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Posted: 08/27/15, 16:20:38 by 
August 27, 2015 - Sin & Punishment times two, Disney Infinity 3.0, Runbow, and more hit the eShop in this week's Nintendo Download! See all of this weeks new games, sales, and more on your favorite digital storefront today at noon eastern... (more)
Posted: 08/23/15, 13:29:07 by 
Mr_Mustache said:Acclaim returns with the third and final installment of the NES trilogy, and the direct sequel to IronSword (though it should be noted that Wizards & Warriors X also follows the events of IronSword. Hmm.)... (more)
Posted: 08/21/15, 16:41:55 by 
It's official: the peculiar collaboration project, with the developers of the Tekken series, will no longer be exclusive to Japanese arcades... (more)
Posted: 08/20/15, 16:27:09 by 
August 20, 2015 Splatoon Testfire returns, Advance Wars 2 rises on the Wii U, and more featured on this week's Nintendo Download! See all of this week's updates at noon eastern today at your favorite digital storefront... (more)
Posted: 08/19/15, 15:31:13 by 
As someone who didn't get to play this on the first go 'round, I was pretty stoked when it landed on the VC. I thought it was a pretty solid game, scoring competitively in my database against other RPGs. I thought the way they handled classes and the little guys you equip (whose names escape me at the moment) was a neat way of doing things, though I don't think I'd like that to be "the norm" as far as magic and skills go. I usually just piled similar guys all on the same character; how did you handle it, and did you even enjoy that mechanic?.. (more)
Posted: 08/18/15, 08:18:39 by 
With the new David Foster Wallace movie coming out, there's been a lot of internet chattering about it and him. I am not very familiar with his work, only having watched the YouTube video of his brilliant graduation speech at Kenyon College. Curious to learn more, I decided to read his well known 2004 essay Consider the Lobster. In it, he doesn't explicitly argue that eating lobster as it is traditionally prepared (as fresh as possible, often boiled alive) is inhumane, but asks the reader to contemplate the possibility and to confront how we ignore the question or justify our behavior. It's a good read if you haven't read it, and not too long... (more)
Posted: 08/16/15, 04:35:03 by 
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Posted: 08/14/15, 04:33:31 by 
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Posted: 08/13/15, 18:03:25 by 
August 13, 2015 Summer continues to sizzle in the eShops this week! Pandora's Tower for Wii highlights this week's update, but you can check everything out by visiting your favorite digital storefront today at noon eastern... (more)
Posted: 08/13/15, 02:26:31 by 
On a recent Radio Free Nintendo, the panel was discussing the failed Red Ash Kickstarter and they mentioned how it failed because Comcept hadn't proven anything yet. Mighty No. 9 has been subject to several delays and still isn't out. The host juxtaposed this situation to Yacht Club Games and Shovel Knight. If, and when, Yacht Club Games goes back to Kickstarter, he said, they'll be sure to find much more success... (more)
Posted: 08/11/15, 21:17:39 by 
Even with it's many faults, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror does something very few games do: Take nonlinear game design to it's absolute limit. The result is a massive set of 9 worlds you are set to explore at your own pace... (more)
Posted: 08/07/15, 18:28:53 by 
Play this enchanting remix while browsing the thread!.. (more)
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