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Posted: 05/24/18, 06:16:50 by 
So, Koji Igarashi put up a Kickstarter campaign for a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night knockoff, and one of the stretch goals of the campaign was a Castlevania III knockoff, and this is that... (more)
Posted: 05/23/18, 01:38:48 by 
Runner3 is finally out! I'm ranked 30th in the entire world on stage 1-2 right now!.. (more)
Posted: 05/12/18, 21:16:12 by 
...at this stage in your gaming 'career'? Forget about first-party stuff, for the sake of this discussion... (more)
Posted: 05/12/18, 22:59:17 by 
Have any of you guys played this one? I just borrowed it from the libe. Unlike the Wii U version, it has a proper campaign, which some people really liked... (more)
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