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Contra III: The Alien Wars Discussion (Nintendo SNES) [game]
Contra III: The Alien Wars on the SNES
8.97/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Contra III: The Alien Wars on the SNES!

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Technically the fourth game in the series (after Operation C on the Game Boy), this would be the first 16-bit Contra game released. It featured a selectable difficulty for the first time, allowing players of various skill levels to try their luck at the game. Contra III also utilized Mode 7 graphical effects in a couple of the stages, and the overall gameplay was both more intense, and more "cinematic" than the NES or arcade games. This is the first game in the series where the focus arguably shifted more towards fighting bosses, rather than fighting a bunch of smaller enemies charging at you, though there's some of the latter present as well. Overall, this became one of the most well-regarded games in the series; some considering it even better than the original NES Contra.


This is both one of my favorite Contra games, as well as one of my favorite Super NES games ever Even though it's just six levels long, it's filled to the brim with intense action, and is one of the most replayable games I've seen on the system. I think it strikes a nice balance between the more run-and-gun focused action of the older Contra games, and the boss-focused gameplay that was common in later installments such as Hard Corps and Shattered Soldier.

I've never beaten it without dying though, which is something I've accomplished with most other Contra games. This game in particular however, especially on Hard mode, is really tough. I think I'll start trying to beat it without dying soon; I'd like to accomplish that eventually

How do you guys feel about this game? How do you feel it compares with the rest of the Contra series?

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09/19/13, 07:26    Edited: 09/19/13, 07:40
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Bought this game on VC a few years back and played through a bunch of it with my brother, first time I ever played it. It's pretty awesome, probably "objectively" the best of the classic Contra games, although the original is still the one I hold most fond in my heart.

Never did finish it though. It's tough to get my brother to get through anything with me over the course of multiple sittings, and it's not quite as fun alone.
09/19/13, 08:21   
Multiplayer is something I've never really done with most Contra games, come to think of it. Aside from the first NES Contra and a little bit of Shattered Soldier on PS2, I don't believe I've ever played any Contra game in multiplayer. I imagine that would be more fun, but not having experienced it in Contra III, I think it works fine as a single-player game
09/19/13, 08:40   
Contra III is probably one of the most fun co-op games on the SNES. It was definitely mine.
09/19/13, 13:06   
There was also "Contra Force" on the NES. Not good..


Lets beat it tomorrow!
09/20/13, 00:23   
I just played Contra Force for the first time. What is it, a reskin of some other game?
09/21/13, 20:59   
@Mr_Mustache Contra Force was released after Contra III.
09/22/13, 03:35   
@Anand Yeah, Contra Force was originally going to be called "Arc Hound" in Japan. The Japanese release was canceled however, and it ended up only receiving a North American release, branded as a Contra game. The fact it's not "actually" a Contra game is part of why I haven't bothered to get it yet. I suppose I'll try it someday though, just for curiosity's sake.
09/22/13, 03:55   
@Mop it up

AFTER Contra III? How? Thats bonks.

Anyway, it seems a lot like the GI Joe games on the NES with the different characters that do different things.
None of them are good.
09/24/13, 03:53   
That's interesting. Feel free to try it for curiosity's sake, but don't spend much money on it.
09/29/13, 16:16   
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