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Kersploosh! Discussion (Nintendo 3DS eShop) [game]
Kersploosh! on the 3DS
6.65/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kersploosh! on the 3DS!

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Kersploosh! Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop) (7.6)  by  

This game just released for $2.99 on the eShop. It's a fun little pick up and play game, and the price is right. Let's discuss the game and post our high scores.

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03/08/13, 16:32    Edited: 03/08/13, 16:34
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I bought this game yesterday intending to put an hour or so into it but my Internet was sucking and it kept dying while downloading. I did finally get it downloaded but it was like 2 in the morning at that point so... I'll have to try it out later today and post some impressions.
03/08/13, 18:17   
I've played it since last week when it hit EU (under the less charming name Splash or Crash), and while I didn't think very highly of the game as I started out, I really like it now. There may be a few balancing issues, and the fact that you can only share high-scores via street pass is a missed opportunity, but polishing the record times is addictive!

So far my biggest accomplishment is beating the first well in 00:41.49 with the Mutagen.
03/08/13, 19:08   
Kersploosh! seems like the perfect title for toilet time. lol
03/08/13, 19:14   

03/08/13, 19:28   

You'll have to imagine the wave being more enthusiastic, because I couldn't find a better gif in my photobucket.

On-topic: What's the deal with those little intro sequences to the levels? All the characters are represented by black silhouettes, as if they're part of some sex-trafficking ring covered in the newspaper...
03/08/13, 19:45   
I'll download this with Crashmo tonight!


Long time, no see!
03/08/13, 20:22   
Alright I played the first few wells. I like it! It actually makes me think of RUNNER a bit, in the sense that you don't have direct control of the speed of the object, it just keeps moving and you have to react and get good stuff and avoid bad stuff. I mean, it's not at the same level as RUNNER, but it feels like part of that "genre" of games, but from a completely new perspective (to me, anyway.)

I also think this is a game where the 3D actually matters. Gives you a great sense of depth when you're barreling down the well, helps determine where things are in relation to each other.
03/08/13, 21:43   
Edited: 03/08/13, 22:24
Hi, Abdooooo! Yeah, it's been a couple years, hasn't it.

I agree, the 3D does matter in this game! When playing the game in 2D, I often find my view obscured by the speed trails and other graphical effects that my eyes look past when playing in 3D, thanks to the whole depth perception thing.

When I first played the game I thought I reacted negatively to the 3D in the game, because I got teary eyed and kind of sore, but then I realized I practically never blinked...
03/08/13, 21:50   
Zero said:
I also think this is a game where the 3D actually matters. Gives you a great sense of depth when you're barreling down the well, helps determine where things are in relation to each other.
It actually reminds me of the behind view sequences in Nano Assault EX.

Don't you find the controls to be a bit... weird? Like they have some strange inertia to it?

Also, fake/flat hoops = the work of the devil.
03/09/13, 00:43   
I do hate the fake ones, the pace of the game is too fast and even with the 3D it's a bit too hard to see what is going on, so I hit them EVERY TIME. I mean, until I memorize the well.
03/09/13, 02:03   
Do you have that wave in an Agent Cooper?
03/09/13, 03:18   
1:03:99 on well 1 with Matryoshka.
03/09/13, 06:25   
I wish I did! I wish I had everyone in every gif ever replaced by Agent Cooper. Sort of like that scene with all the John Malkovichs in Being John Malkovich. Also: hi!

I used to hate the fake donuts too, but now I hate the spinning metal fans even more. When playing with one of the more brittle objects I always get nervous and crash into either the blades or the those thin metal bars. Hate 'em.

My current bragging times:

Well 1: 00:41.49 with the Mutagen (Finally went from 1:16.46 to 00:59:69 with the Matryoshka, spurred on by anon_mastermind's record time)

Well 2: 00:40:26 with the Mutagen

Well 3: 00:37.49 with the Mutagen
03/09/13, 12:31   
I came into this thread simply to kiss r_hjort on the forehead.

(Does just that.)

Great to see you, buddy!
03/09/13, 15:33   
This game is MANIC! I find myself on the edge of my seat for the length of the well.
Been trying to get my time under a minute before I progress to the next well - usually about 10 attempts.

How hard would it be for them to add online leaderboards? It would make such a big difference.
03/09/13, 17:28   
I think my initial excitement with the game has been tempered a bit now. I still like it, but very very quickly the wells get pretty chaotic and even with the 3D it is hard to even see what is coming next (especially since the only thing I'm good at using is the big, black ball.) Whereas something like Runner feels like it has a sense of rhythm to it, in this game I feel like I'm barely in control and just getting knocked all over the place. The first well or two I could find my rhythm, the rest... constantly smashing into stuff. Of course, I can get better. But that sense of flow seems to be lacking a bit. My momentum is constantly cut short.

I get that it is a different beast though. I keep thinking of it almost like a racing game, but it's not really that either. It is what it is.
03/09/13, 17:41   
Edited: 03/09/13, 17:41
I agree. How many players did they estimate would be able to get anything out of the streetpass feature anyway?

Oooh, you need to ditch the iron ball! Like you say, the bigger objects really make it hard to see what's next, and you won't find any flow that way. I mean, you're right that the game doesn't have the same sense of rhythm that a game like Runner has, but when you use the smaller, more easily controlled objects you can at least rely enough on your own reaction time a bit more, and compensate for hitting obstacles a tad better.
03/10/13, 12:58   
Love it when the WHOLE TIMBER YARD falls down around you.


Completed all the Wells, now what? Wait for the elusive streetpass? Not likely, haven't had one in months.

I think I'll revisit the early wells and try to get near to your times. Mine are around the 50s mark with the stone.
03/14/13, 15:19   
I haven't played the game, but I did check out the video on the eShop. The pop-out 3D effects are kind of annoying -- those "speed lines" look like they're shooting straight into my eyes!
03/14/13, 16:35   
@r_hjort Good god, how are you finishing wells with the mutagen?! I've tried well one like ten times and I can't even make it like 15 seconds into it.
03/14/13, 16:42   
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