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Now That Metroid Prime 4 is in the Works, What is Your Most Anticipated Game That Isn't Confirmed? [roundtable]
For me it has got to be the next 2D Zelda. I'd like it to be less like the DS ones and something closer to Four Swords Adventures but with the focus being on single player. The last game that truly fit that for me was probably Minish Cap.

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07/30/17, 20:54  
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DrFinkelstein said:
For me it's definitely the next main line Animal Crossing game. That could rival Splatoon for hours played and I really want one for my fiance and I to enjoy together.
Me too. That's the one I want to see, and I know something is in the works.
07/31/17, 16:38   
Whatever Retro's next game is.
Whatever Sakurai's next game is.
Whatever Next Level Games' next game is (assuming it's a Nintendo property).

As for games that have been confirmed but unseen, I'm curious what the imminent "Kirby 3DS Multiplayer Game" will be. Nintendo recently re-confirmed that it's coming this fall, and yet all we know about it is that it exists.
07/31/17, 18:44   
@J.K. Riki I'm very curious what they'll do with the next main Animal Crossing game. I felt a bit disappointed with New Leaf since it still seemed too familiar, so I'd really like a shakeup for the series like what you suggested. In particular, I'd like to see them expand on the multiplayer and community aspects of the game, since those two things are why I like the games. The minigame island in New Leaf was easily the best new feature, so I'd like to see more stuff in that path.

@nate38 So that 3DS Kirby does exist? I thought maybe it got confused with the new Switch game. Weird how it's only a few months out and we know nothing about it.

@Stephen In all seriousness, I'll probably start anticipating it once some actual information is shown.
07/31/17, 19:20   
@Mop it up Yeah, originally I thought the new Kirby 3DS game was morphed into the Switch project, as that also looked very multiplayer-focused. But when Kirby's Blowout Blast came out earlier this month, they reconfirmed Kirby 3DS coming this winter and Kirby Switch in 2018 via Miiverse. Which would be three mainline Kirby games in three years, kinda nuts.
07/31/17, 20:41   
Edited: 07/31/17, 20:41
@Mop it up

I'm not sure how much they'll shake things up at this point, AC seems to be their most "marginally upgrade it and be done" series of all of them. But yeah, let's hope they come with some fresh ideas! Would be amazing to see a leap forward in the series, for sure. I'm not sure any of the games ever really did that. They all seem like just (good, fun) upgrades of the last one. Mario Galaxy to Mario Galaxy 2 vs. Mario 64 to Sunshine, for example.
07/31/17, 21:47   
@Mop it up

They need to add Richard Nixon's Head to AC as mayor. That will shake things up:

07/31/17, 23:24   
Edited: 07/31/17, 23:25
Octorockin said:
Most definitely Pikmin 4.

Wait, isn't Pikmin 4 pretty much confirmed?

So my answer is Pikmin 5.
07/31/17, 23:31   
Definitely F-Zero, followed by Pilot Wings and Wave Race.
07/31/17, 23:45   

I wasn't crazy about A Link Between Worlds. To me it borrowed too much LttP which compromised it having a unique identity. I also wasn't a fan how you got all the items straight away.
08/01/17, 00:10   
Oh, and I must play a Bloodborne 2. Bloodborne has such a captivating world and premise that I feel you could get several of games' worth of content out of it before things get old. More monsters, more trick weapons, more cool costumes, better chalice dungeons, more twisted environments. A trilogy is definitely feasible, but at least a second game. I get the argument that a sequel isn't really necessary and may water things down or make he original feel less special, but I disagree. If the sequel takes enough of its own creative direction this shouldn't be a problem.
08/01/17, 00:42   

Basically, but it was announced on the down low similar to how Pikmin 3 was announced. I'm highly anticipating a proper reveal of some kind.

And I'd definitely like to see another Bloodborne game as well.
08/01/17, 02:57   
Edited: 08/01/17, 02:58
Kid Icarus and Pikmin are the two series I'm still keeping my eye on. I don't expect that anything is being done for the Kid, right now, but Pikmin seems to be on its way.

Breath of the Wild 2 would obviously be another, but my experience with the first game was so life changing that I'm not even sure I could take another one.
08/01/17, 03:55   
Now that Kid Icarus has been ruined, the only acceptable answers are:

Power Stone 3
Wizards and Warriors 4
08/01/17, 23:20   
Kal-El814 said:[quote]
Power Stone 3/quote]

Ooh, ooh! And Space Channel 5 Part 3! And Jet Grind Radio 3!

If you're desperate for a new Power Stone game, Rave Master on the Gamecube is a pretty good clone.
08/02/17, 01:13   

Fair enough! It definitely uh, "borrowed" a lot from the SNES classic, haha. And yeah, you can get *most* of the items straight away (with some rupee grinding)...the base-level, pro-dunk version of them, anyway. The rest of the items and the best versions of them are found later in the game.

Still, to each his own. Can't knock you for your preferred choice anyway; Minish Cap is pretty great.
08/02/17, 19:17   
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