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E3 2012 GIF THREAD!!!
As we all know, E3 isn't about games, it's about gifs. Post any you find from the internet's reaction to this year's E3 conferences in this thread!

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05/25/12, 08:04    Edited: 05/25/12, 23:11
Let the Pre-E3 hype gifs begin.

05/25/12, 08:05   
05/25/12, 13:54   
Jesus that girl is pretty
05/25/12, 16:11   
Stolen from GAF

05/25/12, 16:59   
@Master Blaster Brilliant! Maybe only for Seinfeld fans, but still, brilliant!
05/25/12, 18:09   
I'll just post some old ones that aren't all e3 related but have been used during other conferences that I have on my photobucket...

edit: saw on neogaf

05/25/12, 20:40   
Edited: 05/25/12, 20:54

Nunchucks... *Ba-tumpt-pshhhh!*
05/25/12, 20:45   
I don't have many GIFs, but I want to tell a story that's maybe E3 related I guess.

05/25/12, 20:45   

more gaf ones

n64 kid being ridden hahahaha
05/25/12, 20:57   
Edited: 05/25/12, 21:11
Old, but one of the best gifs of all time... ALL TIME

05/25/12, 21:20   
@Kal-El814, that drumming session... uuhhnng.
05/25/12, 21:32   
more gaf ones

05/25/12, 21:54   
05/26/12, 07:29   
You mean the most overrated gif of all time.
05/26/12, 11:44   
@Kal-El814 Thank you for posting that; I love that gif
05/26/12, 11:51   
The ben stiller heavyweights is the best gif of the year
05/26/12, 14:06   
Wish I had something to add to this thread.
05/26/12, 18:08   
05/27/12, 00:34   
06/03/12, 03:53   

These were from neogaf. Here is one from Ogni-XR21 on neogaf and its amazing

06/03/12, 03:55   
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