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Beyond Good & Evil Discussion (Nintendo Gamecube) [game]
Beyond Good & Evil on the GameCube
8.91/10 from 30 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Beyond Good & Evil on the GCN!

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Who else loves this game? I don't recall ever seeing much BG&E discussion on NW, which is a shame. It's a ton of fun and the story is surprisingly cool. So is the setting and the design of the world.

Gameplay is a bit all over the place but the experience is still spectacular. If you've never played it, buy the HD port now so we can finally get the sequel!!!

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10/22/12, 16:13    Edited: 10/22/12, 16:14
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I bought the HD port on PS3 some time ago, and it's on my list of games to play soon. Never played it on GameCube or PS2.
10/22/12, 17:28   
Way to go man..

Yes - I am one of the few who have played it and beaten it (found all the 'stuff' as well). I was really bummed out that I may not be able to play the sequel but then it got canned.

One of many treasured GCN games - and I bought it for $10 some time ago.

This game really had great atmosphere and creative characters. Yay Jade ..

10/22/12, 18:00   
Hmm, I don't love it. The gameplay doesn't really move me. Feels kind of like watered-down Zelda. The music is fantastic, though.

I really like Michel Ancel, though. He seems like a smart, creative, humble guy. His interview in the new issue of Nintendo Power (*sniff*) was great. Entertaining and informative.
10/22/12, 18:07   
Smerd said:
Yes - I am one of the few who have played it and beaten it (found all the 'stuff' as well). I was really bummed out that I may not be able to play the sequel but then it got canned.
It didn't get canned. It's finally in active development, and supposedly coming for the Wii U (and the other two console maker's next consoles).
10/22/12, 18:21   
Well, Ancel said in NP that he was working only on Rayman Legends right now, and couldn't talk about his next project.

Who knows if that's true, though.
10/22/12, 18:30   
I really liked the game back on its GameCube days. I played the HD re-release demo recently and the game hasn't aged as well as I hoped it would.
10/22/12, 20:06   
I picked up the HD version on XBLA a couple of months back and am about halfway through (been sidetracked by Fire Emblem and Shocktoberfest. Great game so far, especially if you love classic adventure games.

At 800 points, it's a steal.
10/22/12, 22:07   

Hey, someone else who didn't fall in love with BGAE! I enjoyed it well enough but I can't agree with most of the fans and I don't have much of a desire to see a sequel. Too much wonky stealth stuff and overlong dungeons. There was some neat variety at times and the world was pretty cool. Good visuals and music too.
10/22/12, 23:31   
Been playing this game on the PC. Wish I had it on Gamecube, because I have to use Joy2Key to be able to use my 360 pad properly and it's a little bit wonky. And the game has a lot of little visual glitches in this version. Still, I got it super cheap and don't have to dig out Gamecube stuff to play it on, so it's all good.

As for the game itself, I just beat the second dungeon. I'm enjoying myself. Taking photographs of the fauna is a great idea, puts a new spin on the collectathon. The gameplay is nothing special, combat is just serviceable and the stealth stuff in the last dungeon was pretty weak. But I enjoy the setting and the characters, they do a good job of giving a sense of freedom early on, and the story is fresh enough to not feel trite. I've heard the game is short too, which is a bonus.
11/11/13, 03:25   
Edited: 11/11/13, 03:26
I loved the photo stuff, it's one of the coolest ongoing collect-a-thon thingys in any game I've played. Some of it is just seeing something and snapping a photo, but other creatures actually have little puzzles to solve and such to get them out in the open for a photo.

Hmm. I wonder if Beyond Good & Evil 2 is even a real thing. One tiny teaser trailer years ago and nothing since.
11/11/13, 03:38   
Man I gotta get back to this. It's one thing having a backlog of games that I've bought and barely played. it's another to have games I'm halfway through and then stopped playing for various reasons.

BG&E got interrupted last year as per my above post. La Mulana got interrupted by illness & the setback of not knowing where the hell to go next. And the less said about my progress in DKCR the better.

Come on holidays.
11/11/13, 04:24   
I've got both the GCN and PSN version and while it has some good ideas the gameplay is just watered down Zelda meets watered down MGS or Splinter Cell. The story isn't that great either considering that was the major aspect they touted. Mostly just predictable.
11/11/13, 07:12   
Just beat the game. Definitely had too much stealth stuff which was especially annoying because the PC controls are pretty wonky, particularly on a gamepad with Joy2Key. But the game overall didn't overstay its welcome and I had a good time with it.

Is there anything to do with the extra pearls you can get? Kind of lost my motivation to get them once I bought the last hovercraft upgrade.

As for the story, I'm not sure I really get it still. And I don't get how the title of the game fits in. And did I miss it or did they not show the kids at all at the end? I was kind of thinking that was going to be the big payoff, Jade hugging the kids at the end, and as far as I could see they didn't even show them safe and sound.
11/23/13, 04:44   
I beat this game twice, once on the Gamecube and once on PC.

Great game. It's not perfect however it's a fantastic game none the less.
11/23/13, 04:50   
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