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Which Operation Rainfall game do you have the most interest in? [poll]
Xenoblade  (18/43 votes)
The Last Story  (17/43 votes)
Pandora's Tower  (8/43 votes)
I'm pretty curious actually, people are pushing for these three games but I wonder if they are all desired equally or if one or two are more desired than the other(s)?

Xenoblade ----------------------------------- The Last Story ------------------------------ Pandora's Tower ----------------------

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07/06/11, 03:46    Edited: 07/06/11, 04:11
Xenoblade because I know the most about it. The other two look great as well.
07/06/11, 08:06   
Xenoblade, as I am a Xeno-nut like Nikola_Tesla above. The game looks great!
I will, however get my hands on all three even if I have to import.
07/06/11, 08:08   
The Last Story. After that is Xenoblade, followed lastly by Pandora's Tower, which doesn't really interest me at all. It's one of the non-American games I'm least interested in. If Zangeki were in its place, I'd side with that though!!
07/06/11, 09:41   
None really. Once I knew they weren't coming out I didn't familiarize myself with any of them.
07/06/11, 10:11   

So is importing out of the question for you?
07/06/11, 10:56   
I'm "tied" with Xenoblade and Last Story, but I voted for Xeno for the exploration. Plus, I really like Monolithsoft.
07/06/11, 15:43   
Those saying they're a "Xeno" nut... I'm confused. I've never played Xenogears or Xenosaga but are those games tied together story wise? And is Xenoblade somehow part of this as well?
07/06/11, 15:51   

No but it would be way more of a hassle and it's not like I'm exactly hurting for games to play.
07/06/11, 18:45   
Zangeki no Reginleiv.
07/06/11, 19:23   
I'm not buying any of them, screw you America

In all seriousness if I can only pick one it would be Xenoblade, I haven't played a console JRPG since Final Fantasy X (I think that's the only one i have played) so its just what I am looking for right now in terms of a fresh experience that's due out soon.
07/06/11, 19:40   

No, the games are not related to each other. I'm not sure what they're getting at, either.
07/07/11, 05:48   
Omg xeno is winning? Shocking
07/07/11, 06:25   

Well, you know. Same developer. That counts for something.

Otherwise, we wouldn't be "Nintendo fans" here.
07/07/11, 07:16   
It's the same developer, and I enjoyed the previous games starting with "Xeno." I trust the quality I suppose.
I also assume the story will be neat, as the other games that really have no connection to it.
07/07/11, 07:25   
I am interested mostly on Pandora's Tower, maybe because it's the least likely to be released anywhere outside Japan, or maybe because it's the closest game to a 3D Castlevania for Wii. The Last Story comes second mostly because it looks awesome and does away with turned based battles which were always the biggest detractor for my enjoyment of JRPGs. Xenoblade I'll get only because I want to support the Operation Rainfall movement. Otherwise, I wouldn't really be interested in it.

One thing is certain though, that after La Mulana and Skyward Sword, my Wii will be able to play all three of them, plus some more (Fatal Frame IV will be my import #4).
07/08/11, 00:25   
Edited: 07/08/11, 00:26
Whichever one comes out first, tbh.
07/08/11, 00:54   
None. My Nintendo of America overlords have told me that none of these games are worth my time.
07/08/11, 16:47   
Jargon said:
None. My Nintendo of America overlords have told me that none of these dinky games are worth my time.

07/08/11, 23:33   
@Renjaku Dinky? Why?
07/09/11, 00:23   
@X-pert74 I'm just kidding. =3c
07/09/11, 00:47   
Edited: 07/09/11, 00:49
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