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Will the Wii U come packaged with a game? [poll]
Yes (26/29 votes)
No (1/29 vote)
Maybe, depending on... (2/29 votes)
So it's no secret that Wii Sports is what helped push the Wii into the masses. It seems like to convince people besides the most die hard of Nintendo fans, having another packed in game might help.

Do you all think there's a Wii U Sports in the works or something like it?

Maybe, depending on... (pst.. tell us what!)

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Posted: 06/08/11, 18:23:48  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/11, 18:45:40
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Yea, there'll be something. Might just come loaded onto the system like Face Raiders rather than a disc like Wii Sports.
Posted: 06/08/11, 18:24:42
It should come with a game that is more polished than Wii Sports is.
Posted: 06/08/11, 18:28:21
Yes, something like Wii Sports to show it off...

Or some kind of software pre-loaded on the system like the AR games, Face Raiders, Find Mii, etc. on the 3DS.
Posted: 06/08/11, 18:31:39
Its coming with an expensive price tag. There's just no way around it. With the price tag comes free games. In a previous thread, I said that I hope it comes with that Chase Me game. It looks crazy fun.
Posted: 06/08/11, 18:40:00
It'll either be a collection of Mii based games, ala Chase Mii and Battle Mii, or a full New Super Mario Brothers Mii. I'm hoping for the latter. It's been too long since Nintendo packaged a Mario game with a system launch.
Posted: 06/08/11, 20:12:08
I think it will almost definitely be like the 3DS where a handful of smaller games come preloaded. It is clear that Nintendo isn't using the games as a "OMG WHAT A VALUE FREE GAMES!" thing (although that exists as well) but more as a way to immediately demonstrate the unique functionality of their machines. It doesn't take a full retail product to do that, so I think they will save the retail products for retail. Especially now that they know people will buy up stuff like Wii Sports (Resort) in the multi-millions.
Posted: 06/08/11, 20:46:21
Yes, pack-ins = more sales and Nintendo knows this.
Posted: 06/08/11, 20:53:33
Yep. A suite of games that contains the concepts that they showed in the conference.
Posted: 06/08/11, 21:00:34
Posted: 06/08/11, 21:13:16

Nintendo will cook up something creative to help sell the concept/hardware.
Posted: 06/08/11, 21:13:31
Considering the Wii was a huge success in large part due to Wii Sports, and the Wii's success encouraging other companies to start packaging games with their systems again, I would be honestly surprised if Nintendo didn't package anything with the Wii U. It would go against the lesson that seemingly everyone has learned over the past generation.
Posted: 06/09/11, 00:12:43
I think it'll come packaged with a casual game.
Posted: 06/09/11, 01:16:04
I would at the 3DS. It won't come with a Wii Sports, but will have several value-add programs installed.
Posted: 06/10/11, 05:41:17
The only thing I would say is 'maybe' because the system might be expensive already. But, they could include a game depending on the price.
Posted: 06/12/11, 18:13:13
With the rampant success of Wii Sports I'd be shocked if it didn't. I'm sure it will be a universally appealing game that showcases how the tablet controller works and integrates with the console.

I'm actually really interested to see what Nintendo comes up with for a pack in.
Posted: 06/12/11, 21:20:43
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