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Nintendo acquires animation studio that’ll become ‘Nintendo Pictures’
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July 15, 2022, 01:18
Seems like Nintendo is really getting serious about making movies and TV shows.

They have acquired CG production company Dynamo Pictures, and rebranding them as Nintendo Pictures

So what IP would you like to see an animated show or movie about?

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07/15/22, 01:18   Edited:  07/15/22, 01:17
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I always wanted to watch those Pikmin shorts of theirs, but as I recall each one was extremely short and several dollars, so I never caved and bought them.

Would be nice if they were on the Nintendo Online service or something! Then I'd definitely watch 'em.

As for what I'd like to see them produce, I don't know. I always thought Kid Icarus had a ton of potential in that regard, or maybe something super weird like a Pilotwings show about the pilots, ha ha.

If they hadn't abandoned F-Zero a long time ago that would be another I'd totally watch. That series feels built for a show or film!

EDIT: Oh, nifty! Since the Wii U died, Nintendo put the Pikmin shorts up on their YT channel for free. Nice. So I guess if anyone else always wanted to see them, you've got a chance to now.

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 on: 07/15/22, 03:58   Edited:  07/15/22, 04:01
They also did the CG cutscenes for Other M which are still really impressive looking on a technical level, even if they kind of suck in every other way.

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 on: 07/17/22, 07:14
Adaptations of Fire Emblem and Xenoblade would be awesome. I have no desire to play the game parts of those games, but I'm curious about the story parts.

Every other Nintendo franchise is the opposite! What would a WarioWare cartoon really bring to the table? Nintendo's strength lies in its gameplay!

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 on: 07/18/22, 00:21

That's interesting, because to me the "story" (aka weird little cutscenes featuring very interesting characters) are the big draw of Wario Ware at this point. The first game, yes, it was the novelty of the microgames. Now, though, I suffer through those mostly derivative experiences only to see what the wacky cast is up to. (Some of the cast more than others, ha ha.)

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 on: 07/18/22, 16:43
J.K. Riki said:
If they hadn't abandoned F-Zero a long time ago that would be another I'd totally watch. That series feels built for a show or film!

There actually was an [i ]F-Zero anime in Japan. They made a game of the show, based of the game series for the GBA; F-Zero: GP Legend. (confusing, eh?) But yeah that franchise could make for a cool movie. "Speed Racer" was a movie at one point, so why not this?

Fire Emblem would lend itself well to a show. Like a far more family-friendly 'Game of Thrones.' Not sure about a movie, unless they did it 'Lord of the Rings' style.

And of course, if properly done, Star Fox would make for a fun movie, I think. Basically just do 'Star Wars' except Fox instead of Luke.

EDIT: Oh! And Punch-Out!! could make for a fun movie! Like a funnier, more light-hearted 'Rocky' kind of film. Eh? Eh?

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 on: 07/19/22, 01:42   Edited:  07/19/22, 01:42
@J.K. Riki

The cutscenes in Get It Together are pretty fun! Oo, how about a Rhythm Heaven musical?


Yeah, my Fire Emblem idea came from a place of having just finished A Dance With Dragons and now having A Song of Ice and Fire withdrawals...

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 on: 07/19/22, 04:42
Hmm, an interesting pickup. Nintendo certainly has enough properties to keep these guys crankin'. But are they trying to make their own Pixar(/Illumination), making movies and shorts, or does Nintendo want to being their cutscene production in-house? Both, maybe?

Actually, does Nintendo even DO many cutscenes these days? Seems like a lot of that kind of content is in-engine.

Anyway, my hopes for any potential movies are pretty low. Prove me wrong, Nintendo!

I actually like the idea of Nintendo shorts, like the Pikmin/Kid Icarus/Star Fox promotional stuff, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to monetize those.

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 on: 07/19/22, 05:04   Edited:  07/19/22, 05:06
I just recently saw 'Top Gun: Maverick' and it occurred to me that Nintendo could do a similar style movie...with Fox McCloud. That movie made dog fighting exciting! (er...that is, fighter jet vs. fighter jet mid-air battles...not actual canines fighting each other. *ahem*)


It's a good idea! And probably your Xenoblade idea, too!

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 on: 07/20/22, 01:21
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