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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 08 - Actraiser [community]

People who have committed to finish this game:
@CPA Wei

People not allowed to participate:

Your word is your bond...

If the final score shows up at the end of the game, potential leaderboards for those who complete the game!

Add the game to your collection, start it, and discuss your experience!

List of Awesome
@Guillaume Score: 165,610
@sirmastersephiroth Score: 142,250
@X-pert74 Score: 165,240

List of Awesomer
(People who have beaten Professional Mode)

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02/04/12, 07:50    Edited: 03/26/12, 00:20
Ouch, only a List of Shame! I do like this game--played it for the first time last year and it ended up being a surprisingly enjoyable experience.
02/04/12, 08:07   
I'll join in when I get back home after this weekend if the cart still works.
02/04/12, 08:22   
I'm sorry if this question was answered, but about how long is this game?
02/04/12, 08:23   
Won't play it now but I love this game to death and have finished it many times. Just a total classic.
02/04/12, 08:25   
I think I've only completed 2 Retro Game Clubs so far? Ouch on my record...
02/04/12, 08:30   
Hmm, if I had the game I might replay it, but I only borrowed it back in the days and don't feel like buying it just to play it again.

Great game though.
02/04/12, 08:33   
My name shall not adorn the List of Shame!
I love this game and will dust off the 'ol SNES tomorrow. Time for some Angel justice!
02/04/12, 08:39   
I'll download it next time my Wii is on. Right now? NCAA rosters 1AA spellcheck. So many misspellings!
02/04/12, 08:56   
Haha, the one game I don't own in any form is the one that got voted in I'll download it tonight.
02/04/12, 09:19   
I'm seeing on howlongtobeat.com that Actraiser is like 4 hours. Is this accurate? Or does it take way longer because of difficulty? I really have no experience with it at all, aside from the knowledge that it has an awesome soundtrack.

If I can get time in tomorrow, it could a good game to test my SNES controller on! I'm so excited!
02/04/12, 09:20   

I didn't have ideas for Awesome lists. But I played it a bit just now and saw you get a score. Leaderboard?


10 hours max, maybe?
02/04/12, 09:21   
Using threats, Guillaume?

And for your viewing pleasure.

02/04/12, 10:02   
Actraiser won, awesome! I'm also officially down for the review. I'll start to play today (Saturday) and will have the review sometime in February.
02/04/12, 10:03   
A list of shame? That's honestly a turn off from even playing now. Vague humorous threats aren't really my best motivator.

We'll see if I get around to it. I don't wanna be "shamed" here on Negative World.

02/04/12, 15:23   
Yeah, ActRaiser! I do enjoy this game's funky blend, and the music is great, but I have to say, the side-scrolling action, while still fun, is kind of weak. Zelda II stomps all over it. But everyone hates Zelda II and loves ActRaiser!

Supposedly, the sequel has better combat. Never tried it.

This is one series in which the sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole. Neither section is that amazing on its own, but the combination just works. Yeah.

Old Enix games are so interesting. Enix >>> Square.
02/04/12, 18:03   

Alright, I changed it ya baby.

I played through the first three action stages: Fillmore 1 and 2, and Bloodpool 1.

What shocks me every time I go back to this game is how much I suck at the action stages. I mean, I remembered from the last time I revisited it that I died a lot, and here I am, re-revisiting it and I am still shocked at how many lives I lose. I don't think the game is all that hard, really, it's just that I get careless. Heh.

The music really is great. It seems to use the same "instruments" as a Final Fantasy SNES title, and the compositions of Castlevania games that didn't even exist yet. The result is unbelievable.

The Sim stages are as basic as I remembered, but also as fun as I remembered. Killing those demons is very satisfying, and I think that little ball of light that goes to the town hall whenever you kill one has to do with it. I don't know if your kill count has any effect on how well your town is doing, but even if it's just a cosmetic effect, it's such a nice touch.

A few tips:

-Right away, change the Message Scroll speed in the menu to 1, it will make the game a bit less tedious when the angel just won't shut up with his "Master, Master, your people want to say something to you!". If you set it to 0 you will probably miss some important stuff, however.

-Don't forget to pick up the offerings they offer you. And equip the magic you want before going into battle (once you have magic spells).

I don't really have any other tips. The game has always been pretty straightforward and accessible.
02/04/12, 19:40   
\Anand said:
This is one series in which the sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole. Neither section is that amazing on its own, but the combination just works. Yeah.
Having played the game for two hours this morning, this is the feeling I'm getting.

The sidescrolling action parts aren't too hot. The controls are clunky and unresponsive at times, even worse than Castlevania...which is a problem because the screen space is smaller while the speed is higher. The suboptimal controls require some planning in both games, but Castlevania's slower speed allows you to plan for it...ActRaiser's doesn't. It also doesn't help that I'm playing with the Wavebird, which means I'm jumping with the tiny B button and attacking with the Y button since there's no button mapping option. I'm not hating it, but it's annoying at times and is otherwise unremarkable. Thankfully the stages are pretty short and have a bit of variety.

The SimCity part is very simple, easy, and fast-paced. I built the third city up from nothing to a full sprawl in about fifteen minutes, all the while keeping monsters at bay (not that they're very aggressive...in fact, they haven't really made any efforts to kill/steal my people since the first city). It's not very interesting, but it's a nice little buffer between the action portions. And I like the pious little people, praying to me and offering me gifts.

Overall I am enjoying the game; it looks like I'm halfway finished, so I'll probably zip through the rest of it this weekend.
02/04/12, 19:48   
Count me in. I think I can start it either tonight if I get time or on Monday.

Edit: Goddamnit Nintendo. I have 600 Wii Points on my system. Can I just pay the extra $2 to get ActRaiser? No. I have to pay an extra $10. It's fucking unbelievable.

And even more unbelievable that I actually just did it, which just makes me a huge hypocrite I guess, but what else am I going to do? I don't want to pirate it. Ugh.
02/04/12, 21:39   
Edited: 02/04/12, 21:43
Haha, at least the 3DS fixed that problem... eventually.

Maybe I'll try for a 'perfect' playthrough by razing the less technologically-developed cities. It seems so evil, though.
02/04/12, 23:00   

Heh, it's a game. I always use Earthquake to get rid of the backwater savages.
02/04/12, 23:39   
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