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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 08 - Actraiser [community]

People who have committed to finish this game:
@CPA Wei

People not allowed to participate:

Your word is your bond...

If the final score shows up at the end of the game, potential leaderboards for those who complete the game!

Add the game to your collection, start it, and discuss your experience!

List of Awesome
@Guillaume Score: 165,610
@sirmastersephiroth Score: 142,250
@X-pert74 Score: 165,240

List of Awesomer
(People who have beaten Professional Mode)

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02/04/12, 07:50    Edited: 03/26/12, 00:20
Death Heim is no more. My god the ending text is so slow. And dull. Shut up and put on some clothes you stupid nude baby.

Play time (according to Wii Message Board): 4 hours, 4 minutes

Anything else worth doing?
02/05/12, 00:06   
Edited: 02/05/12, 00:06

Bah, this is why I like the longer clubs. You're totally done before the majority of people even started. Poops.

And "not a knock on you personally."
02/05/12, 02:18   
This is why I like the shorter clubs: I can zip through the game in an afternoon and get back to clearing out my backlog! I'm also just generally inclined towards playing games that don't require such a commitment.

And this way, people can start in the last few days of the month and still finish the game before we move on to the next club. So it's not just the people who finish the game quickly who can discuss things: late starters get their chance, too.
02/05/12, 02:26   
Edited: 02/05/12, 02:30
Played it for about 20-30 minutes today. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I'm starting to dig it. I actually like the little city building stuff a lot. I think I might like it more than the action stages to be honest. The character movement is a bit clunky. I have to be pretty premeditated about when I attack and that kind of stuff. Maybe I'll get used to it. I love Castlevania after all.

I'm playing with my SNES controller. I don't think there appears to be any lag on it, although the buttons on it are mushier than the classic controller, so I'm sure that's what I'm noticing.

Back to work!
02/05/12, 03:27   
Edited: 02/05/12, 03:31
Here is the entry for the game (which Gui didn't provide, shame on him).

Be sure to set your status to Playing (and owned, if applicable. I'm "Wanted" right now).

02/05/12, 03:31   
The heck? My credit card's not going through for some reason. This is dumb. It's time for some cherub butt, dang it.
02/05/12, 06:44   

Any way for you to see your score (and post it)?
02/05/12, 07:42   
@Guillaume Not that I know of. Also, when I finished the game, it froze at THE END so I couldn't like go back.

Actually, there were hi-scores for each stage listed in some menu thing, maybe I'll check that out sometime and post my scores. If my save data wasn't erased...I used suspend states and never saved my game. Is there even a Save Game option? I don't remember seeing one.
02/05/12, 16:43   

There is, at the bottom of the menu.
02/05/12, 18:03   
@Guillaume Ah. I'm pretty sure I never used that...so my save's probably gone. No high scores for me, I guess!
02/05/12, 20:08   
nate38 said:
@Guillaume Ah. I'm pretty sure I never used that...so my save's probably gone. Second playthrough for me, I guess!
02/05/12, 22:21   
Due to my Wii being a butt, I may just have to wax nostalgic from when I played through this game for the first time on my friend's Wii instead.

I think I agree with the comments in here about ActRaiser being more than the sum of its parts. The dungeon sequences are fairly bland and basic, with gameplay that isn't any more advanced than an NES action title (Astyanax, Faxanadu, Zelda II, Castlevania, etc). And if the sim bits were all that the game offered, it'd look extremely simplistic and easy compared to something like Civilization or Sim City.

But there's something strong about the pacing to where these gameplay elements compliment each other really nicely. By the time I'm starting to feel done with the sim bits, a dungeon pops up! And when I finish that puppy off, I'm ready to expand my empire and purify some more land!

In fact, the first time I played this game...I beat it! I did the entire game in one fairly lengthy sitting...it was strangely addictive for having such basic (and arguably unimpressive in some cases) mechanics.

The music is indeed pretty great no matter how you look at it.
02/06/12, 04:07   
I just find the game so much fun. I'm guessing nostalgia plays a part, but dammit, the game is addictive. I remember when I first downloaded it on the VC, it felt so great to revisit it after all these years. And I kinda made a resolution then (it released on the VC in December, no?) to replay it every year.

I did not keep that resolution, but I'm glad it got picked for the RGC!

I got two lands to go now, I will try to finish the game this week.
02/06/12, 05:28   
Actraiser complete! (for the zillionth time)
Population: 4564
Score: 155510

Thoughts and tidbits:

I chose the name "Chief" hoping they would call me Master Chief. It didn't pan out - they call you "Sir Name" or just "Master"
I always thought the inside of the shrine looked like a cat with a Hitler stache.
The music in Northwall and Aitos is excellent.

Now I wish I still had Soul Blazer...
02/06/12, 07:14   
Just started the game. I'm in the Sim Stage of Fillmore, just letting my population grow by itself (already defeated all the monsters). I also started writing the outline for the review. I should have this game knocked out by the end of the week, with the review sometime next week.
02/06/12, 07:28   
I decided to order a cartridge of Actraiser on Amazon When it arrives, I'll start playing it. It was just $14 counting shipping, which is about $4 more dollars than I would have spent for a digital copy that would have been tied to my system.
02/06/12, 10:53   
Edited: 02/06/12, 10:54
$6 more.
02/06/12, 18:15   
I'll start this once I finish Skyward Sword (which should be this weekend or sooner). Looking forward to a new challenge!
02/06/12, 18:21   
Is there any way to increase my total health in the action stages?
02/06/12, 21:06   

Your number of citizens determines your health. At certain population levels, your character will increase in level and gain more health.

You can totally abuse this system and just clear the x-1 action stages, do the sim stuff, and become overpowered for the x-2 action stages.
02/06/12, 21:14   
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