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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii
8.66/10 from 28 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii!

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It's been 10 years now since the first game. Anyone else looking forward to experiencing this on Wii? Just 3 more days before the release. Got a copy reserved at Gamestop comes with a bonus soundtrack disc. I never beat the original and got stuck fighting the Cybil boss at the amusement park several years ago last time I played it. A part of me feels I should try and beat the original then play this game. I think my brother left his PSX here still when he took his PS2 so I may have that option still...Hmm.

So far the first 2 reviews have been positive for it.

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12/05/09, 16:45  
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I had this game today in my hands. I got to the clerk with it: the damn system warned them it was not to be sold before the 9th.

God damn it.
12/06/09, 00:29   
You should've gone Falling Down on his ass.

I like the concepts of this game (especially the removal of combat, which was the weakest point of the previous games), but I think I'm just too much of an arcade guy to appreciate a slow-paced game like this. I'll rent it.
12/06/09, 01:20   
I would like to get it, but I am limiting myself to two more games this year: Spirit Tracks and Crystal Bearers.

I overspent the minute I got a paycheck, so I really can't buy too many more games for a while. I seriously hope it does well though, and if my gaming time sees a gap available next year after S&P2 and TvCUS, I'll definitely give it a go.
12/06/09, 22:46   
"Is it that slow-paced though ? Running for your life all the time with nearly no means to defend yourself seems heart-beating craziness.

Maybe that game will dethrone Fatal Frame as best personal survival horror ever. It breaks my heart to see people being that lukewarm with it."

Well, according to impressions, you only need to feel tense when the world ices over, because you won't be attacked otherwise.

Plus, to be fair, I'm lukewarm to the whole survival horror genre. This game has a lot of interesting concepts, like I said. But I'm pretty cautious with third-party Wii games. I'd rather be occasionally pleasantly surprised than constantly disappointed.
12/08/09, 07:42   
I pick up my copy in the morning, go to work for 4 hours then I'll get to sit down and play this game. This game should possibly be amongst the best survival horror games to own for the Wii. I'll have to play and fully see.

I'm already taken in by this new approach for Silent Hill. Hmm...kinda reminds me of my anticipation for RE4 knowing it was doing something new for the series after early photos, videos and then finally actually playing it. Now that was an experience.
12/08/09, 10:46   
Eurogamer's verdict is a way positive 9/10:

"Packed with inventive ideas and one engaging sequence after another, it's a spirited, poignant and unsettling game that not only delivers a long-overduereturn to form, but reinvigorates horror adventures in the process."
12/08/09, 11:57   
I like what I'm playing so far...feels like a completely different game except for the obvious of knowing it's a re-imagining of the first game. Just been mostly exploring haven't come across enemies yet. I've also been very very interested if this game has boss battles since the mention of no weapons etc. I have tomorrow off so I've been kicking my recreation and playing this game. I'll listen to the soundtrack after I progress and hear a particular track that catches me.

Also I reserved Tatsunoko vs. Capcom today at Gamestop.

Sin and Punishment 2, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 come out on the same day. So I'm temporarily stuck on the reserve for those. I know SMG2 may come with a bonus being a such a high profile game so I may reserve that over the other.
12/09/09, 02:44   
I know it's the first time finally a Silent Hill title has surfaced on a Nintendo console other than the one time Silent Hill import game that was for the GBA that was just telling of the original game for what could be pulled off on the GBA . I don't know whatever became of that.

From rotting rusty crimson looking walls to ice. As far as enemy encounters curiousity kills the cat and then the town freezes over and everytime I'm like, *sigh* Damn it! I like this new change and though its not Wii exclusive it wants to feel as if it is. The graphics are pretty impressive on Wii especially the lighting etc. Being well seasoned, one can still tell it was something Konami published. This is a very good effort. A part of me wants to feel like, yay! maybe Konami will take Nintendo' main console seriously this generation. I would love another MGS or an actual Castlevania. I would definately like to see some other re-imaginings of some other Silent Hill games..

The Wii really has had a good year in games. Seriously. Next year looks good too. Now this is the kinda 3rd party support I'm talking about.
12/09/09, 16:29   
Well, if you have a PS2 Dyna, you could play the old ones or Fatal Frame games. You could find them for really cheap.

