
Posted: 02/27/17, 05:50:31 by 
When: Saturday, March 11 2017, 6ish PM... (more)
Posted: 02/11/17, 18:09:33 by 
So most of you remember the ill-fated Wii game Project H.A.M.M.E.R. that was announced at the first Wii E3. In it, you play as a grisly cyborg dude who runs around hitting things with his gigantic hammer, which is motion controlled using the Wiimote... (more)
Posted: 01/28/17, 18:43:26 by 
Good Day Everyone! March Madness is coming up and frankly, we might start a little early on this. The theme this time is Mario Kart Tracks and regardless of when we begin this thing, I need help narrowing down all 145 Mario Kart tracks into a nice 64 track bracket. That's where all of you come in!.. (more)
Posted: 10/20/16, 13:54:46 by 
"You're all clear kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home" (more)
Posted: 05/21/16, 00:00:21 by 
I upgraded my apartment to a much sweeter place like almost a year ago, and we still haven't had a game party here? Time to rectify that!.. (more)
Posted: 03/23/16, 03:41:00 by 
Welcome Pokemaniacs! You've all made it to the wonderful world of Round 2! We've had a rather impressive amount of individual votes and I sincerely appreciate the turnout. Lets take a look at the results from Round 1 which also will then inform us of who we're voting for in Round 2! Pack a set of Pokeballs because we're on our adventure!.. (more)
Posted: 03/18/16, 14:27:57 by 
The final phase of Round 1 is upon us and the final 16 starting Pokemon are revealed. This round has an organic feel with a hint of earth tones considering we’re now in the Earth Bracket. This bracket is named for the Earth Badge which is the final badge you receive in the Kanto Region prior to making your way up Victory Road and fighting the Elite 4! I think it’s fair to say that the Pokemon in this bracket do have their various connections to Earth and Nature. We’ve got otters and plants and boxers and bugs. There’s even a gourd! To me, this is most interesting bracket yet! Is it for you? Tell us in the comments below with your votes!.. (more)
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