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Pokémon X Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Pokémon X on the 3DS
8.64/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Pokémon X on the 3DS!

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Pokémon X Review (Nintendo 3DS) ()  by  

The next generation of Pokémon is finally here! All-new 3D graphics, new monsters, new evolutions, new online social features, and a brand-new adventure is all packed nicely and tightly in the latest entry in the mega-hit franchise. And what do you know, the critics seem to love it, too!

Eurogamer Review

Polygon Review

GamesRadar Review

Joystiq Review

IGN Review

So, who all will be joining me in this latest (and apparently greatest) journey into the world of Pokémon? Will you be the very best? Like no one ever was?

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10/06/13, 01:08    Edited: 10/06/13, 01:16
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I linked the official Pokémon Y Discussion thread here as well. Assuming people will want to discuss both in the same place.
10/06/13, 01:18   
Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't sure how I wanted to do this - I mean, they are the same game. Almost. But having two threads for two slightly different versions of the same game just...seemed weird, ha ha. But this works. Much obliged!
10/06/13, 01:25   
Looks awesome, this might be the first Pokemon that I play for more than a couple hours...
10/06/13, 01:43   
Zero, can you change the title to say Pokemon X & Y then? You are the king of NW after all.

I ordered this from Amazon so I am unsure when exactly it'll arrive. The estimated date is the 17th... but the game releases the 12th,... and Amazon often ships early to meet deadlines for games... well sometimes... but then again I preordered late too...
10/06/13, 02:00   
RawmeatCowboy said:
What's the big difference this time? With Experience Share on, now every Pokemon on you but not in battle will receive half the amount of experience of those that battled. Those Pokemon that actually do the fighting will get full experience. In other words, at the very least, every single Pokemon on your person will get half experience regardless of if they battled or not. Oh my God, I cannot tell you how bad I needed something like this. It eliminates my own stupid nature and allows me to avoid some truly terrible situations later on. Yes, you might have to do a bit more leveling at some point, but by and large, you should be ready to go. You get Experience Share early on in the game, so you'll be set for most of your adventure with this feature. Better yet, if Experience Share isn't your thing, just don't use it!

I'm loving this quote from the GoNintendo review. The franchise needed this to assist casual players with a more streamlined experience. This feature missing from Black 2 is exactly why I am still only at the fourth gym. I was hoping to complete Black 2 before X, but I think I'll end up beating X then going back for Black 2.
10/06/13, 06:22   
Preordered and awaiting release. Hype is massively building.
10/06/13, 06:29   
I watched the IGN review and was surprised to hear that Pikachu has his voice. Is this true for other pokemon?
10/06/13, 07:01   
@DrFinkelstein Hmm, the code doesn't really work like that though. People will figure it out.
10/06/13, 07:31   
Edited: 10/06/13, 07:32
Are you guys going to download this, or are you going to opt for the physical retail cart? I ended up deciding to go with the physical copy - I'm anticipating that trading between my copy of X and a future purchase of Y to be somewhat easier that way.
10/06/13, 15:56   

I've decided that I'm never going to buy a physical copy of a game ever again for any system. (within reason, I mean if it's a nutso sale or something, yeah)
10/06/13, 16:07   
Physical. Almost always. Wii Fit U will be download though, even if it wasn't the only option.
10/06/13, 16:42   
Physical of course. Digital on Nintendo consoles is financial suicide if your console breaks.
10/07/13, 07:50   
Heads up for physical owners--Toys R Us is having a "Buy One Get One 40%" sale for all Wii U and 3DS games when Pokemon comes out.
10/07/13, 14:57   

You can get them back if you have the system serial number, I think? Can anyone confirm? Good idea to write that stuff down anyway, I guess.
10/07/13, 15:22   
I forgot to fill out the Intend to Buys on Club Nintendo... ;_;
10/07/13, 23:30   
Hype is mounting. I'll be hitting up my local small-business game store and grabbing both. One for my wife and one for me. HOORAY!

@Mop it up
10/12/13, 08:46   
I have so much unread email that I didn't notice mine shipped yesterday. It'll be here Tuesday and not Monday because I assume the holiday. Looking forward to it.
10/12/13, 15:23   

Is there a Streetpass feature, and if yes what is it? I'll be honest, that's going to 100% determine if I get this.
10/12/13, 16:59   

I know that there's this:

Nintendo is at E3 showing off some of the new features of Pokemon X and Y, including the new Player Search System.

Published on Jun 12, 2013
Without a doubt Pokemon X and Y is Nintendo's most anticipated game of the year, and while many will be getting excited (or disappointed) at the inclusion of Fairy-type Pokemon others will be interested to hear how Pokemon X and Y will deal with friends.

So called the PSS - the Player Search System - Pokemon X and Y will include an icon on the bottom of the 3DS screen that will appear for all communication needs.

Other players from Pokemon X and Y will appear as friends, acquaintances and passers-by.

The feature works on both local wireless and internet mode, with the idea being that your copy of Pokemon X and Y is always connected.

Players will appear as avatars on the screen, and can be used to communicate with one another. Even if you leave your 3DS on overnight you'll be able to communicate while you're asleep.

If you play or trade with a passer-by then they'll become acquaintances, and if you do so once again these players will become friends.

You can have up to 100 friends on your PSS. The feature isn't region specific, either, so you could in theory have anyone in the world standing right next to you in the game.

Anyone you have added on your 3DS friends list, however, will automatically be added to the PSS. This system is built to make battling and trading with people around the world much easier.

People who've used it say it's pretty awesome.
10/12/13, 17:11   

As mentioned by TriforceBun there is the PSS and I will link to the Serebii page now. http://www.serebii.net/xy/pss.shtml There is one other thing that I have noticed that just got updated on that website and I think it is pretty neat and it ties in with having friends on your 3DS/2DS. It is something called the Friend Safari. http://www.serebii.net/xy/friendsafari.shtml
10/12/13, 17:40   
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