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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch
9.62/10 from 40 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

The wait is nearly over. The game is being detailed left and right by the media,… the amiibo have been announced,… and the Nintendo Switch is imminent… The Legend of Zelda series has been a special one for Nintendo fans since it began and the next chapter starts on March 3rd, 2017.

A hero's tale begins anew.
Open your eyes and see what is true.

Fun Facts:
Vast open world where you could go find the end of the game within 15 minutes… but you won't survive it.
Weapons have stats and durability.
Climb pretty much anything you want.
Eat and cook to regain health.
Full voice-acting for all except Link

Lets use this thread to discuss the game on the Nintendo Switch. To help hold the tide of the wait, here are some beautiful screenshots and links for your perusal.

Negative World Threads:
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YouTube Videos of Interest
Nintendo Switch - Legend of Zelda 2017 Presentation Trailer
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01/29/17, 18:20    Edited: 02/12/17, 21:42
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Just arrived home with the second-to-last copy of Zelda for Switch the store had! Still waiting on that blasted UPS truck, though. Blarg!

EDIT: Once again I blame/thank you all for this purchase, because I was not planning to buy it until the past week. Figured I'd play it later, but nope, second-hand-hype was too high and infected me.
03/03/17, 20:41   
Edited: 03/03/17, 20:42
The old man from Zelda is a real prick!

(Lou is cool, though! )

I can leave the Plateau now, though I might explore a little bit more before heading off into the world. Anyways, so far it's everything I hoped it would be.
03/03/17, 21:29   
Are we using this thread to talk about both the Switch version and the Wii U version?
03/03/17, 21:54   

Why not? The more the merrier!
03/03/17, 21:56   
It seems so trivial, but being able to climb just about everything makes such a huge difference. Getting around the world and exploring it is so easy and fun to do, more than it's ever been. I'm moving in the general direction of my next main objective, but if I see anything that looks even remotely interesting along the way, I just go over there and check it out. Because I can go right back to where I was in no time, it doesn't matter that I jumped off a cliff!

Anyways, that was about 9 solid hours. Time for a break.
03/04/17, 01:58   
Edited: 03/04/17, 01:59
I played a few hours. Though honestly a bunch of that time was me spent dying over and over trying to kill a couple enemies to get in this skull cave and see what was inside. Trying to get all smart about it, using stealth, shooting down lanterns, etc but I kept dying. I assumed they were out of my league or something but I wanted to pull it off. Anyway Shirley (who doesn't really play many games) sits down next to me, I give her the controller, she just wildly runs at the mouth of the cave, I tell her she is definitely going to die that way, an enemy picks up an explosive thing and throws it at her but it explodes in the cave instead and kills two of the three enemies leaving only the tough third one that can kill in a single hit, but it has like half health now, and when the thing exploded it it also lit Shirley's stick on fire, so she button mashed and lit the enemy on fire and it died pretty fast.


But then she lit herself on fire right away and died so, I still had to do it over. Once I realized how fast fire would kill that dude though it was easy.

So yeah, that was cool. It's pretty neat how dynamic things are. With that said, it's not TOTALLY gripping me. I am feeling a bit like I always tend to feel in "open world" games... lots of empty space and running around. I've been running into a lot of enemies guarding treasure chests but taking them out feels a bit repetitive already. The mini-dungeons have been fun but they're very short. Hmm. I just hope there are more tight, deep puzzles / etc. to do in the future.

Excitement is still high, but a bit tempered. Maybe I just need to focus more on my goals and not run all over the place without any clear sense of what I'm doing.

Are there like... real, big dungeons in this game, or just the mini ones?
03/04/17, 04:19   
So how many Koroks have people found?


Haha, I died a bunch there too. Then I found Bomb arrows.
03/04/17, 04:53   
Edited: 03/04/17, 04:54
@Shadowlink So Shirley is better than you at video games too, confirmed.
03/04/17, 05:12   
2 so far.

And yeah, I'm dying a bunch so far. Half from falling off stuff, and half from combat. Some of that is just being sloppy, other stuff is just some enemies hit pretty hard!
03/04/17, 05:33   
Edited: 03/04/17, 05:34
I am just loving this game. It's amazing. I'm still in the first area but I just finished doing a main story objective.

