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2022/05/11 Indie World impressions!! [roundtable]
Let's just copy and paste a rundown...

Some kind of AC-like life sim?

Hype level 3/10. Cute, but I need action!

Batora: Lost Haven
Diablo with talky bits?

Hype level 5/10. Team 17 is pretty reliable.

One-Man electrical power-driven Puzzle Platformer!

Hype level 9/10. Looks painfully clever. This is my kind of shit!

Rhythm-based multiplayer Diablo!

Hype level 8/10. Also clever! Even though the music is CheesyPop, or HyperPop, or whatevs, this is a great idea. Like a real-time Crypt of the Necrodancer. Comes out today!

Roguelike deck-builder!

Hype level 5/10. This is NOT a novel idea, so the execution had better be good!

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Goofy physics-based Age of Empires!

Hype level 8/10. I've always wanted to play this game. It looks hilarious. Multiplayer sounds fun, too.

Noir 2D Action with an umbrella that allows you to glide, block bullets, etc. With a weird supernatural twist?

Hype level 9/10. Right in the ol' wheelhouse. 2D action, weird locomotion mechanics. I'm all over it!

We Are OFK
Episodic autobiographical narrative about a band?

Hype level 2/10. Right out of the ol' wheelhouse. No action, all talky talky. Bleah. The art-style and focus on the music industry are neat, but no thanks.

Black and white underwater exploration game?

Hype level 4/10. Framey. And nobody likes underwater levels!

Mini Motorways
Traffic Design Simulator. Out today!

Hype level 7/10. Looks neat, nice style.

Wayward Strand
Adventure mystery game set in a... floating hospital?

Hype level 3/10. Cool setting, interesting mechanics, but no actiooon.

Cult of the Lamb
Village/Dungeon/Cult sim?

Hype level 7/10. Intriguingly nutty! But will it be fun?

Another Crab's Treasure
Underwater crab souls-like from the Going Under devs.

Hype level 7/10. Funny premise! And animations! But how smooth will it be...?

One Shot: World Machine Edition
Pixel RPG? Any action?

Hype level 7/10. Can't figure out the gameplay, but the publisher is reliable.

Gibbon: Beyond The Trees
2D ape simulator with smooth, flowing animation.

Hype level 10/10. Damn, this looks amazing. Could it possibly be as fun as it looks? Out today!

Idol Manager

Hype level 2/10. Looks pretty slick, but I don't have much desire to play it.

Card Shark
Cheating simulator!

Hype level 6/10. Intriguingly weird and novel! But how long can they keep it fun? Demo today!

Cursed to Golf
Golf platforming roguelike!

Hype level 9/10. From Giles Goddard's company! I already knew about this game, but it looks super-fun.

A Guidebook of Babel
Branching time-travel adventure game?

Hype level 3/10. Neat idea, but not enough murder.

OPUS: Echo of Starsong

Hype level 2/10. Framey!

Wow, that took a long-ass time. Overall, it wasn't the best or worst Indie World. But it was immaculately presented, as always. With a decent mix of games. As usual, most of the games looked fun to me.

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05/11/22, 20:30
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