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Metroid Dread Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Metroid Dread on the Switch
9.22/10 from 14 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Metroid Dread on the Switch!

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06/15/21, 23:21  
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The long awaited Metroid 5, sequel to Metroid Fusion, is finally here! Play once again as intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran as she investigates the possibility of the return of the dangerous X-Parasite on the planet ZDR, while being hunted by Galactic Federation robots, known as E.M.M.I., gone rogue.

Stay tuned to all Metroid Dread news from Nintendo
06/15/21, 23:23   
I never thought this thread would be made! I remember hearing about this game 16 years ago when I first started reading about games online. And it's awesome that this is supposed to be the same concept for Metroid Dread they had way back then too. Can't wait.
06/15/21, 23:54   
Watching Sakamoto's summary, Dread seems fun as hell. I love the combination of fast movement and an unstoppable (or nigh-unstoppable), Terminator-like enemy. Shades of Zero Mission. And the range of movement abilities seems awesome, too.

MercurySteam's art design leaves me a bit dry, though. I want more unearthliness. And bubbles. The graphics are a bit underwhelming, in general. Still not sold on the emphasis on counters during combat, but it looks like you can do them on the move now, which is an improvement.

Overall, crazy excited. Prime who?
06/15/21, 23:55   

I kind of like the Boston Dynamics meets mid-2000s sci-fi white room vibe.

06/16/21, 00:04   
Somewhere, the IGN DS editorial crew is ugly crying with vindication.
06/16/21, 00:31   
Edited: 06/16/21, 00:31
Itíll be interesting to see what is meant by ďthe end of Samusís story arc.Ē Color me intrigued.


Bubbles are only on Zebes. Not all planets in Metroid have bubbles, dude!
06/16/21, 01:58   
I'm really excited for this one, I love the feeling of being hounded by our new robot overlords and look forward to the feeling of pummeling them with a full powered suit.
06/16/21, 02:04   
GameDadGrant said:
Bubbles are only on Zebes. Not all planets in Metroid have bubbles, dude!

But they COULD.
06/16/21, 02:32   
14 years ago...

06/16/21, 03:34   
Theory time: the E.M.M.I. look a bit Chozo-like to me. I bet that the militaristic Chozo hinted at in the artwork for Samus Returns built them for the Galactic Federation who wanted them as something that could take down Samus should they ever need to eliminate her. We know that the E.M.M.I. were sent to ZDR to investigate the reappearance of the X-Parasite, but then went M.I.A., and that's why Samus was sent in. Perhaps these deadly robots were sent in as a test to see how tough they are, or it's all a trick by the GF to covertly kill Samus now that she's beginning to ask too many questions, and won't let their Metroid breeding program go on.
06/16/21, 04:31   
If I wasnít paying attention, I would have missed out on the collectors edition. Itís just not fair that it sells out so fast. It literally was available for minutes before being sold out - both Amazon and Best Buy. The sad thing is that most of the buyers were bots so they could sell it back on eBay.

Iím looking forward to playing this one. Admittedly I enjoy the 2D Metroid more than the prime games.
06/16/21, 04:32   
nate38 said:
Somewhere, the IGN DS editorial crew is ugly crying with vindication.

I would actually love to hear from the gaming press people that saw it originally, and what they remember.
06/16/21, 04:40   
This is pretty much the only thing I care about at E3 so far. I was kind of expecting it since we hadnít heard from MercurySteam in a minute and I assumed Nintendo believed that they deserved to make an original Metroid game after doing a solid job on Samus Returns. Metroid V it is! Canít wait to play it. Hope it is awesome and finally sells the way a Metroid game deserves to sell.
06/16/21, 08:20   
The end of her story.

Nintendo made me a very happy camper today.

Guess it'll be between RE8 and Metroid 5 for my GOTY.

This sound I LOVED from Returns has made a HUGE comeback. Love that beeping shit!

