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YOUR 2021 Switch Year In Review!! [roundtable]
Have you guys done this yet?

Let's share our stats!

Here are mine:

2021 Year In Review

Games played 2021: 190 (!) - probably a ton of library games for < 1 hour
Games played 2020: 131

Hours played 2021: 415
Games played 2020: 427

Most played games:

1) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 37 Hours - The local multiplayer gift that keeps on giving. What an awesome game, man.

2) Spelunky - 35 Hours - I haven't even started Spelunky 2 on Switch yet! I got sucked back into the creamy goodness of the OG.

3) The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ - And this is only after the release of the Repentance DLC! Which is awesome, btw. Freakin' tons of new variations and fully functional co-op multiplayer!

Month With Most Playtime: November - 71

2021 Docked/Handheld Hours/Percentage:

179 Hrs Docked / 43% Docked (A huge chunk of that is probably local multiplayer)

236 Hrs Handheld / 57% Handheld (OLED, baby!)

Preferred Mode of Play in 2020: Handheld, natch!

Nintendo Points 2021: ...No comment. (Holy fuuuck, how much did I buyyy?)

Favorite Game 2021: Had to give it to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ w/ Repentance DLC - A single-player game which you could conceivably play forever. I still don't remember what half of the power-ups do! Freaking awesome game. The gameplay is as varied as the style is repellant. But it's absolutely worth it to push through!

Notes/Notable Absences:
Spelunky 2 - Played some on PS4, but still luxuriating in the original Spelunky on Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise - I barely played this game! It's cool, but I was kind of waiting to play through it with my nephews. And then we just played Smash!

Metroid Samus Returns - I played through it for the first time. Seems like 3DS games are not included in the playtime tally. Because it was looong.

Metroid Dread - I also beat this one. I guess it didn't take me very long?

Mario Golf: Super Rush - I played this one quite a bit, too. Campaign and a bunch of Ranked Mode to unlock shit.

I've realized once again that novelty is such a huge factor for me. Even if a game like Spelunky or Monster Hunter or Shiren The Wanderer or Mr. Driller or Animal Crossing absolutely blows me away, I'm much, much less likely to obsess over the sequel.

Anyway, post your stats and reflections!

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12/26/21, 22:10   Edit:  12/26/21, 22:13
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188 total hours. Top 3 games were WarioWare at 26 hours, Final Fantasy VII at 24 hours, and Super Mario 3D Allstars at 17 hours (mostly Sunshine, I think).

Favorite game was Bowser's Fury! With Metroid Dread close behind. Two short games.

I got Monster Hunter but barely touched it. Same goes for Pokemon Snap and Monkey Ball.

I played a lot of older stuff this year. Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy VII. I played through Tropical Freeze again and got all the KONG letters, and I have a newfound appreciation for it.

I played a ton of Spelunky 2 on PS4 too.
12/26/21, 22:54
46 games (45 last year, consistency!)
727 hours (1323 hours last year, what?)

Most played:
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (213 hours, how?! I know my bro played on my account too but still, how?!)
Monster Hunter Rise (82 hours)
Fire Emblem: Three Houses (59 hours, and I'm still only like 2/3 through?!)

Last year (Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 642 hours, yeahhhhhh)

Your most active day was Monday, March 29th where you clocked 21 hours of play (MONSTER HUNTER RISE.) Ok uh, what happened there? I don't think it records time while in sleep mode or my numbers would all be way higher (I leave games in sleep mode almost constantly) but there is no way I played 21 hours of Monster Hunter in a single day lol.

376 hours docked / 351 hours handheld, almost 50 / 50 there!

Anand said:
Monster Hunter Rise - I barely played this game! It's cool, but I was kind of waiting to play through it with my nephews. And then we just played Smash!
You're a big part of what got me into this series! And I kept waiting for you to show up, but you never did!

12/26/21, 23:52   Edit:  12/26/21, 23:58

Sad I only played 37 hours of Smash this year :(


And that's with Ace Attorney and Picross being two very portable-friendly games...
Just not a handheld Switch player really.
12/27/21, 00:50   Edit:  12/27/21, 00:52
Zero said:

You're a big part of what got me into this series! And I kept waiting for you to show up, but you never did!


I know! I'm such a deadbeat. I bought the game on release, decided to wait until the ending was patched in, and then literally just kind of forgot that it existed, for some reason...

How many NWers play(ed) Rise online, anyway?
12/27/21, 02:40   Edit:  12/27/21, 02:41
@Anand A bunch! Mop it Up and Pokepal especially played a ton, and a few others. We had some good groups sometimes.
12/27/21, 02:57
Games played 2021: 11
Games played 2020: 10 (consistency!)

Hours played 2021: 424
Games played 2020: 1422 (no Animal Crossing in 2021, and all of those idle hours w/ my island open to visitors! )

Most played games:

1) Ring Fit Adventure - 177 hours - Gettin' ripped!

2) Monster Hunter Rise - 121 hours - Definitely my obsession in March/April like AC was last year.

3) Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ - Nintendo Switch Online - 41 hours - DKC2 and Super Metroid replay, mainly.

Month With Most Playtime: April - 132 - Monster Hunter!

333 hours docked / 91 hours tabletop - The latter is almost all Ring Fit, as after I moved to my new place, I no longer exercise in the same room as the TV (I play docked at the office when I bring my Switch in, and use my 2nd monitor).

