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Nintendo 3DS June 6, 2011 Update Status: LIVE
The update is LIVE! Happy Downloading!

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06/07/11, 00:38    Edited: 06/07/11, 07:47
Browsers not too bad. Mine's running a little slow, but it might be competitive with the iphone for browsing in bed.
06/07/11, 08:16   
the store still wont let me download mario but i still have 20 bucks in my wallet. posting this from my 3ds.
06/07/11, 08:17   
How the fuck do you get this thing to work? I think my bro was downloading the update but he said it didn't work. I dunno if he meant the update didn't work or the stuff once it was done. Either way I'm browsing through the 3DS and I see nothing.

Can someone help? Explain to me how I do the update/get stuff working? I can find nothing new on here.
06/07/11, 08:18   

To get the browser to work, click on the blue world symbol in the upper left hand corner on the bottom screen.

Once you do that it will give you the option of choosing either google or yahoo as your search engine. I chose google.
06/07/11, 08:20   
Edited: 06/07/11, 08:21
I'm getting a "internet browser will be enabled later through a system update. For details, visit nintendo.blah".

Am I the only one? I'm in Vancouver BC, dunno if that changes anything...
06/07/11, 08:22   
Hey, how 'bout that? It's working. Downloading Excitebike now. Cool. Interesting download animation, here. Looks like the Rom for Excitebike is made out of fuzzy dice.
06/07/11, 08:23   

I have no idea if the update was just for the US or for all of North America...I was assuming it was for all of North America. Did you guys actually go to tools and then click on update and it should have taken at least around 5-7 minutes to update, maybe longer or slower depending on your internet speed.
06/07/11, 08:24   
Man, it's been so long since I've played Super Mario Land.

Pure nostalgic excitement right now
06/07/11, 08:26   
downloading mario land as we speak!!!! i might drop some money on som dsi ware games, maybe cave story or shante?
06/07/11, 08:27   
My bro says he did it and the system claimed the download was finished yet the internet browser wasn't working. Is the E-Shop actually on the main menu?

Retrying the update. Thanks Gamewiz.
06/07/11, 08:28   
Just for fun I'm posting from my 3DS. Too bad the thing can't do Youtube. Needs more adobe support!
06/07/11, 08:28   
well, i was able to download mario land and excite bike, but when i went to get cave story the store crashed again, too many people are trying to get stuff at once...
06/07/11, 08:30   

Yes, eshop is actually on the main menu where that video used to be. And then the browser is the little blue world symbol in the upper right hand corner.


Only kidding...but I am pissed off...yea the error code I am getting says cannot connect to an access point. WHAT FUCKING EVER! If that was the case, then I shouldn't have been able to use the browser!
06/07/11, 08:30   
Edited: 06/07/11, 08:31
@gamewizard65 I've gotten two error codes plus the maintenance screen with no code.
06/07/11, 08:30   
I can't get on the eshop, error code every time, so I have downloaded nothing yet.
06/07/11, 08:33   
It wont let me download I keep getting an error code saying its undergoing maintenance. Im not happy.
06/07/11, 08:33   

I just got the "is going under maintenance" code just now.

Oh well...I really wanted to play excite bike, since I never played that game before. I guess it might have to wait until tomorrow. I shouldn't stay up too late.
06/07/11, 08:35   
Downloads are working for me! Got Excitebike of course, downloading Mario Vs. DK right now and will probably also get Art Style: PiCtObItSzzzZZZ. Is Flipnote Studios free?!

06/07/11, 08:35   
Edited: 06/07/11, 08:37

If you have the eshop channel where the video used to be, then you are updated. You did the update right? Sounds like you did it to me since you are getting the error codes like alot of us are, including me. But, I can use the browser and surf the internet on my 3DS. You need to click the blue world symbol to go on the internet.
06/07/11, 08:37   

Yes, I performed the system update and can use the internet browser, but when I go to the e-shop, that's when I get the error messages.
06/07/11, 08:39   
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