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Monster Hunter Tri (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii
9.03/10 from 36 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The New MH3U Thread is lead by Mr_Mustache. Click Here for the thread.

MH Tri Online Shuts down April 30th 2013. It was a great run guys!

We can use this thread to post our thoughts, our battles, advice, when we are online etc etc.

Mustaches group of heroes:

1. HR9 Mr_Mustache
2. HR9 Anando
3. HR8 Mikey (Anon_Mastermind)
4. HR2 Gui

5. HR28 Marsh
6. HR17 canonj
7. HR?? Cryojin
8. HR11 Smerd

Negative World Monster Hunter Names and older HR rankings: (For finding each other online)

Fabz ( M9rtrg ) (Fabz) HR 180
Mustache (Mr. Mustache) HR53
RgR (Tranquilo) HR 113
Mark (W9XQVJ) (Wilie345) HR90
NinTemple_Maxi HR40
Anand (anandxxx) HR 53
Mikey (U89BLQ) (anon_mastermind) HR 52
Ruby (GDKAUD) (Dynablade) HR 44
CEW00 (DSLeet) HR 43
Marsh (Marsh) HR28
Bolt (Ben_Strife) HR 24
Shadow (2BX772) (ShadowLink_89) HR21
Andrew ( QT1V6H ) (Zero) HR 20
canonj (canonj) HR 17
Smerd (Smerd) HR 11
Cryojin (Cryojin) HR 0?
Paleo (Paleo_Orca) HR 3
Gui (DKH1HG)(Gui/Panda) HR 0

***When searching for people, pay attention to caps - search is case sensitive!!****

See ya on da'field


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04/17/10, 06:23    Edited: 02/10/13, 17:31
Why not sign up for a (free) account?
also no stroking you big sword...
04/17/10, 06:28   

There's really no need for that once you get married. Yeah, I went there.

*reads Smerd's post again*

Oh. Oh oh oh oh! We're talking about Monster Hunter Tri! Ah, my bad.

I dunno, this is one of those I won't play when my wife is in around because I know she won't like it. Should we make it a "rule" that significant others should be absent while playing?
04/17/10, 15:18   

i just thought of a great idea. How about 4 of use get together with our significant others and have them watch while we play. We all have to turn our wiispeaks off for a match and try to guess whether or not a certain user passed the controller to their significant other!
04/18/10, 01:07   
I already got in a giant fight with my wife while playing the Demo. This can only be better..

Wheres this list, Smerdster?! And why didn't you get back to me? I had no ideeea..
04/20/10, 01:39   
Hey Mr.M!

What list? You mean the rules up top?

I may not have gotten your Wii message?

Can't wait to play online with ya!

04/20/10, 05:34   
Smerd said:
Hey Mr.M!

What list? You mean the rules up top?

I may not have gotten your Wii message?

Can't wait to play online with ya!


The List/Poll of guys who got it. I found that afterwards..kinda.

I have the game with me RIGHT NOW at work. Are you around 11:30, 12a EST tonight?
I know Ludist has it, too (taking it for a spin at lunch!) ,
I haven't really talked to many others.

I've been talking to anandxxx pretty much 3 times a week for a year now, haha.
He said he was getting it, bought WiiSpeak for it, but may / may not get it today..

Either way, I'm jazzed!


YES!!, hahaha!!! Man, those were the days...
04/20/10, 20:38   
Edited: 04/20/10, 20:41
I'm on my way to the store to pick it up!
04/20/10, 20:56   
I didn't play at lunch. I got into Bit.Trip Core and finally finished the second level with a ridiculous score to boot. So I'll likely try again tomorrow or Thursday evening at the latest.
04/20/10, 20:58   
The Last Samurai!
04/20/10, 21:31   
anandxxx said:
The Last Samurai!

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about Jeffdog!! Why isn't he around here??
Seek him out, anand, and recruit him!...for Monster Hunter, woo!!

--I'm like, overstimulated, and I really want to go home. I'll be playing in 8 hours..
I'm hungry, too. Poop.
04/20/10, 21:39   
Jeffy posts here, once in a whiiiiile...

I'm sleepy. But I just scored some cheap comics during my lunch break (and had some good, bracing in-store discussion about Baron Zemo and Brazil and The King of Comedy). Score!
04/20/10, 21:51   
Edited: 04/20/10, 21:53
How do you communicate in this game without wiispeak?
04/21/10, 00:51   

chat menu in the game. I am online right now if anyone wants to play
04/21/10, 00:56   
Sorry for another noobish question, but how do you find other people to play with, do we have to exchange friend codes or do we pick a nickname or something?
04/21/10, 01:48   

you have to search for our nicknames or with our numbers.

mine is: Scrawny

if you search my name it will show up. what is your name?
04/21/10, 01:55   

Hey, sorry about the late reply, I actually JUST picked the game up. I got to make my character and then poof, phone call, I gotta leave. I didn't play the demo, and I've never played a MH game in my life, so I really have no idea what's going on, but I figure I'll do a little solo work, and then try to get online.
04/21/10, 18:34   
This game is HUGE!!

