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Retro Game Club Discussion Thread - 07 - Metroid II: Return of Samus [community]

By popular demand!

Metroid II is often overlooked in this classic series. With its younger prodigy of a brother Metroid "Super" 3 hogging all the attention, Metroid II has at least turned up a bit better in many ways than the first in the line thanks to more detailed sprites and the ability to kneel and shoot diminutive enemies. However, the lack of a map and of any color at all seems to be a bit too much to swallow for the same crowd who find the corridors of the first game a little too samey to be fun.

Yet despite the game being overlooked, its story is incredibly important in the Metroid mythos. The ending directly set up Super Metroid, after all. And Metroid Fusion. And Metroid: Other M. Not bad, for a portable title. Especially since it remains rare to this day to see a portable entry in an established series be treated as a full-blown chapter of it instead of a side game.

So let's all play Metroid II, now available on the eShop, and discover a classic.

Why not add Metroid II to your collection, and indicate you are currently playing it? And don't forget to rate it when you're done!

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Complete the game.


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Complete the game with 100% of items

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Complete the game with 100% of items under 3 hours


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01/02/12, 20:51    Edited: 05/26/13, 23:07
Totally in. I shall be at the very least awesome.
01/02/12, 20:55   
Have fun, you guys. I'll be waiting for the next round of this.
01/02/12, 20:56   
Tempting... but I've played through it before. I do own the cartridge though so maybe I could whip out my GBA and play it on that, assuming the save battery hasn't died. Still, I feel there are other games I should try and complete instead
01/02/12, 21:00   
Edited: 01/02/12, 21:00
I guess I could jump back into it.

I have an honest question though... how do you keep track of all of the metroids you get? I had heard this game doesn't have the map issues of the first game, but it seems like not only is it still missing a map, the lack makes the game even more complicated now since you have to find like 30-odd metroids or whatever. I never have any idea where I have and haven't been yet and I don't want to have to run all over the map multiple times.

Hmm, I may end up having to just use a Gamefaqs map like I did with the original Metroid.
01/02/12, 21:05   

When you press start, in the bottom right corner you should see how many Metroids you need to kill to progress. And all those Metroids should be in the area you've last unlocked...


It's so short, play through it in an evening!
01/02/12, 21:07   
Hmm. But do you have to kill them all to progress? I mean, is there any way I'd progress while leaving some behind that I'd have to seek out later?

I know people have said the game has a more centralized core and then "areas" that open from it that make it easier to navigate than the first Metroid, but I've somewhat far (1-2 hours?) into the game and it still feels like one huge confusing map to me.
01/02/12, 21:10   

I made my own map, but even that was pretty confusing because of areas opening up later on. Still, I beat it without too much trouble so it definitely helped.
01/02/12, 21:12   

You mainly have to keep a mental note of where you "enter" each new area. You pretty much know that all the Metroids you need to kill are going to be in that one area (although I think there's a single exception sometime during the game).

As a big Metroid fan, this is a game you oughta play through just to DO IT. So DO IT.

I might DO IT myself although I did run through this on the Game Boy Player about a year ago.
01/02/12, 21:39   
I'm not planning on replaying this one right now, but it is a great handheld game. I remember how disappointed I was when I found out Nintendo made the sequel to Metroid for the black & white Game Boy. I bought it anyway but didn't get very far because I didn't like the way the game looked or the system it was on. Of course, I had no idea what Nintendo had in the works at the time for the SNES version of Metroid, so all is now forgiven. I've since gone back and beaten it and enjoyed it very much. Great game!
01/02/12, 22:24   
Back at work this morning after a 2 week break. Just hopped off the train, my first commute for 2012. And to inaugurate such, I loaded up Metroid II for the half hour trip.

1st Metroid down, bombs, Ice beam, and Spider Ball obtained. I think I may have found a secret tunnel in order to locate the latter two, but maybe i was supposed to, I have no idea.

Also spotted another Metroid shell, so the bastard must be around here somewhere....I guess I'll find out on the trip home.
01/02/12, 22:58   
Shoot, don't have the money ATM. Always wanted to play this one.
01/02/12, 23:08   
I don't want to put the cart before the horse, but do we know what #08 will be?

Might I suggest Illusion of Gaia on an SNES cartridge? I ordered mine (rather cheap) off of eBay, and it got to me in about 2 days. Is there enough interest for this? I don't want to detract from the Metroid II talk here though.

I hope everyone has fun with it (as I know some folks were asking about it), and it is a success all around!

EDIT- And somebody should gift Metroid II to cozzin, IOU style. Really!
01/03/12, 00:28   
Edited: 01/03/12, 00:29

Next time is Shinobi 3's turn!
01/03/12, 00:32   

01/03/12, 00:34   
I don't think we can gift on the eShop, unless they changed it recently. Weird, I know.
01/03/12, 00:36   

No, I suppose we'll go back to voting again. Not sure why Guillaume decided to order this one by fiat, but I guess there was a strong desire in some circles.

Anyway, Guillaume has said in the past that it should be only games available on Virtual Console and even if Illusion of Gaia was included in a vote, I doubt it would win since so few people have access to it. You should probably just start your own thread like you did with Okami.
01/03/12, 00:43   
@Mr_Mustache I dunno, I've heard Illusion of Gaia is pretty mediocre. It doesn't sound very appealing to me. Definitely not appealing enough to order a cartridge and wrestle my SNES into working order.

I kind of doubt I'll join in for Metroid II. I've never played it, but I'm not exactly aching to rectify that. Especially after buying so many Steam games...
01/03/12, 00:48   
Edited: 01/03/12, 00:49



Yeah, VC games only, sorry. Maybe the club can take a hiatus in February or March to let this happen though?
01/03/12, 01:13   
Edited: 01/03/12, 01:17
@nate38 Where did you hear that? Illusion of Gaia is amazing. It has a somewhat rough translation at times, but the actual game is really good.
01/03/12, 01:18   

Then cozzin it out of luck! Or needs some points/cash!




I guess this is the route we'll have to go. Okami Club will still be going though at the end of the month. I haven't tested my cartridge yet, and if we DO want to play (a bunch of us together), there needs to be sufficient time for everyone to place an order or whatever.
01/03/12, 01:27   
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