List of games played (with my favorite highlighted!):

12/29/21, 19:42   Edit:  12/29/21, 19:43
Does Ring Fit work well in Tabletop? I've never tried it.
12/29/21, 21:56
@Anand I found it unusable. It’s just too hard to see what’s going on, at least for me.

Long story short, I put something like 120 hours into Dragon Quest XI S. Second most played was the SNES app at 60 hours, and Pac-Man 99 at 31 hours. 202 hours into TV/docked, with 300 into handheld play. Most active day was in May when we played Famicom Detective Club all day.
12/29/21, 23:48

I've played it so much at this point that I don't really need to look at the screen much anymore. I don't know that it's the ideal option from the start, but it works fine enough I think.
12/30/21, 00:22
I’m not sure how to post pics from Twitter into Negative World. But here are the stats:

In 2021, I played 45 games. (Last year I played 55)

Total hours played in 2021: 280. (Last year I logged in 320)

Most played games in 2021: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Pokémon Unite.

Time played in TV mode: 3 hours. Time played in handheld mode: 270 hours.

Maybe I’ll post photos when I figure out how to do that, haha.

EDIT: Now with pics!

12/30/21, 23:26   Edit:  01/02/22, 18:15
GameDadGrant said:
Time played in TV mode: 3 hours. Time played in handheld mode: 270 hours.
12/31/21, 00:25   Edit:  12/31/21, 00:25

…though, now that you mention it? The math actually doesn’t add up. The website says my total hours played this year is 280. But 3 in TV mode and 270 in handheld mode is only 273 hours. Where are they pulling those extra 7 hours from in my grand total for the year?
12/31/21, 00:30
GameDadGrant said:

Time played in TV mode: 3 hours.
Uh oh, somebody's been caught cheating on handheld mode!
01/01/22, 16:05
Last year this showed a top five, but now it's only top three? Bummer.

No surprises in mine which shows my top three as:

Monster Hunter Rise
Plants Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville
Super Mario Bros. 35

I liked SMB 35 more than I expected so I played it regularly up until it was disabled.

However, whatever method they're using to compile these stats appears to be inaccurate, at least for me. Based on the hours shown here and what's logged on my actual system, I know that at least Super Mario 3D World should be in the second slot. Not sure what's going on there.
01/01/22, 20:56
TheBigG753 said:
Uh oh, somebody's been caught cheating on handheld mode!

It's only when I play with my kids in either Smash or Carnival Games! I swear!

Also, I mistyped my handheld hours before...I actually put in 276 hours in that mode. Not 270. That still leaves a mysterious extra hour put in over the course of 2021. Hmmm.
01/02/22, 18:12   Edit:  01/02/22, 18:12
That could just be a statistical anomaly. Phew! I was worried for a sec...
01/02/22, 19:17
A new year means I take another look at my order of most-played games on the Switch! First up is the top 24, but at this point less and less tends to change with this list, so for the first time I'm including a second image of numbers 25-48, which has some more movers and shakers!

And the next 24:

Since the edge game icons can be a bit tough to recognise, here is a text list:

1. Super Mario Maker 2
2. Paladins: Champions of the Realm
3. Splatoon 2
4. Animal Crossing New Horizons
5. Fortnite
6. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
7. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition
8. Sega Genesis Classics
9. Monster Hunter Rise
10. Super Mario Odyssey
11. Diablo III
12. Super Mario Bros. 35
13. Pokémon Shield
14. SNES Online
15. Super Mario 3D World
16. Luigi's Mansion 3
17. Super Kirby Clash
18. Rune Factory 4
19. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
20. Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
21. Stardew Valley
22. DooM
23. NES Online
24. Dragon Quest Builders 2
25. Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - GOLD
26. Overwatch
27. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
28. Minecraft
29. Risk of Rain 2
30. N64 Online
31. Terraria
32. Tetris 99
33. Paper Mario: The Origami King
34. Spyro Reignited Trilogy
35. Portal Knights
36. Pokémon Unite
37. World of Final Fantasy Maxima
38. Crash Team Racing Nirto-Fueled
39. Super Mario Party
40. Rocket League
41. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
42. Tumblestone
43. Lego Worlds
44. Sonic Mania Plus
45. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
46. PixelJunk Monsters 2
47. Duke Nukem 3D World Tour
48. Nine Parchments
49. Contra Rogue Corps.
50. DooM II

I threw two extra to make it an even 50.
01/04/22, 00:58   Edit:  01/04/22, 01:00
@Mop it up
Interesting! This method probably wouldn't work for me, though, due to having multiple Switches. I think that messes up the stats.

Also, you are definitely the NW record-holder for Most Hours Played of Snack World.
01/06/22, 17:37
@Mop it up

Ah, so you're the other person that bought Contra: Rogue Corps.! LOL

That game is a weird take on the Contra franchise.
01/07/22, 19:51
@Anand I'm unclear, is this a good or bad distinction, ha ha? Does anyone else here even have Snack World? Do people consider it a good or bad game?

@GameDadGrant Does this mean you also have Contra Rogue Corps.? Finally someone else! It did seem like a strange decision to bring back the Contra name with a game that isn't like the original ones, but I don't think it'd a bad game on its own merits. The graphics are ugly as brooms but it's a fun enough co-op shooter.
01/16/22, 19:46
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