This is true. I'm considering at some point getting the old Fatal Frame games and finally giving them a go. As far as SH though, if I'm going to play one, I'm really interested in this telling of it, so I'd likely wait.
12/10/09, 08:27   
My copy finally arrived. Firing it up in just a minute!

::cuts the lights::
12/15/09, 23:37   
and that was the last time anyone heard from infinitywave
12/16/09, 00:10   
I've never played a SH game, and this will likely be my first... assuming I ever chip away enough at my backlog to the point where I can justify buying another game. :p
12/16/09, 02:28   
I'm just worried on the length of it. I'm thinking about renting it because I've been looking forward to this for a bit and I definitely want to experience it. Money is tight.... Hmmm, maybe I'll trade in a few games...
12/16/09, 02:33   
Seems like a perfect rental to me.
12/16/09, 02:37   
This would be my first, though friends and I recently watched a breakdown online of SH2 and all its psycho-analyzing... and wow. I was amazed and disturbed at the same time.
12/16/09, 02:59   

Yeah, like others here I haven't played a Silent Hill game yet. I bought SH2 used last summer but it's still wrapped, I kind of plan to play the PSOne Classic game on the PSN first, then 2, then SH:SM.
12/16/09, 06:25   
Okay, I'm alive. I did turn on more lights afterwards than was strictly necessary. =p

My first 90mins of impressions:

* One of the best looking Wii games

* I haven't seen a better lighting and shadowing system... anywhere. It's very natural.

* This feels more like a movie style game than anything else I've played. Even more so than Uncharted which I guess is what most people would call a cinematic game. It has psychological aspects that make each scene feel very intentional, meaningful AND the hero doesn't spend most of the 'movie' aimlessly racking up a bodycount of headshots and gore. Most actual movies aren't 'Commando', they're more character driven. You feel like a regular guy in a very bad situation trying your best to cope and to figure out what's happening.

* Yes it's creepy as heck running away from things and looking back over your shoulder to see them coming from the previous room, clambering and clawing to get a hold of you! (Why do I keep looking back?!)

* The motion controls (IR for the torch and puzzles, accelerometers for shaking off monsters) works very intuitively. I know a couple of reviews have called them broken, and I can't for the life of me work out how they were playing it.

* Note: Remember to turn your Wiimote's volume up to at least mid-way. Mine was turned off at first and I missed a few sound cues. The Wiimote doubles as your phone, and the sounds of conversations, phone messages and psychometric static are key to the experience and the atmosphere.

Overall: definitely glad I bought the game, it does all kinds of things we expected from the Wii in its early days and it does them well!
12/16/09, 13:12   
Oh, I should throw some negatives out there, after all that's why you made Negativeworld right Zero? .

In the first part of the game that you control you're looking for your lost daughter and the 'A' button instead of being an action button to interact with things, mainly causes you to shout out for her. So my first 20mins was a bit comical as I explored rooms, staring at stuff while instincitvely mashing A and yelling "CHERYL???". (No dude, Cheryl is probably not in that toilet bowl. Or that toolbox. Or that empty milk carton.)

Knowing what you can interact with makes more sense as the game goes on though.

At first the game is -very- slow paced. Not much happening, just letting you get acclimatized. Bear with it and falls into a better rhtyhm of events.

I don't have much to fault yet.
12/16/09, 17:06   
I'm gonna have to pick this game up after the Christmas break. Always wanted to play a Silent Hill game but never being a playstation owner I never got the chance.
12/16/09, 18:41   
Overall..I was like "meh"

+ Great graphics/sound
+ Great use of Wii remote (ie: speaker)
+ Decent Story
- Nightmare scenes not fun to play
- Replayability (for me) not so high because of the Sixth Sense factor, and poor play control in Nightmare Scenes
- Short game

Personal Rating: B-
I beat it in just over 9 hours but I mentioned on an IGN board that it probably would have been finished earlier if it wasn't for those frustrating nightmare scenes. I also say "sixth sense factor" because there is a twist but once you know it, the replayability does drop - even if you want to change your answers to the Docs questions the next time around.


Edit Note: I have never played a silent hill game before - it was different, in a good way but the nigtmare scenes just killed it for me - plus, you always knew you were safe when the event was over..
12/16/09, 18:42   
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