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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 09 - Kid Icarus [community]
Gui came down with a case of Lazy Bum so he asked me to make this thread while he recovers. Wish him well!

The following brave centurions have sworn to fight and die (mostly die) in the service of great Palutena:

Only one mighty warrior has served a tour in the Underworld and was man enough to re-enlist. They call him @anon_mastermind!

And special thanks to @kriswright for his excellent survival guide! Check it out if you want to keep your death count under four digits!

Add the game to your collection, start it, and discuss your experience!

List of Awesome
This list is reserved for people who have played the game. Seriously, that's it! Just play it and yuk it up with us and you'll be awesome! We're not desperate for participants or anything!
@CPA Wei

List of Awesomer
Playing the game is okay, but beat the game to be even awesomer!
@nate38 - Score: 255200 - Time: 5 hours, 0 minutes
@Shadowlink - Score: 428400 - Time: 7 hours, 17 minutes
@CPA Wei
@sirmastersephiroth - Score: 244700 - Time: 1 hour, 47 minutes
@kriswright - Score: 699600
@Mr_Mustache - Score: 734300
@Guillaume - Score: 610000 - Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes
@roykoopa64 - Time: 2 hours, 49 minutes

Also, don't forget you can pre-order Kid Icarus: Uprising from participating retailers in the U.S. to get 3D Classics: Kid Icarus for free! That way, you can participate in this month's Retro Game Club! I recommend Amazon.com, as you can get release-day shipping for just a buck! A BUCK! It's madness!

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03/07/12, 01:57    Edited: 05/23/12, 05:36
When's uprising release? I plan on preordering it to get the classic version of the game for 3ds and I have to wait til Friday when I get another paycheck, I'll preorder through amazon.
03/07/12, 02:03   
@Scrawnton Uprising comes out in the US on March 23rd, two weeks and three days from today.
03/07/12, 02:05   
Crap! I guess I'm in this. I GOTTA finish "Kirby's A" though first.
03/07/12, 02:06   
@nate38 is it bad if I wait till that day to play kid Icarus for the game club?
03/07/12, 02:10   
@Scrawnton Nope, play whenever you want. I kinda figured some would wait until then to start, so that's no problem. In the meantime, one or two of us will probably get started.

Speaking of, HELP. I got started and am struggling a bit, as expected...I just finished some kind of "training" room in 1-3, which item should I grab? One is an arrow powerup (I already have one), another is an item that "defends Pit from enemy attacks" according to the Operations Guide, and the other is some kind of flame with an F on it, which isn't in the guide.
03/07/12, 03:01   
Edited: 03/07/12, 03:07
Will finish this week's Path of Radiance homework, then I'll get busy on this.

Thanks for making the thread, Nate!
03/07/12, 05:47   
I'm in, I've beaten this game a dozen times, one of my all-time favorites.

The "F" is flaming arrows, I'm not sure what item you're talking about for defense... unless it's the magic rod, that will cause a couple little shields to spin around you.
03/07/12, 05:52   
Edited: 03/07/12, 06:00
@deathly_hallows That's probably what that item was. I ended up taking the bow, which I guess lets you shoot long arrows but doesn't activate until you fill up on health? That's what seemed to happen for me.

Anyway, I struggled through the first Temple or Dungeon or whatever and have made it to 2-3 now. The going is a lot easier now that I have two arrow upgrades, a long bow, and four health thingers. I still get impatient and jump off edges on occasion, but I've got plenty of hearts to buy feathers and such with, so I'll probably stock up.

This is definitely a strange game. Mustache face enemies? WTF! And damn those eggplant wizards...if they hit me in the dungeon, I just suicided instead of backtracking all the way to that healing room to be able to attack again. I got pretty pissed off when one of those thief enemies took my long arrows too, but those semi-permanent quirks are kind of interesting to consider in that era.The ability to free centurions is interesting too, but they didn't seem all that helpful against the boss.

Anyway, it's fun. The controls are just slippery enough that it throws me off every now and then, but I'm mostly accustomed to it now. It's definitely a weird experience to take in, not especially thrilling me now, but it's cool to play an old-school Nintendo adventure where I really don't know what to expect at all.
03/07/12, 06:48   
I remember defensive items being mostly useless. Get the barrel for more health if you can.
03/07/12, 06:49   
Oh yeah I did get that...what does it do? It seems to have replaced the bottle I bought...
03/07/12, 06:50   
Lets you carry more bottles, I think.
03/07/12, 06:51   
You can carry 8 health potions instead of one. *i think*

Backtracking as the eggplant is the craziest part of the game, it can be really annoying, but I still love it, screaming at the screen and all.
03/07/12, 06:55   
Edited: 03/07/12, 06:58
Oh, that makes sense then, because I wasn't able to buy any more barrels but could still get bottles.

It's weird that the Operations Guide only has details on, like, HALF of the items.
03/07/12, 06:59   
You think that's hard I have this games on GBA cart and it's all in Japanese!

Anyway check this out if you need more info on the items.
03/07/12, 07:03   
Edited: 03/07/12, 07:04
I am playing the 3D classics version at the moment, does that count? If so add me to the list.
03/07/12, 11:19   
Edited: 03/07/12, 13:06
warerare said:
I am playing the 3D classics version at the moment, does that count? If so add me too the list.

-When I grow up, I'm gonna be an European too!
03/07/12, 12:02   
Officially grabbed Kid Icarus out of the "box in the basement," and pulled out Kung Fu, too. Weird, because I was just in there on Sunday night pulling out Kirby's Adventure. I could've done all of this in one trip!
03/07/12, 12:40   
Damn this game is frustrating, I like it though, I think.
03/07/12, 13:03   
Mmm, y'all have fun with this one. I still have to do Actraiser though, so I can actually catch up now.
03/07/12, 16:00   

Bump the thread once you're caught up!
03/07/12, 16:13   
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