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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii
9.03/10 from 69 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii!

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Alrighty everyone, the game is finally out in all primary regions.... IDreamofHime was the first to receive their copy here on the boards. This is the place to discuss it!!!

Welcome to the thread on Negative World where all wondrous Zelda talk can occur. I would recommend that if you wanna talk about deeper-game stuff as we get going, perhaps spoiler-tag it and then describe outside of spoilers where in the game it is. The recent Super Mario 3D Land Discussion Thread is a good example. That'll allow people who aren't too far to read the thread without actually spoiling stuff for them. Just try to be courteous but definitely have fun with the game and discussions!!

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If you've beaten the game, click on over to roykoopa64's Skyward Sword story/ ending discussion (SPOILERS), and general thoughts thread! It's like this thread part deux!!

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11/17/11, 19:54    Edited: 09/20/12, 03:19
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Or the evil cat I beat up and then threw off a cliff. This is not waggle.
11/21/11, 00:55   
Just started playing it, love the music!
11/21/11, 00:58   
Does skyloft music remind anyone of the calm animal crossing music?
11/21/11, 01:07   

Yea, the bird flying part, esp. when I was trying to collect the bird statue to win the race was underwhelming, imo. It took me alot longer than what I feel it should have. Plus, I feel that there was no way to lose that to the other 3 people Link was up against.

Yea, so far the music and the sword controls are really cool. I also agree with some reviews the game starts off slow, but that is to be expected. I mean, you have to learn about some of these characters and feel for them.

Only thing is, right before I went down to the main surface, I kept having npcs tell me to go to the bizaare to get some potions, ect. Well, I have no bottle and I did not feel like messing around Skyloft anymore, so I went down to the main surface and so far I am doing alright. I really do love the fact that I have to swing my sword in certain ways, even for the flower plants that want to kill me. I like that the game is making me think right off the bat!


I did the same thing with that cat! I am assuming this happened at night when you are following Fi and you meet that cat on the ledge of one of the cliffs. I think its cool we both did the same thing.

Edit: Has anyone taken the time to listen to the cd yet? I was just a tad bummed that it only includes 8 tracks. Oh well, better 8 than none, right?!
11/21/11, 02:12   
Edited: 11/21/11, 02:16
Just got to the first dungeon. Taking a break, and will keep on playing later tonight.

Started off slow like the last couple of Zelda games, which while unfortunate, was pretty much what I expected. Hopefully it picks up from here. The story has me pretty intrigued.

The music is fantastic!


Make that three of us. I wasn't sure what to do when it cowered, so I picked it up and saw it was still evil, so I threw it off the edge!
11/21/11, 02:15   
Edited: 11/21/11, 02:17
I just beat the second temple and I can say this is the best Zelda I've playd and I even loved twilight princess.. This story is amazing, so mysterious and so strong and full of emotion!
11/21/11, 02:42   

Yeah! Cause it stopped attacking so I was like, should I throw it off a cliff then? lol

And the soundtrack is a bummer at 8 tracks but it's still 45 minutes which is pretty solid. And I am in love with each track so far. Five starring them legitimately in iTunes. I've gotta listen to tracks 7 and 8 though but g'damn I love track 3... mmmm and 4!
11/21/11, 02:45   

Well, thats pretty cool that there is 45 mins worth of music. I'll make sure to take this with me tomorrow and listen to it in my car on the way to work.
11/21/11, 02:53   
I ran from the cat. Just didn't feel right hacking at it. The bats, however.... no mercy!
11/21/11, 03:08   
Ooof, 6 hour session. Haven't done that with a game in awhile.

So far, so very good. The game actually does quite a few things different from Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. It's refreshing. And the controls are pretty fantastic. Like others have said, I would prefer to not go back to buttons for controlling Link's sword, so Nintendo is just going to have to go ahead and let us use MotionPlus on Zelda Wii U.
11/21/11, 03:20   
Played a bit. Game starts out kind of slow, just like Twilight Princess, but I liked the little taste of swordfighting I got.

Glad to see the game is tackling the sensitive issue of abusive relationships, though. I hope Link manages to free himself from Zelda's constant insults and death threats. What good person would shove their spouse off a cliff?

Seriously, these two are going to end up on an episode of Cops.
11/21/11, 04:00   
I put 5 straight hours into the game so far, and had to pull myself away to make/eat dinner. Then probably go right back into it, lol.

This game is so far beyond what I expected. Never before in a Zelda game have I gone out of my way to fight every single enemy I see
11/21/11, 04:01   
Ummm... you should've went to the bazaar to get your potion even with "no bottle."
11/21/11, 04:09   

Yeah, two of the tracks are epic 10 minute movements.

I made it down "below"... and I love it. Engaging and mysterious and epic. I'm in love.
11/21/11, 04:41   
I just finished putting ten hours in to the game today. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow after work to get ready for my conference on Tuesday so I doubt I'll be able to play til Tuesday night and that's a shame because this game is amazing.. It sucked me in and I have to ignore it for a while now :(
11/21/11, 04:45   
Been on media blackout the whole time. Taking my time with the game and just entered the first dungeon. I've been loving every single second of it so far. The gameplay.....perfection.....
11/21/11, 04:49   
Just bought the game, played for maybe 10 minutes, then it was time for dinner. Now that dinner is over, back to the game!
11/21/11, 05:13   
@CPA Wei

I did and I was told without a bottle I couldn't have any potions until I returned with a bottle. So, what exactly do you mean. I talked to everyone there and no one gave me a bottle.

Edit: By the way, I have had no issues with the control, AT ALL! And I was also over at the Wii Lobby at IGN and no one else is having issues with the control.

So, the reviewer at Gamespot needs to be fired. Good thing I am not the guys boss, because when no other reviews mention it and so far no players are having issues, sounds like the guy is lying and if not, he should not be allowed to review games. Cause he really wnet on about the controls messing up alot.
11/21/11, 05:26   
Edited: 11/21/11, 05:29
Just getting the game was an adventure for me... though not fun. I called Walmart and asked if I could just stroll into the store at midnight and get it, the guy says "Yeah no problem man, I saw a whole case of the game back there already, just ask someone to get it for you."

Well, the people who were there at midnight couldn't find this box. Then they tell me the store across town has some, I go... No bundles. GAH! I was mad lol.

Anyway, I had to wait until 11am, but I got it, and spent 7 to 8 hours so far. I am taking my time, doing side quests, catching bugs, flying around and seeing all the cloud islands. I think I'm about to get to the 2nd temple, but it seems like getting to the temples ARE temples in themselves! Lots of puzzles!

I love the motion controls. I love the music. I love the art. I love the demon cats. I love the pumpkin bar, Beedle's airship, and my Loftwing (which... am I wrong or did it not tell me to name it? I don't even know if my bird has a name! )

This game is fantastic, and I can't wait until I get off work tomorrow to play some more!
11/21/11, 05:31   
There are some things that are bothering me, but they're so minute that I'm still thinking this might be my favorite Zelda ever so far.

1.) The lack of an on-screen map is a bit irritating, though granted, some of the areas are likely too intricate for an on-screen map. Still, I'm pressing + a LOT.
2.) Rolling things can be a little awkward. Glad I'm sitting in a chair and not on a couch, haha.
3.) Not sure what I think of dowsing and the applications it has had so far. To be fair, when the game has you find 3-5 things, those 3-5 things are puzzles, and not just excuses to explore a new area.
11/21/11, 05:42   
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