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SteamWorld Dig Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS
8.54/10 from 15 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS!

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Why does this thread not exist yet? Luckily I didn't spend too much time digging... for it before I realized it needed to be made.

This game is pretty damn fun. It's weird because it's gameplay is based almost solely on excavating actions but the way you level up in a similar Metroid fashion is pretty awesome and there's a strong compelling drive to just keep digging down. The fact that you can't undo things and that the game remembers your every move is fascinating and brings a stress to me that I both love and wish I didn't have.

I also have a dread that I am missing too much or whatever... but it's tricky because the game is apparently randomly generated from what I heard. Also, I feel like while I might miss something on occasion, I am getting quite a bit of stuff. Now that I have dynamite, the TNT shouldn't be nearly as big of an issue.

This is available for the 3DS but I am playing it on Steam actually via my iMac, Darwiin Remote, and my Classic Controller Pro. Loving it quite a lot.

Who else plays this?

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01/04/14, 07:11   Edit:  01/04/14, 07:16
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I too played it on Steam. It was quite good.

BTW you can safely destroy the TNT barrels by hitting them once with the pickaxe and then walking away. You get a few seconds before they blow. You can even stand on top of them and pick down. They're only dangerous if you stay nearby too long.
01/04/14, 08:49

oh! Such a useful tip! I presumed I had to just stand by them long enough to jump away, but that never worked either. So I thought dynamite was the key.
01/04/14, 15:13
You're playing this on a computer instead of 3DS?


01/04/14, 16:19

When the price is right! Plus it feels good to see the detail and control with a CC Pro.
01/04/14, 17:02
I can't wait to dive back in. I had no idea I would be sucked in like this.

How hard is it to beat in under 2:30?
01/04/14, 20:04
Yeah the HD visuals look like a huge upgrade. I'd love to check it out at some point. Gunman Clive is also on Steam now. It's hard to justify the portable versions in my case because I'm basically always at my apartment.
01/04/14, 20:43
You guys are missing on the 3-D parallax scrolling, it's fantastic. Also you really should support indie games on the 3DS if you want to see Nintendo continue to get games like this in the future. But if you're happy with Microsoft/Valve gaining a death grip on the industry then by all means skip the Nintendo version and wait for it to hit Microsoft Windows.
01/04/14, 23:14   Edit:  01/04/14, 23:14

Easy enough. On my second run, I beat it in a bit more than an hour. Getting all gold stars is challenging but I did it in 1:26 as my best time I believe.


I turned on the 3D for a bit, checked it out, turned it off. I don't see the point in 2D games... or most games really. It doesn't add anything and drains the battery faster.
01/04/14, 23:19   Edit:  01/04/14, 23:19
The SteamWorld Dig community on Miiverse was opened a few days ago, btw, in case anyone is interested in that sort of thing.
01/04/14, 23:22
Parallax scrolling is cool! 3-D parallax scrolling is godly!
01/04/14, 23:25

Hey now. I bought this for Mac and frankly that community deserves to have nice games too. I feel just as proud supporting Macintosh gaming as I would Nintendo gaming, and frankly, Nintendo gaming has more games for me than Macintosh. That said, I bought VVVVVV on Steam and rebought it on 3DS. So I double dipped for Nintendo and for Indie. I do my part from time to time.

Anyway, I made it to the Vector section. Things definitely get trickier.


Do you have a list of tips you could provide for someone who might attempt a speed run or whatever? What to skip, what upgrades are essential, etc.
01/05/14, 00:19   Edit:  01/05/14, 00:27
Don't mind me I'm being a bit crazy, I just selfishly want more games like this on 3DS!

Also cool you're supporting Mac, I would buy more games on Steam for Mac if the system requirements weren't so absurdly high! (I foolishly bought Civ 5 a couple of years ago thinking my computers would run it, nope... not even close)
01/05/14, 00:53   Edit:  01/05/14, 00:54
deathly_hallows said:
You guys are missing on the 3-D parallax scrolling, it's fantastic. Also you really should support indie games on the 3DS if you want to see Nintendo continue to get games like this in the future. But if you're happy with Microsoft/Valve gaining a death grip on the industry then by all means skip the Nintendo version and wait for it to hit Microsoft Windows.
3-D parallax is nice, but I'd rather have the PC version's higher resolution and the resulting zoomed-out view.

And if I have to pay more for the same game on Nintendo systems, then I'm perfectly fine with Valve and other PC DD stores getting a "death grip." I have a set budget for games, and I'd rather spread the support around to more developers and get more games for the same money. Maybe Nintendo should start doing Steam-style sales or throwing out a great subscription program like PlayStation Plus.
01/05/14, 00:57
It's like $8 on the 3DS.
01/05/14, 01:55

Well had I not been able to get this for my Mac, I would have been on your side 100% too. I'm always hoping 3DS and other platforms I love get supported. Had I not been able to get it dirt cheap though I probably never would have given it a chance as I didn't know if I'd like it. I was super surprised by the result. A sleeper hit with me for sure!
01/05/14, 02:30
I'll get this for 2 bucks someday on Steam.
01/05/14, 02:45
Why pay $2, that's way more than it's worth, wait until it's $.25, heck even then it's more than the developers deserve for all of their hard work and creativity.
01/05/14, 02:57   Edit:  01/05/14, 02:58
@deathly_hallows For $8 I can get three or four indie games on Steam, or two entire Humble Bundles, or over a month of PlayStation Plus! I'm perfectly fine with buying a game for eight bucks, but I'm more fine with buying three games for eight bucks. And the developers seem fine with it as well, considering how many sales those huge discounts bring in.
01/05/14, 03:02   Edit:  01/05/14, 03:05
Yeah for $0.99 you can buy 9,999 Steam games that you will never have to play and will just rot in your collection. Or for $8 you can buy a single amazing game, play it, have fun, support the developers, and support the 3DS.

Seriously WTF is happening to this world? Nothing has value now, no matter how good a game is it's only worth pennies because that's what Valve charges? I'm not 100% convinced this is good for the industry or for devs, not in the long run.

PS+ is just as bad, if Sony isn't careful gamers are going to just stop buying games on any PS platform, why pay money when you can wait 3 months and it's free?

It's a race to the bottom!
01/05/14, 03:23   Edit:  01/05/14, 03:24

Hence why people are so worried about the whole Android/iPhone market which relies on such pricing. I admit I rarely buy games off Steam at regular price. Perhaps it's because I spend $60 regularly for new Wii U games or $40 for 3DS titles. When it comes to digital goods, I guess I'm in a mindset where lowest is best because then I get more value out of it. Plus when it's a game like Steamworld Dig where I have no idea if I'll like it, the gamble is better when it's cheaper.

Still, I think VVVVVV is well worth it's standard price. I'd have paid $10 bucks happily for that game. As for Steamworld Dig, if I hadn't had the deal, I don't know if I ever would have bit. Steamworld Dig though, I realize now, is totally worth the eight bucks had I had to pay it.
01/05/14, 03:31
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