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Posted: 04/09/14, 01:18:24 by 
A simple question and I'm sure we've had this asked already... but now that 40 minutes of glorious Smash Bros. coverage has just ended... I wanna know how it may affect your decisions... (more)
Posted: 03/05/14, 05:13:27 by 
Layton is a series that has been pretty popular around here, with the first game winning our DS GOTY in 2008 and most of the subsequent ones making our runner-ups for the years that they released... (more)
Posted: 01/28/14, 18:50:33 by 
Different poll. This is your LEAST favorite here. Now I'm curious to see which one gets the most hate. Because that is another interesting thing about these three games to me is almost everyone dislikes one of them. Not that picking your least favorite necessarily means you dislike it, but again... curious... (more)
Posted: 01/28/14, 17:23:35 by 
I feel like all three of these Zelda games fall into this similar spot where they have their fans and they have their haters and it all kind of averages out to them being considered "not quite" up there with the best Zelda games (I'm talking consensus-wise, obviously individuals will put one or many of these are the top of their lists.) I guess you could say the same about Majora's Mask, but it seems to be a bit more loved overall around here (more)
Posted: 12/02/13, 06:20:21 by 
For those of you who have played both, which do you prefer? A Link Between Worlds or Super Mario 3D World?.. (more)
Posted: 11/26/13, 06:45:13 by 
That is, who are you primarily choosing to play as?.. (more)
Posted: 10/22/13, 04:18:42 by 
It's a simple question... which fossil did you go for? I just reached this point and decided to go with Tyrunt, however from what I've seen it is possible that Tyrunt is the less useful Pokemon... but I guess that depends on whose hands the Pokemon is in... (more)
Posted: 10/19/13, 03:02:14 by 
Relative to what, you ask? Good question! Rate your CURRENT level of gaming fandom, compared to your lifetime MAXIMUM level of gaming fandom. So, if you're enjoying games more than you ever have, you would say 10. On the other hand, if you used to loooove games, but barely play them anymore... maybe a 1 or 2?.. (more)
Posted: 10/18/13, 03:44:17 by 
So I'm sitting here forcing Torchic and Chespin to stay their cute little selves... and I was wondering if anyone else waits to evolve their Pokemon or not... (more)
Posted: 06/12/13, 09:42:06 by 
I'm sticking with titles that have actual media, not vague things like Miyamoto saying that they are working on a Zelda no one has seen... (more)
Posted: 05/30/13, 04:48:40 by 
I'm not counting VC games here, but original eShop games like Little Inferno, The Cave, etc. A list of the Wii U eShop games in our database... (more)
Posted: 05/07/13, 17:13:17 by 
Ignoring the question of whether it's a good financial direction for Nintendo, would you personally like to see the company focus some of their development resources on making games for smartphones?.. (more)
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