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General amiibo Discussion Thread
amiibo is certainly turning out to be a big thing in Nintendo's eyes. Whether or not the rewards for utilizing each amiibo is worthy to you, Nintendo plans to implement all sorts of bonuses. It appears right now that every amiibo is meant to do 'something' in each game though games not featuring certain characters may have more limited uses or lesser-valued ones. We've had plenty of threads on here for amiibo and I'm sure that will continue. Still, I wanted to establish a general discussion thread that doesn't have a specific focus or thought. We'll also use this thread for informing the forums about upcoming news regarding new waves of amiibo or new compatibility. Enjoy! Tell us which amiibo you're planning to get! To get the party started, here are the various waves of amiibo on their way, compatibility information from Nintendo's website, and various links to other threads regarding amiibo.

Known amiibo

Super Smash Bros.

Yarn Yoshi

Super Mario


Animal Crossing (multiple waves)

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards

30th Anniversary Mario

Chibi-Robo, Shovel Knight, and Mega Man

Skylanders Superchargers - Bowser and DK

The Legend of Zelda

Compatible Games

Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi's Woolly World, Splatoon, CodeName: S.T.E.A.M., ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON LEGACY, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, and more…

Nintendo's amiibo Website

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11/18/14, 01:30    Edited: 02/05/16, 15:49
Falco is a BB exclusive. Link should go 100% live soon.
10/13/15, 18:49   
I just placed mine. WE'RE LIVE, PAL!

10/13/15, 19:27   
Edited: 10/13/15, 19:31

Got mine in too. Surprisingly easy...and it's still live!
10/13/15, 20:58   

That is good news. I wonder if Mikey saw..
10/13/15, 20:59   
Can't decide if I want to preorder or not. Hmmmm........
10/13/15, 22:30   
So earlier tonight I was walking through one of my 2 local Wal-Marts, and I decided to check out the Amiibo section. I wasn't expecting to find anything truly noteworthy. But there, low-and-behold were 14 of the Splatoon 3-packs. I had missed out on this one when it first dropped, so even though I hadn't been searching desperately for it, I made sure to snag one.

I'm pretty pumped by these 3. The molds and builds are pretty awesome. They each look great, and are another great add to the ever growing collection.
10/28/15, 05:20   
Nintendo showed a slide of the top-selling amiibos. Not many surprises, but interesting nonetheless.

10/29/15, 23:12   

Nice! I managed to get the two squid kids from a Toys R Us where I know one of the workers hides Amiibo to resell later. Getting a good find like that is so exciting.

@Mop it up

That's interesting. I'm surprised the Animal Crossing Cards are so popular. I'm curious if the charts would be different for percentage of units sold, rather than total numbers. If you're basing it off of that, it makes sense Mario and Link would be the best selling because the're they also have the largest stock.
10/29/15, 23:53   

So you know his secret hidey hole? Thats pretty funny. I'm imagining him walking back to his little culvert in the baby dolls section, and moving the boxes to find "!!"
10/29/15, 23:55   

My friend used to work at that store. He said he found the guy's stash of Captain Falcon and Pit amiibo and put them out on the shelf, but I don't remember where they were hidden. Whenever we go by that store I tell him see if the dude has another stash, but he always brushes off my suggestion.
10/30/15, 01:32   
The Animal Crossing amiibo release this week I believe. Anyone looking to collect those? I am. They look great.
11/11/15, 04:35   

I've got all of them up for pre-order that I can right now...I really want Isabelle and Digby, but I have no desire to get AC: amiibo Festival (especially since it isn't free as a download like we initially thought it was) so I'll have to hope they hit the stores on their own sometime soon.

Still on the fence about Mega Yarn Yoshi too. I want one, but I don't want to skip church to get in line at TRU to get one. If the Villager and Mii Fighters are any indication, I shouldn't have a problem picking one up on Monday afternoon...but if I can't score one on Monday, it's all good. I have a green on the way from Amazon and I have two pink and light blue Yarn Yoshis.
11/11/15, 23:13   
Edited: 11/11/15, 23:15

If you skip church for a Mega Yarn Yoshi I can send you a link to listen to the sermon I'm preparing for Sunday. So it will be just like church, except in the cold parking lot of Toys R Us!

The sermon is on how if you skip church for amiibos you're going to Hell.

(Kidding. It's on how we give up our right to anger and worry when we accept the peace and grace of God.)
11/12/15, 00:00   
Edited: 11/12/15, 00:00

Animal Crossing figures (like 7 of them, UGH) are out on Friday, and Lottie is Target exclusive next week.

Also on Friday: Mewtwo. STOP MAKING ME BUY THINGS.


Do you NEED to skip church to get one? Are there like 2 per store or something? There were a tonnnnnn of Amiibo 3-Pack at Toys R Us, and I didn't even there by open. Not sure what time I'm getting to Target on Friday, but they've been trending later and later and later. You might be totally fine after church.
11/12/15, 00:57   

I probably don't, so I'm not sweating over it. My TRU still had Villagers left yesterday (only about 6), plus the higher cost will probably scare some people off.

@J.K. Riki

I'm not worried if I don't get Yarn Yoshi, nor will I be angry if it's sold out. Boom!

We're working through The Lord's Prayer right now in Matthew 6. Interesting series.
11/12/15, 23:03   
The Mega Yarn Yoshi came out in Canada a while back, and TRU had 10-12 per store.

I hope it's better for y'all.
11/13/15, 01:31   

Did you end up getting one?

As for the amiibo announced tonight… I will totally be able to pass on Gold Mega Man. I do want Lucas though. Not caring about that Shadow Mewtwo card either. I am looking forward to some Animal Crossing Wave 2 and Wave 2/3 amiibo cards.

I did nab a pre-order of Twilight Princess HD with the Wolf Link/Midna amiibo. Pretty cool to soon have a figurine representing that game.
11/13/15, 04:44   
I'm not too concerned about the gold Mega Man either. The Wolf Link/Midna amiibo looked really cool. I just don't see the need to buy that game again, even with the few additions they put in.
11/13/15, 05:47   
Me neither.
Can't wait until the pre-order is available in Canada!

I actually passed on MYY. It's just a little too pricey for me.
11/13/15, 05:52   
Edited: 11/13/15, 05:55
I want to go to bed. And then I realized that I'm supposed to be to Target in an hour and a half. Whyyyyy..
11/13/15, 12:30   
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