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Mario Kart 8 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U
9.14/10 from 37 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

This May, one game will define MULTIPLAYER FUN on Wii U. That game, is Mario Kart 8!

Mario Kart has been a Nintendo staple since it's SNES debut over two decades ago. Only two Nintendo products neglected to have an entry and each entry that has existed is a charming title in someone's eyes. Entries like Double Dash on Gamecube helped push the boundaries of creativity and uniqueness, while more recent titles have continued to refine a core experience. Mario Kart 8 seeks to continue that trend with it's jaw-dropping HD visuals, Anti-gravity racing, and incredibly well-designed tracks.

With all the characters known, the deep customization possibilities to each individual racer, the classic 32-total track count... there's so much to discuss and share and debate. Reviews are just coming in now and while I'll post a few below but they're not all gushing with pride. User Stephen recently made a thread aiming to have a more comprehensive list of reviews available. So... Are you impressed with the Mario Kart TV feature, excited for the Super Horn, or bummed at how battle mode has changed? Share your thoughts on the game below, now, upon release, and well after! Below you'll find a list of Nintendo Network IDs as compiled by our own Mop It Up! Be sure your friends are added to your console!

Mop It Up's NNID List of Mario Kart 8 Players

(Negative World Username) - (NNID)
Abdooooo - Abdooooo
Anand - AnandX
anon_mastermind - Mastermind85
Brick - Brick20
Brook - Ice-Insignia
canonj - canonj
chrisbg99 - chrisbg99
chrisguy - chrisguy
Cooliocuneo - Cooliocuneo
Cryojin - Cryojin
Cubed777 - C77777
DeputyVanHalen - DeputyVanHalen
DrFinkelstein - a00link
Earendil - Ear3ndil
EagleC83 - EagleC83
gamewizard65 - gamewizard65
Guillaume - Pandareus
Hero_of_Hyrule - Deku_Scrub
Jargon - Hendrik
-JKR- - JKRiki
kgtennispro - kgtennispro
kriswright - kriswright
legendofalex - Alistair
ludist210 - Ludist210
Mop it up - Mop_it_up
Nate38 - VictorVonPlugman
Octorockin - NoseyTengu
ploot - Realploot
PogueSquadron - PogueSquadron
pokepal148 - pokepal148
Rebonack - rebonack
Scrawnton - Scrawnton
Smerd - Smerd20
Stratos - Chronocast
stephen - stephen087
Super_Conzo - Super_Conzo
thefly - LeaveLuck2Heaven
TheOldManFromZelda - OldManFromZelda
TK_Thunder - The_Trish
Tranquilo - Arponare
VofEscaflowne - VofEscaflowne

Eurogamer - 10/10

Game Informer - 9.25/10
Destructoid - 9.0/10
IGN - 9.0/10
Joystiq - 4.5/5
Nintendo Life - 9/10
Polygon - 9.0/10

GameTrailers - 8.6/10
Gamespot - 8.0/10
Giant Bomb - 4/5

NintendoWorldReport.com - 7.5/10

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05/16/14, 03:52    Edited: 06/28/14, 23:37
Why not sign up for a (free) account?

I hope so. I've got a laundry list of things I would suggest changing. And I'm just as bad about hitting myself with bombs, which is why I always toss them behind me.
06/23/14, 17:21   
What's with the horribly small group sizes?? We've hardly had a full room all day.
06/23/14, 22:11   

Were you doing Worldwide or Regional? If you're talking about a Friends Rooms, barely anyone ever joins mine. I had a pretty good fill last outing though, yeahhh.
06/23/14, 23:49   

06/24/14, 00:03   
@MasterSandman II I don't even...
06/24/14, 00:04   

haha, don't dig it?
06/24/14, 00:06   
06/24/14, 00:08   
@Mop it upTwas fun racing with ya tonight! Thanks for joining!
06/24/14, 07:21   
@MasterSandman II I don't mind it. It feels so out of place in the Mario universe though.

@ludist210 The thing I don't get about that video is how did all 5 places pop up the moment the top 2 finished? Or is that a replay video and that is how it works?
06/24/14, 08:16   
Edited: 06/24/14, 08:19
Good races so far mop it up though that blue shell can suck it. First or second I bet half the matches I was blue shelled

Damn nice mushroom win on mount wario

No clue how I won that last rainbow road
06/24/14, 09:06   
Edited: 06/24/14, 09:27

I had a great time racing with you and a few other Negative World members tonight. There were some crazy comebacks, fierce duels, and lots of excitement all around!


Cool replay. It shows off the track really well. MKTV highlights can showcase some awesome views of the tracks in this game.
06/24/14, 09:29   
Edited: 06/24/14, 11:51
Awesome camera angles

I'm dying to play you guys now. The internet works mostly pretty well now so I need to get this going!

Do you guys have planned playing days?
06/24/14, 11:24   
Edited: 06/24/14, 11:25
Played a few random regional matches at lunch. Finished 4th (out of 10, Sunshine Airport), 4th (out of 11, Electrodome), and 2nd (out of 12, Bowser's Castle). Not bad for the ol' VR total.


It's a replay video, that's how it works.
06/24/14, 20:14   
@SeVeN CDN We were like fierce rivals last night, ha ha. It was all in good fun though. We each had a couple rounds with a blue shell spill so it kind of evened out in the end I s'pose.

@Cubed777 Nice to meet you in a game.

@carlosrox I don't plan anything, just pop on when I feel like it. It doesn't seem like anyone really plans anything either, from what I can tell. The only thing that's planned is my theme room on 6/29.
06/24/14, 23:26   
@Mop it up
Ah kk thx. Down for the themed games.

It always bugs me in games when people always main the best stuff just because it's the best.

I find it silly to depend on a crutch such as that. And do people always feel the need to win?

People who always go to the heavy classes and very best cars seems a bit cowardly to me.

I can win with whatever kart with the lightest classes and I'm not tied down to any character or kart. One would think variety and challenge would be a fun thing to strive for.

My brother himself seems to always favor the heavy classes and my friend in COD always goes for what he knows will make/help him win.

In fact I often use WORSE stuff because if you win like that you really know what you're made of.
06/24/14, 23:34   
Edited: 06/24/14, 23:36

Lol, I liked that one, but it needed to just end abruptly instead of the fade out. That's what makes these so amusing!
06/24/14, 23:39   
Jesus fuck could the online balancing be anymore idiotic?

Fun though....
06/25/14, 09:05   
Anyone up for some races tonight? Im game for custom or match making. I need to mo catch up to mop it up shes got about 20 wins on me
06/26/14, 00:39   

I suppose I could get on tonight and finish 9th for a while.

EDIT- I get home around 11p EST; don't wanna be on all night, I intend to do something fun after work. Like NASCAR Thunder 2003, where I'm finishing deep in the field WITHOUT having Shells cause it.
06/26/14, 00:50   
Edited: 06/26/14, 00:57
The 2nd place person getting 3 red shells in the last lap has screwed me over way too many times tonight
06/26/14, 05:58   
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