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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 09 - Kid Icarus [community]
Gui came down with a case of Lazy Bum so he asked me to make this thread while he recovers. Wish him well!

The following brave centurions have sworn to fight and die (mostly die) in the service of great Palutena:

Only one mighty warrior has served a tour in the Underworld and was man enough to re-enlist. They call him @anon_mastermind!

And special thanks to @kriswright for his excellent survival guide! Check it out if you want to keep your death count under four digits!

Add the game to your collection, start it, and discuss your experience!

List of Awesome
This list is reserved for people who have played the game. Seriously, that's it! Just play it and yuk it up with us and you'll be awesome! We're not desperate for participants or anything!
@CPA Wei

List of Awesomer
Playing the game is okay, but beat the game to be even awesomer!
@nate38 - Score: 255200 - Time: 5 hours, 0 minutes
@Shadowlink - Score: 428400 - Time: 7 hours, 17 minutes
@CPA Wei
@sirmastersephiroth - Score: 244700 - Time: 1 hour, 47 minutes
@kriswright - Score: 699600
@Mr_Mustache - Score: 734300
@Guillaume - Score: 610000 - Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes
@roykoopa64 - Time: 2 hours, 49 minutes

Also, don't forget you can pre-order Kid Icarus: Uprising from participating retailers in the U.S. to get 3D Classics: Kid Icarus for free! That way, you can participate in this month's Retro Game Club! I recommend Amazon.com, as you can get release-day shipping for just a buck! A BUCK! It's madness!

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03/07/12, 01:57    Edited: 05/23/12, 05:36
Man, I love Kung Fu. Why is that game so satisfying? My guess is: the sound effects.

I love Kid Icarus, too. If it weren't for the infamous difficulty curve (the first three levels are far more difficult than the rest of the game), I think it would have a much better and more consistent reputation with gamers. Yep. The theme music is beautiful. And the game itself is a pretty unique hybrid of Metroid, Zelda, and Mario. Plus, you've got the vertical scrolling with the horizontal wraparound. How many other games feature that? I feel like there are a couple, but can't recall them.

Say, do you guys remember Iggy's Recking Balls?
03/07/12, 16:50   
My mom used to LOVE this game when it came out. She was probably about 44 years old then - about one (soon to be two) years younger than I am now (45).
Man I feel old now.

I'll probably pass on this one since I really need to catch up on a bunch of other games in my backlog that I've been ignoring for too long. Have fun though guys!
03/07/12, 19:36   
How the heck did I miss this thread?!
03/09/12, 17:41   
I meant to play this yesterday but I became obsessed with medaling stuff in Rhythm Heaven Fever

Will play some this weekend.
03/09/12, 18:22   
Wow, 3-2 is SUPER annoying without a long arrow. Those damn grim reapers on their tiny platforms...stupid thieves, always stealing my long arrows right after I buy them.
03/10/12, 00:24   
So... what is the pricing scheme for the upcoming 3D version? Will it be about the same as the Wii NES game? A buck more maybe? If so maybe I'll just wait on it.
03/10/12, 00:26   
You get it for free if you preorder Kid Icarus Uprising from Best Buy Amazon or Gamestop. It'll probably go up on the shop for 6 or 7 bucks.
03/10/12, 05:26   
Total score: 255200 (or at least that's what my score is in the after-credits loop back to the beginning of the game)
Final time: Five hours exactly, according to the Wii message board.

All in all...it's an interesting game. The extra RPG-ish elements are a neat idea, but I think they mostly just add more frustration than customization or depth. It almost seems like a requirement that you power up your arrows at least a couple times just to make the game beatable, and if you get past the second temple and aren't beefed up pretty well, the third dungeon is going to be hell. Plus the abilities seem to get dropped and added almost at random...is it normal to lose your long arrow automatically upon entering a dungeon? (Also, make a map for that one. I got through the first two on memorization alone, but the third one is pretty damn big, with a lot of one-way drops that will take you off the pass to the boss)

Speaking of the third dungeon, there was one RIDICULOUSLY frustrating eggplant wizard who seemed to tag me every time I dropped into his room, before it was possible to react, requiring me to trek all the way to the hospital every single time (and this is AFTER heading to the hot spring every time because I only start with two health bars). This and a few other cheap enemy placements make the the old-school difficulty more frustrating than it could have been with just a few enemy placement changes.

I'm glad I played it before Uprising came out, though. Sakurai seems to have packed a lot of nostalgic elements into the reboot, so now I'll be in on the jokes.
03/10/12, 05:49   
Edited: 03/10/12, 05:55
I was a little worried that I would have trouble playing both this AND FE (plus do the 1001 other things on my to-do list). But seeing Warerare's post I was reminded that Nintendo are geographically challenged, and thus like to pretend that Australia is part of Europe.

So I poked around Club Nintendo, registered a couple of games that I was WAY too lazy to do before, and boom. KI 3D download code is on its way. The minute I have it, I'll be able to play KI during my commute to work.

Excellent stuff.
03/11/12, 03:49   
Played it a couple of times when I was a kid. Reached the end of the underworld end got to around halfway of the overworld. You know, the plain stages that look like deserts and have this awesome music.

I have never understood why would they make the game's difficulty from Harder to Easier, instead of from Easier to Harder.
03/11/12, 04:05   
@HammerLord You know, I didn't find the third world any easier than the first. Maybe I was underequipped, or maybe I've blocked the trauma of 1-3, but I seem to recall having more trouble near the end of the game than the beginning.

World 2 was pretty cake, though. At least, comparatively.
03/11/12, 04:28   
I haven't joined in because I'm waiting on the 3D Classic version, but like I told @HammerLord in another thread, I would suggest something many people don't do. Just plow through the game and forget to stock up on hearts. Buy whatever you need if you have the money; don't actually save for much stuff. You'll have more fun this way and you'll still level up at the end of the levels. Having said that, DO stock up on hammers and save centurions in the palaces. They will help you a lot with the bosses (not so much with the first one).

By the way, how come some of you already have the 3D Classics version?
03/12/12, 21:53   
We got it free about a month ago in Europe for registering two 3DS games on club nintendo during December
03/12/12, 22:07   
@warerare Europe wins again.

So...what's different about it?
03/12/12, 22:13   
Edited: 03/12/12, 22:13

There's a trailer for it on the eShop that shows the game using different backgrounds. Looks nice in 3D but not worth repurchasing it I'd say. Well for Canadians anyway... we don't get it with Uprising
03/12/12, 22:15   

Australia too

Wish I'd known earlier I could have had it last year (where's my email notifications Nintendo?). Still waiting for Nintendo to send me my DL code though, but I should get it some time this week hopefully.
03/12/12, 23:06   
I guess the little lady doesn't care about beating Kirby (at this point), so I suppose I'll be starting this puppy soon enough.

But not tonight.
03/12/12, 23:30   
Just placed my preorder for the game. I don't know why I held off til now because I always knew I'd get it at launch.
03/12/12, 23:37   
I wonder if women hate being called little ladies. I'd be pissed if my significant other calls me her "Little Man."
03/12/12, 23:37   

I didn't get my download code so I emailed Nintendo to complain, they apologised and sent me a code. Took a few weeks though
03/13/12, 00:10   
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