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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 08 - Actraiser [community]

People who have committed to finish this game:
@CPA Wei

People not allowed to participate:

Your word is your bond...

If the final score shows up at the end of the game, potential leaderboards for those who complete the game!

Add the game to your collection, start it, and discuss your experience!

List of Awesome
@Guillaume Score: 165,610
@sirmastersephiroth Score: 142,250
@X-pert74 Score: 165,240

List of Awesomer
(People who have beaten Professional Mode)

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02/04/12, 07:50    Edited: 03/26/12, 00:20

When you get the chance, go back and level your Town with an Earthquake. Your people will build bigger, stronger houses. Someone pointed out that your town can only have X number of structures, so build as FEW bridges as possible.
02/29/12, 03:23   
@Mr_Mustache Thanks for the advice; I'll be a vengeful god and do so

I didn't get the opportunity to play today, but I'm not giving up on this. If other people in past clubs have been able to continue these after the technical end date, I'll do the same with this as well. I am liking the game enough to where I feel compelled to beat it now; I just had a busy day today.
03/01/12, 13:42   

Next free day you have on the game, you'll probably polish it off. I turned the game on twice. Once I got to where you are, the next night I beat it.
03/02/12, 00:24   
Oh my goodness! I beat this like two weeks ago. What is wrong with me?! Umm, can I be Awesome listed?
03/02/12, 01:08   
03/02/12, 01:24   
I played through a bunch more finally; I'm Level 12 right now, at the second level in Aitos. I've been incredibly busy with real life, so I didn't have time to play more until now. I polished off a bunch of stages, but Aitos part 2 is really annoying me. I hate the lava! I don't know if I'll beat the game or not tonight; I feel like I'm getting close to the end, but it's already really late and I have to be somewhere at 5PM tomorrow.

EDIT: I'm level 15 or 16 or something (I grinded by earthquaking all my towns), and I unlocked the final action stage. I think now is a good time for me to stop. I want to go to bed.
03/16/12, 13:14   
Edited: 03/16/12, 15:18
Keep at it! The last stage is kind of rough, and then you've got a boss rush after that...but it's definitely doable. I had a tough time with it, but I think I was only level 10 or so.
03/16/12, 23:57   
Yeah I finished it too. I wanna be awesome.
03/17/12, 08:15   
03/18/12, 18:24   
I fucking hate Actraiser! Fuck! I don't remember that first boss at all, and he (along with the second boss) are probably the two most frustrating bosses I've encountered in this gauntlet. Fuck! I'm fed up with this for now; this is too frustrating.
03/22/12, 12:30   

A lot of the guys you can just hang in there and wail away, throwing caution/strategy out the window. It seems counterproductive at first, but when you find that you drop a guy in a few hits and only taking two or three hits worth of damage versus the cautious route, you'll understand. Don't give up, brother!
03/22/12, 22:19   
I got to Death Heim this time, but on my last life. I really don't want to do this yet again.

EDIT: I beat the game! The ending really did have a lot of glaring typos in it

I found ActRaiser pretty frustrating at times. I think part of it was the soundtrack's fault. Most of the combat stage themes were alright, but the music in the Sky Palace was terribly unpleasant, and that combined with the noise of the advancing text was nearly unbearable. I also didn't like the music in towns that had the "music" added to them, although the basic town-building music was fine. I also didn't like how cheap some parts of the action stages felt, and the somewhat stiff controls. While they were more manageable than Castlevania's controls, they were still not quite to my liking. I really didn't like the town building aspect of the game initially, but once I understood what to do it became sort of fun.

Overall though, this isn't a game I'm particularly fond of. I rate it a 6.5 in Negative World's game database. I may revisit that score at some point, but for now it seems right. I also have no plans to beat Professional mode; screw that

EDIT2: Also, I just reset the game to check my score. It was 165,240, just under Gui's score!
03/25/12, 11:48   
Edited: 03/25/12, 12:25

I don't like the long drawn out organ hymn music either. Its really grating in games for some reason.

Falling off of platforms is tough, isn't it? Fighting through all that stuff with your health intact, and then sliding off an edge because of some stupid thing is a slap in the face. But hey, stuff happens.

Congratulations on your victory! Did you like the gauntlet deal at the end?
03/27/12, 02:15   
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