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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 07 - Metroid II: Return of Samus [community]

By popular demand!

Metroid II is often overlooked in this classic series. With its younger prodigy of a brother Metroid "Super" 3 hogging all the attention, Metroid II has at least turned up a bit better in many ways than the first in the line thanks to more detailed sprites and the ability to kneel and shoot diminutive enemies. However, the lack of a map and of any color at all seems to be a bit too much to swallow for the same crowd who find the corridors of the first game a little too samey to be fun.

Yet despite the game being overlooked, its story is incredibly important in the Metroid mythos. The ending directly set up Super Metroid, after all. And Metroid Fusion. And Metroid: Other M. Not bad, for a portable title. Especially since it remains rare to this day to see a portable entry in an established series be treated as a full-blown chapter of it instead of a side game.

So let's all play Metroid II, now available on the eShop, and discover a classic.

Why not add Metroid II to your collection, and indicate you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!

List of Awesome
Complete the game.


List of Awesomer
Complete the game with 100% of items

List of Awesomest
Complete the game with 100% of items under 3 hours


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01/02/12, 20:51    Edited: 05/26/13, 23:07

Poor Dragon Warrior 3
01/03/12, 01:29   

Bah, I forgot! I gotta finish 2 yet..

For me (and anyone else who is curious) - Active things I have going that I need to finish:
- NCAA 2005 Roster project (to be followed by season upon season. That'll be FUN though.)
- Madden 2005 Franchise (played with other folks, in conjunction with the NCAA game)

- Okami Club (40 hours deep..)
- Skyward Sword (yet to be started)
- Dragon Warrior II (followed by III, and then IV)
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance (followed by many games to be played with Mrs_Mustache, ie: Kirby stuff, DKC, etc.)

- Animal Crossing (daily play)
- Monster Hunter Tri (weekly nights here)
- Wii Madden (weekly play, as well as league play)

I should finish these:
- Mega Man 9 (Wily's castle stuff)
- Metroid Prime 3
- Rune Factory Frontier
- Dokapon Kingdom (almost done with my playthrough)
- Ghostbusters

Yet to play:
- Illusion of Gaia
- Skyward Sword
- Metroid Other M
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
- Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

....I think I missed some......
01/03/12, 01:31   
Edited: 01/03/12, 01:40
I'm playing Skyward Sword and Mario Kart Wii at the moment. I've also got ambassador games to play and for games that I can only play when I visit my family, I'm playing Kirby Wii with my nieces and Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest by myself, and I always sprinkle in some Animal Crossing: City Folk.

I've also got lots of Steam games to play. Listing them would be depressing.
01/03/12, 01:59   
Can I get a list of people who ARE going to be playing? I had a lot of people telling me they'd participate, but it doesn't look that way anymore...
01/03/12, 03:21   

It's Majora's Mask all over again .
01/03/12, 03:36   

And Okami Club. Surprise!
01/03/12, 03:40   

We had quite a few playing Okami Club initially though...they just disappeared.

Bit different to not turning up at the opening.
01/03/12, 03:51   

What is worse? The end result is the same.
01/03/12, 04:37   

Miscarraige vs struck down in the prime of life I guess. Latter gets a chance to live at least.
01/03/12, 04:50   

Sad..but maybe true.
01/03/12, 04:55   
Played it on my GBA SP. Game is still fun, despite its age.

01/03/12, 05:14   

01/03/12, 05:32   

I might join in on this one. I've got the cartridge somewhere.
01/03/12, 05:59   
Looking at that picture makes me wish they could give Super Game Boy colors to the GB games that supported it :(
01/03/12, 06:04   
I love this game. I could place a huge block of text on why. But I haven't done one of these before. Does the "List of Awesome" only apply to a current play through? I've played this game numerous times and have 100%'d before. But my most recent play through was when this game was released on the 3DS VC and I didn't get all the missiles, but I did beat it in under 2 hours.
01/03/12, 06:16   
Edited: 01/03/12, 06:19
I'm in. Curious to see how it compares to the original, which grated on me to the point I kicked it to the curb.
01/03/12, 06:20   
I just downloaded it from the e shop. Ready to go!
01/03/12, 06:37   
I'm in. In between other games.
01/03/12, 10:15   
Never played this one before, and I have a few extra bucks on my eShop account...so this will likely be purchased today.
01/03/12, 16:13   
@CPA Wei

Oh I'm sure they can. They're just going to sell those separately somewhere down the line
01/03/12, 16:16   
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