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Feel free to include multiple guesses. Exaggerated parody guesses will also be allowed, but only if they're genuinely funny!.. (more)
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I was curious about which franchises I've played the most games from and due to me having a (mostly?) up to date record of my game library in the Negative World game database I realized that I could just go and count. I probably missed something here and there but I'm sure this is fairly accurate. As a bonus I also picked my favorite and least favorite game from each franchise. Keep in mind that my least favorites are only based on the ones that I have played, and I try to only play games that I think I will enjoy, so some of them I would still consider good or at least ok games... (more)
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By the basic formula I mean "first person non-linear adventure shooter with generally one main path through the game and optional upgrades" etc... (more)
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Some months ago I replayed Resident Evil 5. I like the game but OOF is dealing with Sheva a nightmare. You have to constantly manage her items for her, and you both have those limited Resident Evil item slots so there is a lot of sharing, pushing items back and forth, etc. She gets herself into nasty situations way too easily, gets herself killed way too easily, honestly just a huge hassle to deal with her... (more)
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I was musing in the Backlaugust thread that Conker's Bad Fur Day has both very good single-player and multiplayer modes, and it got me wondering what else might fit in this category. Some others that come to mind: (more)
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Let's just copy and paste a rundown... (more)
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I'll let you decide how exactly you define "beginning", to me it could be the first 5 minutes or the first 2 hours, but whatever it is, you remember it as being a stand-out segment that really gets a game off to an amazing start... (more)
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Have you guys done this yet?.. (more)
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Nintendo systems are infamous for withstanding drops off skyscrapers and wartime explosions, but Father Time can wear down even then hardiest hardware. Now, I've been really into retro gaming this year but it made me painfully aware of how old and worn out all my stuff had gotten. It was a huge headache to even attempt to play NES games, for instance, since I'd have to struggle with popping the cart in and out until it decided to work. So it was time for some TLC... (more)
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With Metroid Dread now released (and no, I still haven't played more than a couple hours of it), it's been hard to resist the temptation to listen to podcasts and watch videos about Metroid and its future. One particular podcast (The Omega Metroid Podcast) brought up the subject of Metroid Prime 4's controls, and I couldn't help but have thoughts on the subject that weren't mentioned on the episode... (more)
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...off their game?.. (more)
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I guess we have some fishing and rifle shells for the Joy Con, but we still have no real gimmick JCs? JC!.. (more)