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Pokémon X Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Pokémon X on the 3DS
8.64/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon X on the 3DS!

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Pokémon X Review (Nintendo 3DS) ()  by  

The next generation of Pokémon is finally here! All-new 3D graphics, new monsters, new evolutions, new online social features, and a brand-new adventure is all packed nicely and tightly in the latest entry in the mega-hit franchise. And what do you know, the critics seem to love it, too!

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So, who all will be joining me in this latest (and apparently greatest) journey into the world of Pokémon? Will you be the very best? Like no one ever was?

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10/06/13, 01:08    Edited: 10/06/13, 01:16
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I've had the game since the literal launch and have 58 hours.


Plot is paced badly. Slow at the beginning then it all comes at you in the end and not in a Bioshock Infinite sort of way.
10/18/13, 06:16   
Been working my way through Route 4 for the past few days. Think I'm about halfway through.

I'm not kidding.
10/18/13, 08:04   
Is the 3DS Pokedex app updated to reflect the changes in X/Y? and does it now include the new Pokemons? Cause that would get me to download it.
10/19/13, 15:02   
Don't think so yet.
10/19/13, 16:01   
I have to echo the complaints about the camera in Lumiose City, it's a neat concept, but poorly implemented. IT would benefit SO much from having a map on the bottom screen, but as is, it's simply confusing for no good reason. I also need to voice some displeasure about the pokemon battles. The graphics are nice and all, but the framerate is all over the place. The only time it can hold a steady 30 fps is during the classic view, where you see your pokemon from behind vs the opponent. Whenver it zooms in, pans out, shows a double-shot, or if there are more than two pokemon battling, the framerate stutters, and it's super distracting. And this isn't even with 3D on! Turn up that slider and you can forget about ever reaching 30 fps. Normally I'm not such a critic of these things, but this game strikes me as very unpolished. I understand they had to get it shipped for a worldwide release, but this is unacceptable IMO. I am hoping for a patch, but most likely we will have to buy the third version to get a better framerate.

Anyways, that isn't to say this issue has ruined my enjoyment, because I'm loving the game. There is so much to do and it looks gorgeous. Feels like a true step forward, which I can't say about any other game in the series, regardless of minor tweaks to the battle system. Oh, and I love how bug pokemon are viable again! They are great against Psychic and Steel types.

Here is my team right now:

10/19/13, 16:12   
^^ This chart! YES! This is what I need.
10/19/13, 17:23   
We need to find the chart with Fairy type added.
10/19/13, 19:25   
As a beginning player who has no clue what the hell I'm doing I've been using this chart:


10/19/13, 19:29   
Edited: 10/19/13, 19:31
Oh, nice this one is updated. Fairy is an awesome addition to balance out Dark and Dragon which were OP in my opinion.
10/19/13, 19:35   
Is there a thread with Pokémon X and Y's players friendcodes yet? Should we add them here? Postgame they become really valuable. :)
10/19/13, 20:03   
Add yours here and I'll add you. Mine is in profile
10/19/13, 20:07   
Are those codes different than our 3ds codes?
10/19/13, 20:10   
No, it'sthe system code. Actually, it would be nice if we could get a list of players in the OP like we did in the AC thread.
10/19/13, 20:17   
Added, mine was in my profile as well. But here it is : 1590-4686-3248!
10/19/13, 21:37   
Here's mine, just in case: 0130-1793-4162
10/19/13, 23:21   
I just added @sirmastersephiroth and @DrFinkelstein :)
10/19/13, 23:37   
I'm adding the above codes, add me back: 4596-9544-8642
10/20/13, 00:32   
Can't argue with having more Friend Safari people!


I've added everyone above who wasn't already on my list
10/20/13, 00:42   
I'll add everyone too. My friend code is

10/20/13, 01:55   

I'll add all of you people.
10/20/13, 02:59   
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