I went online for a little bit just to wonder around the 'city' (when I should have been working..oh well). I've never played a MH game before but I am enjoying the solo campaign so far.. It's on the slow side in terms of pace but I have no complaints because I'm just trying to get used to how big this game is and how many items you get..and what items combine into what..and what armour is good for what and so on and so on.. The list goes on and on!

...Anyways..back to the city. As I was exploring it, I came to the realisation that it's all the same..that is..all my items go with me, you can upgrade your armour..the quests (at least level one because I'm a noob) are the same, it's all here. Plus there are other things like trading posts etc...meeting places were you can sit at a table and drink...or arm wrestle. Wow. Basically, since I just finished my very first solo mission quest (mushrooms), I may just log online for awhile instead - a better chance to meet the rest of ya. Of course, I can only go so far (even though it's a long way off) because eventually I'll need to fight in a group to get the job done..

I want to update the list with NW Hunter names to search for so we know where we can find each other.

I'm still trying to figure out what is all available online and how to search for people etc but the game is fun. It's all very seamless.

How many of you have selected "raw meat" as your object..only to use it and see yourself put it down on the ground and just stare at it like an ass because you realised that you couldn't cook it with your BBQ spit unless you selected your BBQ spit first? Meanwhile your tummy is growling!

04/21/10, 20:19   
Just picked the game up on lunch today. Going to take it home tonight and play through a bit on single player, but I'll be up for some online later this week/weekend.
04/21/10, 20:59   
Yeah, while I'm not going to be able the play this game on Wii(since I don't have one yet), I did share you initial impressions when I played the PSP interation. When I first played a simple hunt, I carved out some meat and I didn't know what to do with it either. I tried eating it and watched as my character placed it on the ground. I had carved more then one piece of meat and tried eating another one thinking I hit the wrong button...and then watched again as he placed it on the ground. Then it dawned on me, why would I be eating raw meat? What if I open up the spit and then select the meat? Sure enough it worked, my character brought out the spit & stool and started cooking the meat on the spot. Then it was just another game if figuring out the timing to cook it well-done instead of rare or burnt. Later I found out the purpose of placing meat on the ground... Note: everything has a purpose in Monster Hunter.

The game is slower paced but there is a reason for that. The game tries to be as realistic as possible making you do a lot of work just to get to a battle and then once in a battle there's even more work. But it's also extremely fun and addicting. Hours will fly by without notice.

Remember, this isn't a hack & slash action RPG and no amount of MMORPG experience is going to help you like I see so many people assume it will on other message boards. Simply having friends stand around a creature will do nothing other then get you all killed pretty quickly.

I also sat in the guild hall table and drank their ale. Trying drinking over and over and then attempt to stand up, you waver as if hammered and fall to the floor. The game has a lot of emotes that you can select and perform either in the guild hall or on a quest. My favorite emote is kicking you feet. Go out on a mission where you and a friend can stand over a tall cliff that you are able to jump off of. Tell your unsuspecting friend to go stand at the very edge. Then walk up to him, initiate the kicking emote and watch him fall off the cliff.

While you can't ever get hurt from any fall or from other players, your weapons can make physical contact. Sometimes it's fun to run around and spar with each other trying to see who can knock each other off their feet. And watch as your buddy flys into the air with a well placed backwards swing with a great sword. There's some hilarious stuff to fool around with. The reason you can make physical contact with other players is that it adds another strategy while fighting monsters. You must be mindful not to use too powerful attacks near your friends or it will interupt their attacks or knock them into harms way.

Regarding items, all items you gain can be placed in item boxes and like the Resident Evil games, every item box in town is linked. Also when craftng items at the craft store, you do not need to have the required items on your person, the store accesses from your items box automatically. And yes, you're character stays with you whether you are playing online or off. It's all the same world.

Exciting times await. I'm happy for you guys as you're finally getting to experience one of the greatest games(possibly best game) ever created.

Good hunting!
04/21/10, 21:04   
Edited: 04/21/10, 21:12
Just gt it myself yesterday, but I won't try going online with it for a few more days, until I feel I've got the hang of everything and get some bare-decent stuff at best. Thus far... I can already tell this is going to be a dangerous addiction I'll need to be careful of, lol.
04/21/10, 23:07   
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