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Which Operation Rainfall game do you have the most interest in? [poll]
Xenoblade  (18/43 votes)
The Last Story  (17/43 votes)
Pandora's Tower  (8/43 votes)
I'm pretty curious actually, people are pushing for these three games but I wonder if they are all desired equally or if one or two are more desired than the other(s)?

Xenoblade ----------------------------------- The Last Story ------------------------------ Pandora's Tower ----------------------

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07/06/11, 03:46    Edited: 07/06/11, 04:11
Tha Last Story. The fact that it's an action-RPG puts it over the top of Xenoblade for me. Pandora's Tower looks good too.
07/06/11, 03:49   
I kind of suspect that Pandora is the weak link here, but we'll see.

/EDIT And... I'm being proven wrong. So far.
07/06/11, 03:49   
Edited: 07/06/11, 03:54
Pandora by semi-default because of its controls.
07/06/11, 03:56   
Edited: 07/06/11, 03:57
I'd give the other 2 a fair chance though I'm not a fan of those gameplay styles but Last Story is the only one I'd definitely buy and play for obvious reasons (Mistwalker, Sakaguchi).
07/06/11, 04:07   
Hope you don't mind, I linked so people could learn more about them. I know about the controversy for instance but I've never investigated them.
07/06/11, 04:12   
Last Story --> Pandora's Tower --> Xenoblade for me
07/06/11, 04:13   
Xenoblade for me, mainly because of the exploration aspect, though all three games look very appealing.
07/06/11, 04:19   
@DrFinkelstein I'm angry. FURIOUS. Or wait... what's the opposite of those?
07/06/11, 04:30   

That would be, yrgna and suoiruf!
07/06/11, 04:31   
The Last Story is the one I'm most interested in.
07/06/11, 04:35   

To be fair, I don't know much about it, and Last Story would've been an "auto-buy" for me anyways.
The chick in the trailer has a nice back, too.

I know nothing about Pandora's Tower, but the boxart makes me think of watching Cammy fight in Super Street Fighter II for the first time as a young boy..
07/06/11, 04:38   
Can't decide between TLS and Xenoblade. I want to play them for different reasons.

But the more I see of Xenoblade, the better it looks.
07/06/11, 04:38   

I thought they were both action RPGs? Shows how much I've been following them... but I tend to do that with games I'd most likely pick up but neither are coming here now so The Last Story is the one that interests me the most though, followed closely by Xenoblade. I don't really know enough about Pandora's Tower since it's usually not one of my favorite genres.
07/06/11, 05:19   
I am going to have to say Xenoblade.

Huge world, towns/cities-basically everything I want in a RPG.

Second would be the The Last Story, third Pandora's Tower. I also would love to have Earthseeker as well.
07/06/11, 05:20   
I'm torn. A three of these games look like so much fun. I have to go with the initial game I was hoping for, The Last Story.
07/06/11, 05:27   
Based on the links I posted, I voted Xenoblade.
07/06/11, 06:39   
The Last Story, just because it's Final Fantasy if it were made in an alternate dimension.

...But the more I read/see about Xenoblade, the more it intrigues me.
07/06/11, 07:03   
Xenoblade, I don't know jackshit about the other two games.
07/06/11, 07:30   
Xenoblade, but I voted Pandora's Tower because it hasn't got enough votes. And it looks like Castlevania. Castlevania is awesome.
07/06/11, 07:46   
I'm a Xeno nut. Xenogears is in my top 5 games. Probably the one game I can say really impacted the way I think. Means so much to me and why I am one of the forerunners of Rainfall.

As for the game itself the exploration looks absolutely top notch. Probably the most epic world ever. Then the combat is very in-depth and clever but intuitive and simple. It's more MMORPG than FFXII and I feel that isn't recognized enough. And I don't think the story will be Gears quality... Probably somewhere in between that and Saga. But it allegedly does away with the standard RPG story tropes and I fully expect to enjoy it.

But I really want the other 2 as well, for sure. Very excited for all 3. Even if I most likely will be forced to import.

Thanks for the support guys!
07/06/11, 07:58   
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