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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 07 - Metroid II: Return of Samus [community]

By popular demand!

Metroid II is often overlooked in this classic series. With its younger prodigy of a brother Metroid "Super" 3 hogging all the attention, Metroid II has at least turned up a bit better in many ways than the first in the line thanks to more detailed sprites and the ability to kneel and shoot diminutive enemies. However, the lack of a map and of any color at all seems to be a bit too much to swallow for the same crowd who find the corridors of the first game a little too samey to be fun.

Yet despite the game being overlooked, its story is incredibly important in the Metroid mythos. The ending directly set up Super Metroid, after all. And Metroid Fusion. And Metroid: Other M. Not bad, for a portable title. Especially since it remains rare to this day to see a portable entry in an established series be treated as a full-blown chapter of it instead of a side game.

So let's all play Metroid II, now available on the eShop, and discover a classic.

Why not add Metroid II to your collection, and indicate you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!

List of Awesome
Complete the game.


List of Awesomer
Complete the game with 100% of items

List of Awesomest
Complete the game with 100% of items under 3 hours


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01/02/12, 20:51    Edited: 05/26/13, 23:07

Missile and tank count, I guess?
01/06/12, 16:56   

Just under 5 hours, eh? Was this your first time through the game, or have you played it before?
01/06/12, 22:08   

First time.


What's the maximum supposed to be? I assume I got all energy tanks because my gauge looked pretty full. 5 tanks I believe. Missile count was at 220. That's an odd number, I probably missed a few of those.
01/06/12, 23:01   

Just under 5 hours ain't bad for your first run. Nice job.

And yeah, 5 tanks is the maximum Samus can have in this game. There *are* actually SIX tanks in the game, but if you have 5 already, the 6th one will just be an energy refill for the ones you have.

And yeah, you missed a few Missile Upgrades. There are 250 altogether. So... I guess you only missed three tanks. That's not bad! Good work, sir!
01/06/12, 23:15   

Is it just me or are the expansions not all that hard to find in this game? Especially compared to the ever brilliant ZM and Fusion.

Many of the secrets are either blindingly obvious, or repeats of previous areas. Like the bombable section in front of each and every Chozo statue. Not to mention those rooms that have like 3 or 4 missile upgrades all together...

I might bust out a walkthrough and go for a speedrun. Just to get my name on that list up there. It ain't cheating if I've beaten the game before!

(Just lazy)
01/06/12, 23:44   

Yeah, I think the expansions are fairly easy to come by - so long as you take the (minimal) time to look. Especially the Missile expansions. But considering how important those are to the core game, I think it's understandable why they are maybe not-so-well-hidden.
01/06/12, 23:54   

That irked me too. The complete and utter ineffectiveness of the Ice beam on Metroids (apart from the ones at the end). I understand why they did it from a gameplay perspective, but it flies in the face of what we know of the Metroids one great weakness.
01/07/12, 00:11   
I'm sorry for sucking at this, Tim. There, you're on the list.
01/21/12, 06:05   
Good job, everyo--

Oh... ShadowLink, way to stick with it, dude.
01/21/12, 06:07   
I'm a bit further now. Less than 20 Metroids less. It's definitely the most linear of Metroids though and makes great use of artificial barriers and less so on Samus' traveling abilities.

That said Metroid hunting is interesting and there were a few occasions with some well-hidden paths with nothing to go on except for the Metroid larvae shell.
02/06/12, 07:13   
Better a year and a half late than never!
05/26/13, 07:33   

You just HAD to get your name on the better list, didn't you?
05/26/13, 07:42   
GameDadGrant said:
Played it on my GBA SP. Game is still fun, despite its age.

My name never got on the list above. Hmph.
05/26/13, 23:01   
Guillaume said:
I'm sorry for sucking at this, (Grant). There, you're on the list.
05/26/13, 23:07   
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