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Pokémon X Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Pokémon X on the 3DS
8.64/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon X on the 3DS!

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The next generation of Pokémon is finally here! All-new 3D graphics, new monsters, new evolutions, new online social features, and a brand-new adventure is all packed nicely and tightly in the latest entry in the mega-hit franchise. And what do you know, the critics seem to love it, too!

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So, who all will be joining me in this latest (and apparently greatest) journey into the world of Pokémon? Will you be the very best? Like no one ever was?

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10/06/13, 01:08    Edited: 10/06/13, 01:16
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So, which of you awesome people wants to trade me a female Chespin? It's the only X/Y starter I'm missing.
10/20/13, 05:27   
I have a female Quilladin so I can breed you one if you like.
10/20/13, 06:20   
Pokefreak911 said:
I have a female Quilladin so I can breed you one if you like.

That would be great. The only cool thing I have to trade is a Snorlax that I got on Wonder Trade.
10/20/13, 07:38   
I'll post my Kalos Pokedex completion so far sometime and you can see if you have anything on there to trade.
10/20/13, 08:48   
I am in need of friends.i will be stealing a few friend codes if you guys don't mind :)
My code 4656-5948-1458
10/20/13, 17:27   
Edited: 10/20/13, 17:48
I'm having some good luck with Friend Safaris today.

Found a Larvesta, and now Metang which is proving impossible to catch ;p
10/20/13, 18:47   
I love how many new Pokemon are in each area in the tall grass. A good amount of them are new to me, too, since I skipped Gen V.
10/20/13, 18:58   
As I was going through my Pokemon Safaris I found my first wild shiny since a Spinda in Sapphire!

10/20/13, 20:52   
RE: anon_mastermind

Hey Grant! Put that together bud! The community desires it!
10/21/13, 02:04   
I played Y for 2 hours today and set my 3DS down at my cousin's house in sleep mode. When I picked it back up a couple hours later, my 3DS was at the home menu and my game hadn't saved, so I lost that progress. I guess someone picked it up and tried to play one of my downloaded games or something.

And now it's time for everything HoH dilikes about Pokemon

I think I'm done with Pokémon Y for now. Trying to finish pokemon games has become kind of boring to me. They're usually fun at first, but the games quickly lose their fun factor around the 2/3rds finished mark. They lose my attention when the focus of the game shifts from forming and evolving your team to battling 100s of repetitive enemies with that finalized team. The growth and progression of your Pokemon becomes painfully slow and the amount of random trainers and dungeon areas seems to increase. At this point you're usually fighting a ton of team ____ members and the non-boss fights become incredibly thoughtless. I try to read the dialogue, but it's so dull and bland that I end up mashing A before the person is done talking. Even the monologues of the main villains had me spacing out. You just keep going forward through the terrain, being stopped to systematically counter your opponent's Pokémon with their weaknesses.

Walk, stop, send super effective type, attack, switch to other super effective type, attack, walk, repeat umpteen times.

Eventually the repetition of this cycle wears on me until I'm no longer having fun. I dread coming across caves or villainous hideouts because they increase both the length and density of this cycle. I had to force myself to finish Fire Red and Black 2 because I had nothing else to do on the car ride to vacation. I was going to just put up with it and finish Y, but the thought of having to redo the trainer-heavy route leading to the 8th gym and subsequent forest maze really has me turned off.

EDIT IN BRACKETS [I also feel very unmotivated to progress once my team is in its final state. After 6 generations plus remakes, "being the best" has lost its appeal. I don't feel invested in stopping the evil organization of the week either. Oh no, is Team Flare really going to accomplish their goals? I wonder what will happen.]

All the designers would have to do to alleviate this problem is add something unexpected or creative to the world- a reason to keep pressing forward. I'm not saying I want this game to be like Earthbound or Final Fantasy, but some quirky or humorous text and varied locales would go a long way. More than just grass, water, rocks, and snow. At the very least, they could cut out some of the random trainers and make Pokémon level up a bit faster.

Ultimately I think the core and cause of my complaints is the fact that I've become tired of the series.

And that's just about everything I dislike about Pokémon. I don't like being this negative, but these things have been bothering me for the past couple of years. When it comes to Pokémon, the things I like about the series more than double the things I dislike in number, but I feel that these issues need to be brought up and discussed. Do these things bother anyone else?

TLDR: Walk, stop, send super effective type, attack, switch to other super effective type, attack, walk, repeat umpteen times.

Disclaimer: Pokémon Y is probably the best game in the series.
10/21/13, 02:42   
Edited: 10/21/13, 03:44
None of those have ever bothered me. But, look at the username. I'm not exactly the person to talk to about flaws in Pokemon.

People should list what is in their Friend Safari up there as well as i'm sure it's the same Pokemon for the same person.

I want a female Larvesta!!
10/21/13, 03:20   
I can see where you're coming from in terms of the repetition, but I'm not going to play this game straight through with no breaks, the way I always play grind heavy JRPGs is to play in like 30 minutes sessions and then also squeeze in some other games at the same time. Right now when I get bored with Pokemon battles I play a round of Spelunky or do a contract in Killzone Mercenary, it works out pretty well even if it takes me months to finish X I'm okay with that.
10/21/13, 03:35   

That's certainly a good way to go about it, but I find that that approach doesn't work for me. I'm the kind of person who either gets through an RPG in less than a month, or not at all. That even applies to my favorite RPGs. It's not a choice, that's just the way I am.
10/21/13, 03:48   
Looking to trade for starters, preferably females. Here's what I have in my boxes. I have some Charmanders which I can breed since I have a female. I am primarily looking for a Chespin.

10/21/13, 06:45   
Edited: 10/21/13, 06:46
I have all the starters, but most are males. I may get a Ditto soon though.
10/21/13, 09:36   
Nintendo have acknowledged the save glitch.

There's a diagram there that shows you where to not save, and mention of a fix coming soon if you have already triggered the glitch.
10/22/13, 05:19   
I have nothing to add to this thread yet so I'll just leave this here.

10/22/13, 11:05   
lolll that is some dark shit.

So is the streetpass feature really just building up points to buy stuff? So much wasted potential...the online mode is quite robust, though, thankfully.
10/22/13, 17:37   
Would really appreciate more friends,my friend safari is pretty much empty :(
My friend code:4656-5948-1485
10/26/13, 17:45   

I would like to do this as well, with you and others, but I have no idea how to get it to work. I have tons of 3DS friends already who have this game but yet nobody shows up on my lower screen, but also I am not at the Friend Safari yet I don't think.

In other news, here's a map showing where you can find all the pokemon in the game apparently. This is great for people trying to catch em all.

10/26/13, 21:19   
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