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General amiibo Discussion Thread
amiibo is certainly turning out to be a big thing in Nintendo's eyes. Whether or not the rewards for utilizing each amiibo is worthy to you, Nintendo plans to implement all sorts of bonuses. It appears right now that every amiibo is meant to do 'something' in each game though games not featuring certain characters may have more limited uses or lesser-valued ones. We've had plenty of threads on here for amiibo and I'm sure that will continue. Still, I wanted to establish a general discussion thread that doesn't have a specific focus or thought. We'll also use this thread for informing the forums about upcoming news regarding new waves of amiibo or new compatibility. Enjoy! Tell us which amiibo you're planning to get! To get the party started, here are the various waves of amiibo on their way, compatibility information from Nintendo's website, and various links to other threads regarding amiibo.

Known amiibo

Super Smash Bros.

Yarn Yoshi

Super Mario


Animal Crossing (multiple waves)

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards

30th Anniversary Mario

Chibi-Robo, Shovel Knight, and Mega Man

Skylanders Superchargers - Bowser and DK

The Legend of Zelda

Compatible Games

Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, CodeName: S.T.E.A.M., ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON LEGACY, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and more…

Nintendo's amiibo Website

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11/18/14, 01:30   Edit:  02/05/16, 15:49
@Mop it up
I'd also probably buy quite a few Amiibo if there was a fire sale. And then clutter up my gaming room even more.

I really think that Nintendo should deliver on the promise of one Amiibo across multiple games, though. They should either increase the storage capacity or come up with a system-level solution where the console itself stores the last state of the scanned Amiibo. Having to erase a Smash Bros. Amiibo to use it in Mario Party kind of blows.

Anyway, it looks like my statement was a bit premature, and there is still some rarity-induced demand, since the American version of the Wii Fit Trainer is $44 on Amazon. Seeing store shelves stocked with the rare Amiibo led me to believe that the mania could die, but it looks like the thirst has only been partially quenched. It must be pretty tough for Nintendo to judge how many Amiibo to manufacture.
01/24/16, 03:00   Edit:  01/24/16, 03:05

Where did you preorder Ryu? I preordered Roy at Gamestop and I asked about Ryu on Friday, Jan 22, but Ryu wasn't in their system yet.

So far I'm up to date on all amiibos, picked up Lucas on Friday, my Gamestop had about a dozen of him hanging on the wall. I have no interest in any of the animal crossing amiibos, definitely no interest in the stupid amiibo cards and no interest in the Skylanders cross Nintendo style amiibos.
01/24/16, 04:33

Mr_Mustache said:
Pre-ordered Roy (which was why I went), and got Ryu / Famicom ROB for pickup at Best Buy.
01/24/16, 04:34   Edit:  01/24/16, 04:35

Thanks. Somehow I missed the Best Buy info on previous page.
01/24/16, 09:03
Whoa. Good job in the thread update, Fink.
01/25/16, 19:08

Thanks Paul!
01/25/16, 19:16
I concur about the snazzy new graphics. Outrageously well done, Fink!

As for the latest batch, I haven't grabbed any yet. Maybe the wife did, though. Who knows? I do have those Supercharger amiibo, though. Kinda cool.
01/26/16, 04:51

I want to mail you things.
01/26/16, 05:41
The Top amiibo by Region in 2015 released the other day. Here is is all together.

RankingNorth AmericaEuropeJapan
1stLinkClassic MarioInkling Girl
3rdToon LinkSquidInkling Boy
4thMewtwoGreen Yarn YoshiMario
5thSonicMarioClassic Mario
6thPikachuMario (SSB)Modern Mario
7thClassic MarioPikachuIsabelle
8thPac-ManInkling BoyKirby
9thMega ManToadGreen Yarn Yoshi
10thGanonInkling GirlDigby

Interesting trends. The North American market clearly favors unique characters from primarily the Smash Bros. line with Link being the favorite. Europe enjoyed more classic characters and the Splatoon line quite a bit. Then on the other extreme, Japan clearly favored the Splatoon line as well as the Animal Crossing line.

This informs me a bit more on Nintendo's love of Isabelle (as she's likely huge over there) and their huge attraction to Splatoon. However I suspect that the Splatoon amiibo attach rate and interest in the states would have been way higher had the supply been in line with the demand. A lot of folks seemed to be embittered from the challenge to get some.
02/04/16, 13:00   Edit:  02/04/16, 13:02
@DrFinkelstein Yes, thank you for making this topic take even longer to load. ;)

@DrFinkelstein Is this ranking for a certain time period, or overall? If it's overall, there has been a lot of shifting around since the chart released a few months ago. Crazy!

The Splatoon amiibo became plentiful a few months after launch, so you're saying you think people got tried of waiting for them?
02/04/16, 20:45
@Mop it up

It implied to me that this was all of 2015.
02/04/16, 23:58
I like the new visuals, Stephen. You went above and beyond!

My Lucas amiibo came in the mail last week. It looks great, and simply having a Mother 3 figurine is awesome.

Next up for me is the Wolf Link & Midna amiibo!

@Mop it up

I went to a local Gamestop today and noticed that they had plenty of Splatoon amiibo in stock. Shovel Knight was there, too. It was nice to see a good selection of amiibo to choose from.
02/05/16, 02:57
@Mop it up

Seriously. Honestly, the biggest complaint I've had with the NW message boards, is how the OP's initial post is on every single freaking page. Its the only message board, that I'm aware of that has this annoying feature. Its a pain in the ass, having to scroll past the OP's post on every page of a thread, especially if the OP's post is a long one.
02/05/16, 14:36
I agree that the OP on every page is odd, but for some threads it can be a great tool. I liked how the games with multiplayer had the list of active community players right at the top. Maybe make it an optional thing so that the we can determine which is the best fit for each thread?
02/07/16, 01:57   Edit:  02/07/16, 01:58
02/07/16, 17:01
So the Gold Mega Man is out now. Who is nabbing him? I'm not but I'm also not interested in the game it's coming with.

Did anyone else get a survey opportunity with Nintendo? It was mostly about amiibo and while I praised Splatoon and Yoshi's Woolly World for it's usage, I shat all over Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

02/24/16, 05:03
Is it coming alone?

And did I miss some Amiibo? I feel like I did "ship to store" for Best Buy, but..nobody called me.
I don't know whats going on anymore..
02/24/16, 05:47

Nope. Gold Mega Man is with the collection game only (for now anyway). Not sure if it'll ever be stand alone.
02/24/16, 13:05

Just out of curiosity, is the Mega Man game with the gold Mega Man amiibo already been released? I saw NWR's weekly show & Neal had the game and amiibo, but I think it was a review copy. I could be wrong. I guess I could do a little research as well.

Also, is the game/amiibo an exclusive to just one retail chain? Thanks in advance for helping out this lazy old dude.
02/24/16, 13:48

It's not exclusive and I think it officially released yesterday. I've seen it up at best buy, amazon, gamestop, etc
02/24/16, 15:07
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