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Posted: 03/06/15, 04:48:47 by 
Did anybody receive the advertisement for this game on their Wii U systems? I certainly did, and I decided to take the plunge... (more)
Posted: 03/04/15, 20:53:53 by 
I've said it a million times, "AAA" 3rd parties may be ignoring the Wii U but indies are not, and the eShop is booming. A trio of new announcements took place at GDC. While it is true that these are all ports of games that have already released on other platforms, it's certainly nice to see them hitting the Wii U (more)
Posted: 03/04/15, 19:31:34 by 
I recently went on a rant about Smash Bros Wii U's single-player/Challenges section after getting infuriated with it last night, and it got me thinking about how I use my free time for gaming... (more)
Posted: 02/26/15, 17:58:55 by 
February 26, 2015 – What's this? You want Donkey Kong games, you say? Have SIX! The DKC Trilogy hits the Wii U eShop and the DK Land Trilogy hits the 3DS eShop this week! See all of this week's deals at noon eastern at your favorite digital storefront... (more)
Posted: 02/24/15, 06:04:08 by 
So, how are you liking this game? I think it's fun. I'm playing it in small doses. I'm on battle 42 of about 159 (for now). I already got the Mew from a special event, too. I haven't captured all the pokemon I have battled. I'm focusing on moving forward and then coming back to catch them all. I AM making exceptions for those pokemon I can actually Mega Evolve... (more)
Posted: 02/21/15, 19:24:12 by 
It's Kirby! Nintendo's puffy powerhouse has been through all sorts of adventures, yet I feel he doesn't quite get the props he deserves. This Top Ten will be devoted to detailing why the Kirby series is one of Nintendo's finest, and what the little guy has contributed to gaming throughout the years... (more)
Posted: 02/19/15, 16:09:53 by 
February 19, 2015 – Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Pokémon Shuffle, and more this week! Check out your favorite digital storefront at noon eastern for all of this week's updates... (more)
Posted: 02/17/15, 16:40:27 by 
I got my pre-load code this morning and I can't wait to take this one for a spin this weekend after I take my final. Who else is picking this up?.. (more)
Posted: 02/17/15, 05:33:40 by 
Now we're caught up! Welcome to a great episode that was recorded just a few weeks back... the same day Nintendo had their last 'general' Nintendo Direct and showed us the greatness coming in Spring 2015. This episode it's just Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) as the duo discuss the news that came from the Nintendo Direct.
Posted: 02/17/15, 01:56:04 by 
I'm thinking maybe Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Popeye, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Mortal Kombat,Mortal Kombat II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, and some DDR game. Maybe I'll add some later... (more)
Posted: 02/16/15, 04:27:27 by 
Welcome to another 'Retro-episode' of sorts... as in... very late release compared to it's original discussion period. I feel bad because we have the excellent Paleo_Orca on with us this episode. He hasn't been on the show in years and it was great having him back. Of course besides his voice you'll find the voices of Joe (Ninsage), and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) as well.
Posted: 02/16/15, 00:54:32 by 
Ubisoft's open world crime-infested action game made by the studio that worked on Far Cry and Assassin's Creed. Now available on your Wii U console!.. (more)
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