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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch!

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09/14/22, 19:09  
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Holy Shit, what a jam-packed final trailer! Definitely avoid if you want to go in fresh. The trailer shows a ton! So much story!!!. The wife is having a disc replacement on the 12th, so I will need to be off that weekend to help her convalesce. While she rests, I think I may be able to keep myself busy.
04/13/23, 17:11   

Thanks for the warning! Not watching!
04/13/23, 19:04   
Yeah, that was some crazy shit. Like the final BotW trailer, it makes the game look story-heavy, but I'm sure that it won't be. And I don't care about the story, anyway. Good to see all of the new... stuff, though, including the new twist to gameplay in the form of a companion. And it was nice of them to quickly dash the hopes of a playable Zelda, haha.

I hope her operation goes well. Good luck!
04/13/23, 20:04   
Edited: 04/13/23, 20:04
I just hope they actually put in music. only the castle and Kass's theme in BOTW had spicy enough themes that I can actually remember. I'd be satisfied with even just ambience (feel like I'm using the wrong word but I'm rolling with it.) like this.
04/14/23, 00:50   
Edited: 04/14/23, 00:59
Just a little warning, the game has now been leaked on the high seas, so be weary of places like YouTube and Reddit that will spoil things.
04/21/23, 21:30   
Has it already leaked? I haven't seen people being too insufferable. Maybe they're scared of Nintendo's Ninja Lawyers. (Lawyer Ninjas?)

Anyway, I wasn't able to stop myself from skimming the previews that just came out. They have definitely increased my frothing demand.
04/29/23, 03:53   
They better have put the Triforce in this game.
04/29/23, 17:52   
I need all you people who aren't on media blackout to post vague quotes from these previews! "This is the Zelda game I've always waited for."

04/30/23, 18:52   

This is what I'm talking about!!!!
04/30/23, 20:25   
Edited: 04/30/23, 20:26
Is there anyone here who isn't on media blackout? I don't even wanna see blurbs!
05/03/23, 02:16   

Gentlemen, gentlemen. Do be kind enough to put spoilers on things. Such as this completely worthless sentence.
05/03/23, 02:21   
Edited: 05/03/23, 02:22
@Mop it up

Isn't it crazy? I saw a commercial for this game last night where it had no gameplay footage, just shots of people on a couch reacting to whatever's happening on the TV followed by a smash cut to the logo. I love it.

05/03/23, 03:32   
I heard a bunch leaked but I don't really hang out on game places except here and some indie dev forums and such. So I have no idea what is going on and I'm fine going into the 12th this way.

@Stan McStanly What about the ladies, they can do whatever they want?!?!
05/03/23, 03:36   
Edited: 05/03/23, 03:37
I'm excited to be able to play this alongside all of you at the same time, and discover things together since I got to Breath of the Wild about a year after it came out, so a lot of it was already known to me.
05/03/23, 06:01   
Zero said:

@Stan McStanly What about the ladies, they can do whatever they want?!?!

05/03/23, 10:42   
05/10/23, 21:45   
Secret_Tunnel said:
I know, right? That is one sexy Cartman.
05/10/23, 22:31   
05/10/23, 23:09   
Incidentally, it seems like Tears of the Kingdom's biggest risk is that it'll suffer from Fractured But Whole syndrome, where using the same world as its predecessor causes it to lose some of the charm.

But this interview series with the devs is great. They're really insisting that keeping the same Hyrule was the best choice for letting them do cool stuff!

I believe them. This game is going to play with your expectations hard, and it's not like I remember every cliff and valley from Breath of the Wild anyway.
05/10/23, 23:28   
Jokes on FBW... I hadn't played the previous game!... but I definitely played Breath of the Wild... so we'll see.

Glad to see the devs so proud and confident in their decision.

I think most people won't recall the nooks and crannies of the world to where it'll feel stale. Yeah, we know the desert's in the south west, and Death Mountain in the north east, but there's going to be so much changed that it'll be mostly fruitless information.
05/11/23, 14:05   
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