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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii
9.03/10 from 69 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii!

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Alrighty everyone, the game is finally out in all primary regions.... IDreamofHime was the first to receive their copy here on the boards. This is the place to discuss it!!!

Welcome to the thread on Negative World where all wondrous Zelda talk can occur. I would recommend that if you wanna talk about deeper-game stuff as we get going, perhaps spoiler-tag it and then describe outside of spoilers where in the game it is. The recent Super Mario 3D Land Discussion Thread is a good example. That'll allow people who aren't too far to read the thread without actually spoiling stuff for them. Just try to be courteous but definitely have fun with the game and discussions!!

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If you've beaten the game, click on over to roykoopa64's Skyward Sword story/ ending discussion (SPOILERS), and general thoughts thread! It's like this thread part deux!!

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11/17/11, 19:54   Edit:  09/20/12, 03:19
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@TheBigG753 I have today to play but I have to put it on hold on Monday and Tuesday, but the best part about teaching are holiday breaks, so I have six days off after Tuesday to really sink my teeth into the game.
11/20/11, 16:30

I decided to take the whole week off of work (we get Thurs-Fri off anyways). I had a ton of vacation days saved up, and since I haven't taken any significant time off in a while, I needed a good excuse to get away from it all for a week.

I'm visiting family Wed-Fri, so I'm going to go as far as I can today through Tuesday. I took my Wii on the road with me back in 2006 for Twilight Princess, but I won't be doing that this time. When I was in college, the whole staying up all night playing games worked for me, but I need my 8 hours of sleep a night anymore.
11/20/11, 16:39
@TheBigG753 yeah I know what you mean. I work at a high school and I have to be there at 650 am so that means 930 bed time....
11/20/11, 16:42
Just a heads up that Gametrailers has spoilers on its front page (you don't even have to click on the link to be spoiled... it's friggin in the video name!) so yeah... avoid going to Gametrailers for the time being if you don't want to be spoiled.
11/20/11, 17:38
@CPA Wei Those assholes...
11/20/11, 18:15

Alright guys, I'll be back in several, several hours.

EDIT: Gotta eat something first....
11/20/11, 19:31   Edit:  11/20/11, 19:42
One bloody hour left. XC
11/20/11, 19:53
Alright! Just got my SS bundle. I went ahead and splurged. I only have 1 Wiimote motion + and that is the only wiimote I own. So, I figured for only $20 more I get the gold wiimote which is a good deal. Well, gotta walk the dog and then when I get back, time to start playing this bad boy!

Hope everyone has a great time playing this new Zelda!
11/20/11, 20:00   Edit:  11/20/11, 20:00
I've only played two hours but this is definitely my GotY...

And I've played a LOT of great games this year.
11/20/11, 21:43
Went to K-Mart at 8 in the AM, actually FOUND the game, for once, resisted the bundle, and got a $20 coupon.


I've soldiered through the tutorial sections, thankfully. The main takeaways so far are that the music is awesome and the motion control combat is absolutely fucking amazing. Seriously, 100% accuracy for me, and it's so goddamned satisfying. It's a fantastic paradigm shift to go from button-mashy 100-hit combos to rewarding, measured swordplay. It's like Dark Souls Plus. Plus Plus. And much more refined than Wii Sports Resort.

Seriously, THIS game is what the Wii needed at launch (although that wasn't possible). It takes gaming in a new and awesome direction. We've been waiting so long for a true motion-control swordfighting epic, and here it is. If only we had brand-new types of fighting games, brawlers, etc. to go along with it.

Read these impressions with a grain of salt, since I've only just entered the first temple.

Did anyone else find the bird flying mechanic to be poorly explained?
11/20/11, 21:55   Edit:  11/20/11, 22:04
Any lefties play in this game? If so how does it control?I am waiting for my copy to come in the mail from Amazom
11/20/11, 22:00
I never understood the problem with lefties on the Wii. Shouldn't the dual independent hand thing be much more ambidextrous?

I haven't seen an option for left-handed players yet, though some of the options were hidden at the beginning of the game. Still not sure if you can lock the Z-targeting.
11/20/11, 22:06
Almost to the first dungeon already, this game is glorious! That first foresty area reminded me of Willy Wonka with those giant colorful mushrooms, haha. Nutso. I cranked up my saturation on my tv because the colors were a little washed out, it's taking some getting used to since the dark dark Twilight Princess.
11/20/11, 22:07   Edit:  11/20/11, 22:14
Beat the first dungeon. Story seems amazing so far. The game is fantastic.. Looking for upgrade items now. I love the upgrade system. I keep my vague so I have no tempting spoiler tags..
11/20/11, 22:46
I concur with Anand, the best things about the game so far are the music and controls. Swinging the sword is very accurate, and doesn't require any sweeping motions, just a quick directional flick. The only controls I struggled with a bit was the flying section, but I got used to it quickly when I realized you rise quickly if you flick up on the wii remote. Is it possible to shoot z-targeted enemies with the slingshot? Couldn't get that to work.

I really like how involved Zelda is in the story and the adventure, it seems. Just about to head into the first dungeon.
11/20/11, 23:27   Edit:  11/20/11, 23:27
I still don't have it! Probably tomorrow. I hope they have the special edition at K-Mart when I get there, I decided that it makes the most sense to get that version as I only have 1 Wii Motion + and I still believe that Wii U will be using Wii Motion + a lot. Plus I hate the attachment, would rather just have it all in one controller.
11/20/11, 23:40
gtarrant said:
Any lefties play in this game? If so how does it control?I am waiting for my copy to come in the mail from Amazom

I am left handed and I have no complaints what so ever.
People whining about the controls must be doing something wrong because so far everything works flawlessly,even the nunchuck shield controls.
I would have to say though that the game doesn't seem to detect smaller motions well,if I try to only use my wrist for different slices it mostly only does a stab,so I couldn't play for as long as I would have liked.
11/20/11, 23:50   Edit:  11/20/11, 23:56
Being called master does not get old.
11/21/11, 00:30

Enjoying myself so far... I'm in love with this little love story between Link and Zelda. It's so apparent.
11/21/11, 00:37
I'm loving it so far. I just finished the first dungeon. Anybody who passes on this game because they don't like "waggle" needs to fight the first boss, or some skulltulas.
11/21/11, 00:41
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