I think the composer heard I loved this shit and put it back in just for me! Thanks composer!
06/16/21, 11:07   
Edited: 06/16/21, 11:16
Easily the announcement of the show for me. I suspected that MercurySteam might have something in the works by this point, and I felt they did a good enough job on Samus Returns to get another stab at developing a Metroid game, but I was worried it'd be another remake ("worried" being relative, as a remake of Super or Fusion would still be pretty rad). So I'm thrilled about it being a new game, and even more so that they've kept the name "Dread", although it makes sense that whenever they got around to making a sequel to Fusion, they'd keep their original concept.

I watched the Treehouse stuff up until the first boss fight. Very impressed with just about everything they showed. I think it just might be another "play with the lights off w/ headphones" game.

A brand new Metroid sequel, it looks awesome, and it's out in less than 4 months. What more could you ask for?
06/16/21, 16:45   
First of all, awesome to have a new Metroid in addition to Prime 4! I'm glad Nintendo understands that 2D and 3D versions of series can coexist.

I actually expected that this would happen soon, in fact--specifically that MercurySteam would be making a new Switch sidescrolling Metroid, and it would look very good but not amazing. I've watched both Treehouse presentations and here are my specific thoughts:

Combat looks great. Battling was a highlight in Samus Returns and it looks even better here, with the melee and aiming being more incorporated into Samus's moveset without requiring her to stop moving.

Likewise, the movement also looks to be really fluid and quick, a must for this kind of game. The Mega Man style slide move is a smart addition (although I hope the Morph Ball still makes an appearance).

The visuals are...okay. Animations are really cool and the dramatic shots when things go south are a nice touch that this dev brings to the series, but I can't help but feel the environments, art design and color palettes are a level below EAD in their glory days--or Retro Studios, for that matter. Jury's still out on the creature designs; the first boss and the EMMI both look pretty cool but I feel like some past critters have been more striking or frightening-looking.

I was just hoping a major flagship console Nintendo game would be able push the system further. To put it another way, I can't really see Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild making a clean jump to the 3DS, while I could see this game doing so with some minor concessions. I think that's really down to MercurySteam's artists simply not quite being as strong as some of the past artists for this series.

Heck, I'm sure none of us would complain for a hand-drawn look, but Nintendo doesn't seem to want to do that. Of course, the polygons do have their upside, allowing for some complex animations and dynamic angles that wouldn't really be possible with sprites.

I have one other concern, and that's that the stealth segments will inevitably lead to less-interesting level design when backtracking. Zero Mission had a bit of this problem with the Chozodia section of the game, as did Fusion's SA-X rooms. And Samus Returns also had some more deliberate, video gamey design compared to Super and Prime's larger, open rooms. I hope this aspect of the game doesn't suffer as a result.

Even so, I'm still excited for Metroid Dread and will certainly be buying it. I just hope the team learned a few lessons from Samus Returns' weaker aspects so we can get a superlative sequel in this series.
06/16/21, 19:37   
@TriforceBun Yeah I echo all this. I liked Samus Returns fine, and I think MercurySteam's second franchise effort will surely be an improvement, if only because it's not a remake of Metroid 2. But I'm not overly bullish on them to be able to deliver something on the level of Super or Zero Mission, either.

Which is fine: I'll be there playing on launch day, the game certainly looks good enough to earn that. I'm just not quite as hyped as I thought I would be for Metroid 5. At least, not yet.
06/16/21, 20:25   
Edited: 06/16/21, 20:26

Ha, I started playing those music videos on my phone, and my dog was weirdly curious about them. Kept tilting her head back and forth and her ears were perked ALL the way up.

Even dogs love Metroid music, I guess!
06/17/21, 20:53   

Reminds me of this music made especially to appeal to catsÖ we tried it on my sisterís cats once and it did seem to calm them I guess.

06/17/21, 21:11   
Edited: 06/17/21, 21:12

Nice! That music even seems to calm me, haha.
06/17/21, 22:45   
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