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Nintendo 3DS June 6, 2011 Update Status: LIVE
The update is LIVE! Happy Downloading!

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06/07/11, 00:38    Edited: 06/07/11, 07:47
I can't wait. I am spending some money tonight
06/07/11, 00:58   
@gtarrant same here. at least 20 bucks..
06/07/11, 00:59   
I won't be spending anything, since I've already commited $110 to 3DS games this month. I'll be scooping up my free download of Excitebike, though. :)
06/07/11, 01:05   
Love me some Excitebike!!!!

The web browser looks crappy though, as expected since they ditched Opera.
06/07/11, 01:25   

I didn't think Opera was all that. I doubt I'll be surfing the web much with my 3DS.
06/07/11, 01:27   

You'll be using your Cafe tablet instead, right? I know I will!
06/07/11, 01:28   
i think the update will hit at either 5pm pst or 8pm pst. I hope it is the former...
06/07/11, 01:28   
-JKR- said:

You'll be using your Cafe tablet instead, right? I know I will!

There's something up about those controllers that have been described as game changing. I don't think it will be the 6" touchscreen.
06/07/11, 01:34   
By the way, did anybody else get the notice from Nintendo? I did. EXCITE!
06/07/11, 01:40   
Thank God that crappy video is going to be removed with this update. Probably the best part about it. So, no Link's Awakening with this? Also, do all the DSiWare games go up? I really haven't been paying attention to what this update was supposed to do...
06/07/11, 01:59   
Is that Mario driving the Alleyway "ball bounce back" thingy?
06/07/11, 02:03   
I like the DSi browser, I actually use it, it works surprisingly well for simple sites.
06/07/11, 02:05   
Edited: 06/07/11, 02:05
Why....why are we not getting LA tonight?
06/07/11, 02:06   
I liked that video! I'm gonna watch it one last time...

06/07/11, 02:52   

06/07/11, 03:06   
kgtennispro said:

It's an European launch title, but it'll come soon, I'm sure.

I just checked and there's no update yet.
06/07/11, 03:08   
Edited: 06/07/11, 03:08
Yeah I turned on my 3DS tonight and got a notification saying it was going to update on the evening of the 6th... when is "evening"? I'm guessing 8pm pacific...

06/07/11, 03:20   

Looking more and more like this is correct. :/ George is getting UPSET!
06/07/11, 04:06   
9:15 Eastern Time. Nothing yet.
06/07/11, 04:16   
Perhaps 9:40PM?

Still a rumor.
06/07/11, 04:17   
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