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June 02, 2009, 18:56
Sure there are a million live blogs on the Internet right now you could check out, but if you are here, you want to see it here, right? So I'll post all of the big (or not so big) news from the press conference. 4 more minutes!

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06/02/09, 18:56
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New Super Mario Bros. for Wii!!! "4D" Well, 4 players in 2D anyhow, not sure why they call it 4D. Kind of seems like Mario 4 Swords. Do want.

Coming this Holiday season.

Damn, 5 minutes in and already better than last years, lol.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:10
Wii Fit + talk. We all knew it was coming.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:23
Wii Sports Resort. Looks fun, but we knew that already. Ping pong. Basketball. Golf. Bow and arrow. Rowing a boat. Dog frisbee.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:25
Wii Sky Diving. IGN Wii forum declares Wii '09 total fail.

/EDIT... is sky diving part of Resort? Confused.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:28
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles trailer. Old news, but at least Nintendo is showcasing "core" games.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:35
Talking about Kingdom Hearts and Mario & Luigi 3. Not sure if KH is the already known DS game or what.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:37

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:39
Women's... murder... club? WTF?

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:41
C.O.P. The Recruit on DS from Ubi. GTA-like game. IGN seems impressed by it, but I dunno.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:43
Mario versus DK on DSi with level designer.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:47
Man I sure hope they bust out with Pikmin 3 or Zelda at the end.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:48
Wario Ware DYI. Get to make custom Wario Ware stuff? Sweet.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:50
Showing off some Zelda Spirit Tracks. By the way, I'd avoid IGN for awhile if you don't like negativity, the forum is about as bad as it gets at the moment.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:51
Wii... Vitality... Sensor? Not quite Zelda. I guess it detects your pulse and works it into games somehow? Ha.

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 on: 06/02/09, 19:59
SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! Yoshi's playable.

Thank god. Now IGNs forums will be somewhat reasonable for the next few days. Somewhat. Though I have already seen a few "it looks just like the last one!" comments. Based on the 10 seconds seen of it, lol.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:03
Reggie talking about paying attention to blogs (I think he means, people who want "dark" games) and they are showing off The Conduit, Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, and... Deadspace Extraction. Yeah, as said above, two light gun shooters.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:08
Could a new, edgier also be coming from us, asks Reggie? "The answer is absolutely." INTERESTING.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:10
Team Ninja doing a 3D, 1st/3rd person Metroid? WTF. Nintendo better keep on top of them and make sure they do it right. I dunno about Team Ninja, especially minus Itagaki.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:12
And... that's a wrap. The IGN forums are still crying about how terrible it is, but I think it was pretty sweet. Big step up from last year.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:16
'Hm, why, they aren't a team to trust ? I thought it looked great.'

I dunno, my only real experience with them is Ninja Gaiden on PS3 which is pretty solid but has some MAJOR flaws. Including one of the worst cameras ever, which they apparently made even worse in Ninja Gaiden 2.

And then Itagaki, basically the visionary behind the team, got into a feud with Tecmo and left. So who knows if they still have real vision? Then again, Nintendo kind of supplies the vision in these type of situations.

I guess really though it is just that I think Retro / Nintendo are the best developers in the industry period. So it's tough for me to trust anyone else touching the series, but I suppose we will see what happens.

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 on: 06/02/09, 20:19
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