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Posted: 10/22/16, 05:51:20 by 
Earlier this October, DrFinkelstein took a short drive over to the Ploot household for a day of gaming. This time, he brought the podcast microphone! Due to scheduling and technical hurdles Joe sits this episode out but inside you'll find a good 88-minutes of Nintendo talk from assorted Negative Worlders! On the show there's Paul (Ploot), Dave (BeardedNerd), Trish (TK_Thunder), Erika (EponaEatsCarrots), and of course Stephen (DrFinkelstein).
Posted: 10/21/16, 13:44:49 by 
No doubt Nintendo has a long-term strategy here. First they announce the NX. Then they let rumors stew for over a year. Finally they release a 3-minute trailer. Then they say they won't speak on it again until at least Jan 1, which is less than three full months from release at that point. So how has this strategy worked on you? What, if anything specifically, sways you either way?.. (more)
Posted: 10/21/16, 06:43:30 by 
I'm a little underwhelmed by the name but, I'm already over it. It's not like when the Wii was announced and I thought the name was terribly stupid. And don't get me started on the Wii U. On the other hand, the NS does have a nice ring to it. And that's how I'll be calling it from now on... (more)
Posted: 10/21/16, 06:36:34 by 
Not having a touch screen on the NS (yes, I'm calling it the NS) seems baffling to me. And I cannot think of any reason why Nintendo would think not integrating it into their new system is a good idea. I think Nintendo is just playing coy for now and will announce multitouch functionality a bit down the line. What do you think?.. (more)
Posted: 10/20/16, 16:14:33 by 
October 20, 2016 – All aboard the Spirit Tracks! See all of this week's updates, including The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on the Wii U VC, at noon eastern on your favorite digital storefront... (more)
Posted: 10/20/16, 13:54:46 by 
"You're all clear kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home" (more)
Posted: 10/17/16, 23:08:31 by 
I picked this game up for $2 and have started chipping away at it. The 3D effect is really impressive. It's like some sort of weird scrolling aquarium. Only beat the training mode and the first stage though... (more)
Posted: 10/17/16, 04:27:28 by 
Welcome to another installment of the Negative World Podcast! Hope you're listening on an empty stomach and ready for Corrin! We've got Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) with long-time friend of the show, Paul (Ploot)!
Posted: 10/14/16, 05:40:38 by 
What a surprise victory! What a shocker! Mega Man has taken the crown of the Best Super Smash Bros. Character Ever! Perhaps it was his iconic charms… or his varied moveset… whatever it was, it won Mega Man the top spot in this bracket! Let’s see how we got here… (more)
Posted: 10/13/16, 17:03:41 by 
October 13, 2016 – A whole slew of new games comes this week, including another visit to the Magic Kingdom. Be sure to check out all of this week's udpates at noon eastern on your favorite digital storefront... (more)
Posted: 10/11/16, 07:11:34 by 
I still have one of the level themes stuck in my head and I beat this game like 3 weeks ago now... (more)
Posted: 10/10/16, 05:31:36 by 
Here we are… the final four. A surprising four perhaps. Are you shocked? Are you not? Vote and let us know below... (more)
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