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EA not releasing 'Madden 25' on Wii U
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May 02, 2013, 07:08
"We will not be releasing a Wii U version of Madden NFL in 2013. However, we have a strong partnership with Nintendo and will continue to evaluate opportunities for delivering additional Madden NFL products for Nintendo fans in the future."


I'm no Madden fan, but Nintendo's got some patching up to do with third-parties if their next-gen system is out of the question for current upcoming games. Your thoughts?

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05/02/13, 07:08   Edited:  06/06/13, 00:36
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That's absolutely absurd. On the one hand, I can't believe it's not that much to EA's benefit to do this...and on the other hand, Madden is enormously huge in the US - is Nintendo doing anything to try to prevent this from happening?

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 on: 05/02/13, 07:10

Good thing I'm freakin' HOOKED and SET FOR LIFE on Madden / NCAA 2005. YEAH PROJECT, WORK IT.

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 on: 05/02/13, 07:13
Honestly, i need to try to get more money out for Madden 2012 for the Wii U. I bought it and regret the purchase. Not sure if I care about them boycotting Nintendo.


Image football fast paced like blitz but in the style of Mario Tenis or Strikers!!!!! DO ET N!

When 3rd partuies fail, we just get more goodness.

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 on: 05/02/13, 07:18
I know I should feel...something. Right? I mean, I wasn't going to buy it anyway. I look at my Gamecube, Wii, DS, 3DS, and Wii U collections, and I don't have a single Madden title (that has stuck) among them. I think the Cube was the last one that I bought. So...yeah. I guess I'm not their target audience.

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 on: 05/02/13, 07:34
Yeeaaahh, I just read about this; pretty crazy. I mean, sure, I was probably never going to buy the game (don't think I'm part of the product's targeted demographic), but it's a hugely popular series. It isn't so much the simple fact that the game isn't coming to Wii U, but rather the message it sends--the Wii U just isn't worth the trouble of porting a game that's been on every major console for well over a decade. And that's disconcerting.

I don't want to say it, and maybe it's just the pessimist in me, but I'm thinking this isn't going to be the only major title that'll be MIA on Nintendo's latest platform

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 on: 05/02/13, 07:41   Edited:  05/02/13, 07:47
Well, at least there is still Ubisoft. I don't think the likes of Rockstar (or take two as a whole) and EA are not going to bother putting their games on Wii U. I suppose they just don't think the install base (or audience) is there which is fine. Devs have shown that they don't particularly care about putting their games on Nintendo platforms (nor has Nintendo shown much interest in getting said games on their console either).

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 on: 05/02/13, 07:55
Strikers was Football though :P

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 on: 05/02/13, 08:11
At this point, shouldn't Nintendo be doing everything in their power to get these games on Wii U? Does NOA simply need more control to make sure that things like this hit their platform? I know we're all not the biggest Madden gamers, but this is kind of baffling.

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 on: 05/02/13, 09:03

It was soccer.

What kind of Aussie are you? Honestly.

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 on: 05/02/13, 09:24
So no Madden or BF4.

If Fifa doesn't come to Wii U I think it could be a real problem for the system for the average gamer.

I'd love to say, ' well, I bought the system for Nintendo games so I don't really care', but I do like some of EA's franchises and would love them on Wii U.
I wonder if there is any truth behind that Origin rumour?

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 on: 05/02/13, 09:34
If there wasn't such bad blood between EA and Nintendo I'd see this as a worrying sign about the state of the Wii U. As things stand though, it's virtually irrelevant compared to the timing and quality of Nintendo's own titles and 2nd and 3rd party exclusives.

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 on: 05/02/13, 12:35
I enjoy sports games, so this is particularly displeasing to me. I thought the utilization of the Wablet for the current Madden was pretty cool, and could only get better after a decent first effort. Looks like I'll never play another sports game again. Sigh.

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 on: 05/02/13, 13:29
This isn't a good sign, but I think it has more to do with EA rather than Nintendo. EA blew the Wii U's launch with two bad ports: Mass Effect 3 (only bad because they launched it at full-price alongside the trilogy that didn't come to Wii U) and Madden 13 (lacking the Infinity Engine and other features that were on the PS3/360). Then they shelved a finished version of Crysis 3, aren't bringing over Battlefield 4, and only gave Criterion four months to complete the Need for Speed Most Wanted U port (which will also lack DLC)...

So much for that "unprecedented partnership". I think they're still fuming over the Origins deal on Wii U.

Of course EA's hurting financially right now and may not have the resources to port another version of a game that probably won't sell gangbusters. Nintendo's never been the home for the sports nut (the numbers say that's PS3 and 360), so I get where they're coming from at that angle.

On the other hand, I think 2K Sports gets the NFL license back this year, so...we'll see what happens. Maybe Retro will bring back the NFL Retro Football project from the dead?

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 on: 05/02/13, 14:03   Edited:  05/02/13, 16:34
Yikes. As bad as Nintendo's third party relations have been over time, you could argue that this is the lowest point they've hit.

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 on: 05/02/13, 14:33
Deerock69 said:
I know I should feel...something. Right? I mean, I wasn't going to buy it anyway. I look at my Gamecube, Wii, DS, 3DS, and Wii U collections, and I don't have a single Madden title (that has stuck) among them. I think the Cube was the last one that I bought. So...yeah. I guess I'm not their target audience.

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. But like others have said, this doesn't bode well for Nintendo's 3rd party relationship with EA. Like, generally speaking. At least Need for Speed: Most Wanted was an excellent game for the U.

I was kind of hoping EA would port over the latest SSX (SSXU, anyone?) but I don't think that's gonna happen, either.

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 on: 05/02/13, 14:45
I know that :P
I be trolling...badly...

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 on: 05/02/13, 15:01
EA is weird when it comes to ports. Madden doesn't come to the PC, either.

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 on: 05/02/13, 15:30
PC is doomed.

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 on: 05/02/13, 15:34
I couldn't care less, except that it gives more fuel to the doomed fire. It's looking like another GameCube where nearly all the games worth having will be first party, and that can't really be good for them, can it?

It shows how long I've been a Nintendo fan in that I couldn't really care less. Between my limited funds and very particular tastes, I primarily buy first party anyway. Good third party games are more a surprising bonus than an expectation. But it's certainly having it's toll; the drama and the disappointment are exhausting.

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 on: 05/02/13, 16:22
The first blow has been struck to the Wii U/PC paradise. I was planning on buying this. That said, I have a 360 and haven't bought Madden since like 2007, so obviously it's not a priority for me.

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 on: 05/02/13, 16:33
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