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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS
9.02/10 from 35 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.7)  by  

Animal Crossing... I still remember getting up early before heading to my high school classes just to see what Tom Nook was selling that day. This game series has always held such a dear place in my heart. I think it has to do with the fact that heading to the land of Plaisant, Tranquil, or other towns of mine always being a great escape for me. Making Bells, filling my catalog, and fishing in the ocean were always points of peace for me. While I've been very public about my discontent with AC: City Folk, I have a new-found hope once more for New Leaf. From all the information that has been dished out due to the game's release already in Japan, and Nintendo pushing more information through Nintendo Directs, I am confident this game will be a fresh take on a classic and comforting idea.

The game released in North America on June 9th, 2013 and released in other territories shortly after.

Please use this thread for all discussion on the game. If you would like to make trades or visit towns, please use the specific Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Thread for further assistance. It makes more sense to keep this focused on the gameplay and game discussion while leaving bartering out of it. There are no Friend Codes this time around for Animal Crossing, which is a blessing! Many of us have already befriended ourselves via the 3DS Friend Codes Thread thread. That thread will be where we continue to befriend each other and trade 3DS IDs for the sake of visiting each other's towns.

Many many years ago I discovered a wonderful Animal Crossing website which has a great catalog feature set up. Now, the new game will mean it'll take time for the site to get a full correct catalog up and running but I expect it to work beautifully once more to allow anyone to track their catalog there. You can find this website at the Animal Crossing Community page. They also have forums there which are very active right now in anticipation of this game. Granted, the general age of the members of that site fall a bit lower than here, but I've found over all the years I've been there that the discussion is still mostly pleasant and easy.

Lastly, I want you all to enjoy the music from this new game or any of the games, whenever you want. The following site will allow you to hear the "Xam" or "Xpm" music that would naturally occur in your life right now as if you were in the game. You can select from any of the Animal Crossing games and the music will continually loop until the hour changes. It's pretty cool. You can find that page here. It's by default at the City Folk music.

So again, everyone enjoy this game! Enjoy this discussion! If you're interested in being negative about the title, just find your way to a different thread for that because this thread is about the experience and meant to bring the community together during the launch of one of the most community driven games Nintendo offers.

Say hello to Kapp'n, cause we're about to make it into town on June 9th.

(One more quick note; Keep an eye out for the game's review, which I will write sometime in the end of June probably.)

Pattern Creator - Turns any photo on your computer into a pattern (results may vary)

A 2013 Holidays Calendar can be found on Page 4 or at the link posted.

A Reviews Round-up can be found on Page 6 or at the link posted.

A Music Appreciation segment can be found on Page 7 or at the link posted.

A Nintendo World Store Release Photo Gallery can be found on Page 9 or at the link posted.

A list of Dream Towns of note can be found on page 25 or at the link posted.

For trading turnips and turnip discussion please use the Animal Crossing New Leaf Turnip Thread thread.

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05/20/13, 01:54    Edited: 06/27/13, 00:31
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
It doesn't have to be 2AM in your town when you are playing it.
06/08/13, 21:46   
My girlfriend's copy shipped from Amazon. I'm waiting to hear about mine.

Her's is apparently arriving by 8pm TUESDAY! WHAT!? AMAZON!?!? Hope they mean Monday. Hope mine arrives Monday too.
06/09/13, 00:08   
Mine shipped now too! For MONDAY! Mine's UPS as usual but her's is FedEx... I don't know why but that explains the discrepancy. I hope it's quick still.
06/09/13, 01:46   
I really wasn't planning on getting this, but the pre-release hype is starting to get to me. After City Folk, I decided to wait until AC turned over a new leaf, if you will, before buying again, but it looks like this game might deliver on its title after all.

Heads-up: K-Mart will have it for 30 dollars tomorrow.
06/09/13, 03:58   

I know I haven't played it but I can guarantee this will be a new leaf over City Folk. Go buy it. Be Happy.
06/09/13, 04:02   

Full Album on Imgur

Got the formatting all nice without lag. Looks good! Thanks for taking these and sharing! If an image doesn't link to the right full-size image, either let me know or just use the Full Album link to see it full. ~DrFinkelstein
06/09/13, 04:29   
Edited: 06/09/13, 07:29
So excited about the new Animal crossing game, went to NY with hubby (vids above)
I was at one point attempting to make the characters out of clay but stopped. However after seeing the set up of the mini town at the nintendo world store, I'm going to start back up. Here's the heads i made a year or so ago. I have to redo most since heat wasn't kind to the unglazed pieces.

06/09/13, 06:03   
Hey everyone, please message me to swap friend codes, I grabbed a few but don't know who else is planning on getting the game.
06/09/13, 06:25   
Edited: 06/09/13, 06:26
Woo hoo! We've got the photo album up and running. Before, since the shots Vids took were of such high resolution, the thumb nailing that Negative World does was causing issues with my computer and I was worried it would for others. Now we have thumbnail images saved on negative world which are links to the full images on Imgur. Enjoy everyone!

Also, it's after midnight! Does anyone have it yet? or is it not until PST Midnight?

Mine is going to be here Monday. My girlfriend's Tuesday. We cannot wait. Woo hoo!
06/09/13, 07:31   
I've been reading a lot about NL tonight, and I think I shall pick it up! If it can recapture the magic of the GCN version for me, I'm all there.
06/09/13, 07:33   
I too have been on the fence, but it looks like I will be buying it (x2!). Trish hasn't played an AC before, so I do believe a lot of fun is on the horizon.

I think I'll download the game for myself and pick up the physical copy for her. Best of both worlds!

I THINK it hits at 12 PST, unfortunately.
06/09/13, 07:35   
Downloading now!
06/09/13, 07:36   
WHAAAA? I was wrong. YAY!

06/09/13, 07:37   
Edited: 06/09/13, 07:40
I got my download started but it probably won't be done until 1:30 or 2am. I think I'll just play in the morning.

Sleepy posts--not nearly as interesting as drunk posts.
06/09/13, 07:52   
Edited: 06/09/13, 07:53
Awwww. Are we friend-coded already? I really have no idea!
06/09/13, 07:53   
Post your friend-code in the Trading thread and I'll keep a running list in the OP. This way, while I know we have the 3DS friend-codes thread, we will know who is actually playing this.
06/09/13, 07:57   
Damn, Isabelle wants me to meet everyone, but most of them are sleeping

At least I have Ribbot in my town :D
06/09/13, 08:14   
ditto, no fishing rod = no nighttime fun. I guess I'll play with the pattern designer for a bit... don't have high hopes of anything interesting coming out of it though!
06/09/13, 08:21   
Yeah, I spent some time just shaking trees....found some bells and my first piece of furniture (a chalkboard!)

It's fantastic that you can now bunch together fruits though in your inventory (unless you could do that in City Folk and I forgot ;p)

EDIT: And I just found a "perfect" apple!
06/09/13, 08:35   
Edited: 06/09/13, 08:36
I saw a glittering flower, but I put it in my pocket and it just said "cosmos". Then I put it back down and it didn't glitter anymore. Not sure what was going on there, maybe it was some insect I was supposed to net? Or maybe it wanted water... but I have no watering can either... argh!
06/09/13, 08:52   
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