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Post an underrated game!! [roundtable]
Something obscure that you feel deserves a bit more love. Let's share.

I'll start with Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, a game that has been on my mind, of late, after listening to Duke Nukem Forever impressions on several podcasts. This Eurocom third-person action game on the N64 was probably my favorite game in the series. It had great (Expansion Pak-enhanced) graphics for the time, a decent multiplayer, and a fairly epic single-player campaign. The campaign was a bit punishing, since you could only save between the lengthy levels, but I appreciated the old-school mastery that that save scheme demanded. Very fun, underappreciated game. I remember that it got ONE star in Next Generation magazine, which I subscribed to at the time. That might have been my first taste of losing faith in the game reviewing industry.

Now you guys!

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07/01/11, 18:27    Edited: 07/01/11, 20:06
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Awesome! Myself, Roy, Zero, and God appreciate your work/contributions.

--Whoa, really? You've never heard of Metal Storm? (keep your voice down!! They'll hear you..) It has a cult following, by Irem, on the NES.

Hey man; I've played a LOT of games over the years, and I've been to a LOT of used game stores, and I've never heard of this game. For you to know about it is something in its own right. And we have like..I dunno, a BUNCH of games in our database, and its not in there. So, I mean, it sounds pretty rare?

Haha, WHOA. Alright. I use this site a lot. Its called Rarity Guide, and I punched in your game. APPARENTLY.... Metal Warriors is a 77% rarity (pretty darn high), and a loose copy retails -- generally -- for $58!!! Thats LOOSE, not including the box, or dare I say "sealed." Amazon has 6 copies available, starting at $67.

So there you have it!

EDIT- By comparison, one of THE most rare games on the SNES. Pretty much only Competition cartridges, our beloved E.V.O., Harvest Moon, Super Mario RPG, and a few others top it. Chrono Trigger -- as hard to find as it was on cartridge -- is actually more common than your game.
07/06/11, 02:41   
Edited: 07/06/11, 02:43

I just researched and watched a bit of Metal Storm gameplay, and I must say that I am quite sad that I missed out on this game. It looks like a lot of fun, the music is pretty darn NES-cool, too. Forget Metal Mech (which I mentioned I heard of but never played), Metal Storm seems to have been an even greater influence, perhaps, on Metal Warriors. In either case, I'm glad they both exist, and hope to one day see what the Metal Storm fuss is all about.

Oh, and I had no idea Metal Warriors was considered rare. I'm glad it's being kept safe in a storage tote way up high in my closet. I also perused that rarity site you linked, and it seems I have a few I need to safeguard. And $382 if I sell my copy of EarthBound and its box? Ha! We're still planning on eloping if I can ever find the time.
07/06/11, 03:11   

Earthbound is a game I never got to play. Pretty weird considering my game-bone for RPGs.
07/06/11, 03:13   
Bomberman Land Touch!

One of the best DS mini-game collections ever IMO. Great game, and the online wi-fi was fun while it was active.

I just wish more people bought the game. Such an unknown title.
07/06/11, 03:26   

I had Bomberman Land Touch. It was pretty good, but the online was super slow for me (then again, probably my terrible campus connection's fault there) and I wasn't all that keen on the minigames. Still, 8-player bomberman is always a blast, and the download play was a regular at our get-togethers.

I'm just gonna say Wii Play Motion for now. Played some multiplayer with friends the other night, had a great time.
07/06/11, 03:39   

Bomberman Land Touch is indeed a great game. I have it myself and played a good bit of it, both online and off, back during the days of its release. I bought the WiiWare Bomberman hoping it would mimic this game, but sadly it didn't quite pack as much of a fun-filled wallop. Of course, I think the WiiWare version nixing the zombie mode didn't help matters. Anyway, I certainly agree of it being a shame that more fans of this type of game didn't give Bomberman Land Touch a try.
07/06/11, 03:57   
Oh God. Love this thread. Been a comic book reference on every page and I'm proud to say I've played most of the presented choices. I have tons of examples in mind. I'll cheat and list a few of 'em from different worlds.

ICO for PS2. Brilliant adventure game that was sorely missed by 99% of PS2 owners. The puzzles and realistic physicality really blew me away. Very grapically advanced for the time as well. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I understand, Team ICO actually created bloom lighting for that one.

Giant Citizen Kabuto for PC. It had three different segments with different character viewpoints and gameplay styles. Theres a third person shooter style that ends up developing base running mechanics. A magic infused action/adventure style. And a terribly satisfying action part where you control a giant monster. Really fun and (as I remember) utterly hilarious!

Ikaruga for the Gamecube. Brilliant Treasure made old-school style shooter. Brutal difficulty and very smart (but simple) flight shooting mechanics. God I miss those old flight shooters soooo badly. Oh and since it's a vertical one, it sported the awesomest video feature ever. An option to turn the TV on it's side.

Kirby's Adventure is easily the most underrated mainline franchise title for the NES. It's transformations offered so much variety and the physics were probably the most impressive at the time outside of Mario.

And I must pick a Wii game as it's the go to console for that this gen. I think I'll plug Sky Crawlers. Made by the Ace Combat guys. I never really played them for whatever reason, but I LOVE Sky Crawlers. Seriously one of the best examples of motion controls. I was shocked at how precise the nunchuck handled. If you haven't played it, you're missing out.
07/06/11, 09:09   
Nikola_Tesla said:
Oh God. Love this thread. Been a comic book reference on every page...


Ape X

07/06/11, 09:22   

I see your Ape X and raise you one Orrgo The Unconquerable.

Get back fool! He's unconquerable!
07/06/11, 10:11   
Edited: 07/06/11, 10:12
I just thought of another fun game that not many people played...

Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee!

It was like... a 4 player brawler with totally destructible cities and such. I feel like the Gamecube had a lot more unique 4 player local experiences than any of the consoles this generation. Fun times.
07/09/11, 08:33   
Edited: 07/09/11, 08:33

I've got that game. I really, really wanted to love it, too, but the controls were just a little too stiff for me. But I did like the way they handled the license.
07/09/11, 09:33   

I "need" to play this game again.
07/09/11, 09:45   

Aw... dammit! Good choice!

I've been racking my brains trying to think of an underrated, forgotten game, and King Arthur's World definitely fits the bill!

I think I made it to the last world when I rented it, too. But I never beat the game.

Awesome, awesome music back in the day.

edit - Thanks Jargon!
07/09/11, 17:25   
Edited: 07/09/11, 17:48
Ah, finally came up with a good underrated game (while trying to look for a scan of its awesome manual for the manual thread. Couldn't find it, which is a bummer).

A reason to hate Pixar: Uniracers on the SNES is a masterpiece

07/10/11, 19:37   
One game that I think was given very unfair reviews was Mafia II. People faulted it for not being GTA when it was trying to do something different.
07/15/11, 11:04   
Pixar, eh? I knew there was a reason I didn't like them! I've never played Uniracers. But DMA has done some impressive stuff over the years.
07/15/11, 17:03   
Herzog Zwei

A console RTS that works better than any that has come before or since (IMO) and allows you to rely on the units you produce or jump directly into the fray with your transforming Jet/Robot/Troop transport. How I long for a sequel (or just an HD remake).
07/15/11, 20:03   

Man I loved this game. Perfect blend of action and strat. Great soundtrack too.

I wish there were a modern-day remake of it.
07/15/11, 20:12   

O.M.G., it just dawned on me that the main cycle is from one of their first shorts. He even has the bowing animation from the short in the game.

Holy crap, I'm an idiot.
07/15/11, 23:43   
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