Regarding some shrine action, I only identified one. Then stumbled upon the second by roaming. The third I had seen actually prior by roaming but it took a while to figure out how to reach it. I loved the whole process of "Okay, well to get there I must need to do 'this'." and "to do that... I'll need to do 'this'." and so on. Erika was in the room and she had an idea that helped spark the way and by golly it worked. What a brilliant Zelda game this is so far and it's just scratching the surface
03/04/17, 05:39   

Yeah, it's freaking cool! For me, I just started randomly cooking stuff, and realized that cooking the peppers gives the boost to withstand the cold. I was like, oh damn, I can go over there now! And later on, I seemed to stumble on another possible way to get in to the colder areas. I probably should have wandered the Plateau area a bit longer, because I basically jumped to the next section of the map. And it ain't exactly easier!

Oh, and as awesome as it is to play in handheld mode, and I'm sure I'll spend a good amount of time doing just that, this game is meant for the TV. Peering at this beautiful world through a tiny little window does not do it justice. And it feels a bit claustrophobic to play on the small screen.
03/04/17, 05:44   
Edited: 03/04/17, 05:52
Wow, this is a good game. Very good. Hard to believe it's Zelda some of the time, it feels so much bigger and more epic than most Zelda games (which feel epic in their own way, but the open world changes the feel a ton here). The fact that you can just explore is exactly what I enjoy about games like this, and I'm having a ball just wandering around aimlessly and finding things to jam in my pockets.

Only problem I have is I can't wrap my head around the controls. I feel like an old man "they made them too dang complicated!" I keep throwing weapons when I mean to draw my bow, or zooming in when I want to run away. And if I had a dollar every time I randomly pulled out a bomb I didn't mean to pull out, I'd be swimming in money. It's frustrating. Oh well, my wife is convinced I'll get it eventually...
03/04/17, 06:08   
Edited: 03/04/17, 06:10
So it would seem they overnight'd the game and I got it today. My first impression: Thank goodness Link was wearing swim trunks.

I do have a little question if anyone has seen it yet, a simple "yes/no" answer will do: Is there a way to increase storage of weapons and other stuff? I like to hoard everything...
03/04/17, 06:41   
@Mop it up

I don't know this yet but I think there will be.
03/04/17, 07:37   
Just got to Kakariko Village. This game is on an entirely different level from any game I've played in a very, very long time.

Had a really magical moment earlier tonight. I did a lot of exploring earlier so I wanted to stick to the main golden path for a little bit. There was a Sheikah Shrine on a main road that I did, and I learned that I could do something new with a previous ability. Once I finished with the shrine, I saw something nearby where I thought maybe I could put this new technique to use -- well, so much for sticking to the golden path. An hour or so later, I was on top of the world, at the highest altitude in the game or close to it. I wasn't planning on going very far and I really didn't think I'd be able to make it as high up I did, but I kept trying and the game never stopped me. And there's great shit to see and do way up there, beyond just taking in the amazing views.

It is mind-boggling how good this game is.


23, or so. Just found out what they get used for, and I'm very happy about that.

@Mop it up

Yes. :)

EDIT: Regarding horses, I've got a nice stable of 4 at the moment: Epona, D-Horse, Roach and Agro. But as I am typing this, I realize I could have named them War, Pestilence, Famine and Death instead. Maybe later...
03/04/17, 07:58   
Edited: 03/04/17, 08:09

Oh god. Makes my half dozen look like CRAP.

I thought they were just some small mini-quest in the forest area. Then I found one over in the snow area and I figured 'crap'. Maybe they're EVERYWHERE'.

Sounds like it's the case.
03/04/17, 08:12   

Yep, they seem to be this game's Gold Skulltula/Maiamai-equivalent.
03/04/17, 08:15   
Edited: 03/04/17, 08:16
This game, wow. I don't have anything else to add. Just wow.
03/04/17, 08:40   
Avoiding reading much in this thread cause really want to experience and discover things at my pace but yeah, all I have to add as well is wow.
03/04/17, 16:54   

I caught something I kinda wish I hadn't so definitely tread carefully, but we're pretty damn good about spoiler tagging things which is nice. I personally do my best to provide as much info while being vague outside of spoiler text.
03/04/17, 17:02   
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